The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2018!

  • This is one of the games from Bloodworth's GDC trip last year that intrigued me. It seems like a interesting take on post-apocalypse stories, and the XCOM combat certainly adds to that. I just wish that this came out at a better time.

  • Can't remember the last time I said this, but I've never even heard of this. Watching a bit on youtube though doesn't look like I'm missing much though, looks daft.

  • This game has been on my watchlist since I first heard about it (might have been also from Blood's GDC trip), and it got pretty good reviews so I'll probably get it down the line. I love the blend of exploration and turn-based tactics, and the world seems original.

  • I loved the concept, but I never got into it, it's definitely on watch list.

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    We are away! Glad to see this now starting. It feels like at least the top 3 will be very, very close.

  • This duck doesn't look anything like it, but it has me thinking of Howard the Duck...

  • @lotias Really? I was thinking the number 1 might be quite far above the number 2. I do think that perhaps 2-5 might be close though.

  • Mutant Year Zero is game that I still really want to play. I love Xcom so this seems right up my alley. I want to say it's also on Xbox Game Pass so that gives it a better chance of actually getting played at some point.

  • Into the Breach

    #24. Into the Breach - 8 points


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    #4: 3 (Mbun, Macka, Alex840)
    HM: 2 (Axel, tokeeffe9)


    Release date: February 27 [US/EU]
    Developer: Subset Games
    Publisher: Subset Games
    Genre: Turn-based strategy
    Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, macOS



  • I've been dying to play Into the Breach, it looks pretty great.

  • Yup, another on my list for "someday."

  • I'm getting it if it ever comes out on PS4. It looks fantastic.

  • When do the hipster games end :P

  • Into the Breach is absolutely fantastic. It is the perfect commute game for me really. You can play a quick session or go to complete the full game, depending on the time you have.

    What's awesome about it too is when you unlock a new unit and initially hate it, thinking this is rubbish... and about 3 rounds in, you begin to get an understanding on how the units work together and it's your new favourite set! Oh man... I loved this game.

  • Back to back Strategy games to begin the list! Without repeating what I said for Mutant Year Zero, I WILL say Into the Breach was the one game in its genre I heard about the most, and behind Celeste, The Messenger and Dead Cells (I'm sure we'll get to all those a little later), this was always on the short list for what many considered for the Best Indie of 2018, which is why I'm a tiny bit surprised it didn't place top 20.

  • I also loved Into the Breach, didn't play it as much as I would have liked, I only finished the game with the first squad and barely dabbled with the others, but I'll try to go back to it one day.

    What's amazing about it is that every single round of every single battle feels like a puzzle. A puzzle which may not have a perfect solution, only a "least bad" one. You have to keep balancing short-term, mid-term and long-term decisions: is it worth taking damage this turn to protect this building? Should I kill this strong enemy while I have the chance or focus on the many weak ones as they might overwhelm me next turn?

    What to kill, what to neutralize, what to protect, what to sacrifice... You are constantly making decisions, weighing pros and cons, and that's the essence of games right there. And even though you always know exactly what will happen whether you pick A or B, you may still struggle to choose sometimes.

    If you have any interest in tactics, you've got to give that game a shot, it's one of the purest incarnations of its genre.

  • I really hope we'll see a PS4 version this year (and for X1, too, for sure). Into the Breach looks like a game I'd be happy to learn to play.

  • Obviously I love this game since I voted for it, and for awhile it was even my GOTY. Not normally the achievement hunting type, but Subset Games are so good at rewarding the player for going after the challenges with new toys to play with that I couldn't help myself. Was a pleasure to 100%.
    Into the Steam

    For those who may have played FTL and are worried about this game likewise kicking their teeth in, it does still offer challenge, but it isn't nearly as unforgivably brutal and random. By that I mean the hardest difficulty of Into the Breach is probably still easier than the easiest of FTL, but that's not a bad thing. Most of what was removed was just painful RNG, and the devs built the enemy AI to be dumb bugs who purposely always offer the player decent, although not necessarily perfect strategic options.

    This is in essence a game about time traveling mech pilots fighting giant kaiju to save as many timelines as possible. If that sounds cool to you, even if you're the type who normally gets overwhelmed by strategy games, give it a shot. Awhile after FTL's release Subset even pushed a massive free content update for owners that vastly expanded that game, and I'm really hoping we see the same for this one, solely because this game is fun so I'd love the excuse to play even more.

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    I really got to play into the breach.

  • This would have been an honorable mention for me if only the year hadn't had so many games I enjoyed.
    It is a perfect Switch game.