The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2018!

  • Not only have I not played it, I haven't even seen screenshots!

  • Easy game to write off with the dumb MIDI controversy and choice to stick to its fantasy roots instead of chasing new themes and settings solely for a selling point. Also remember hearing Japan didn't receive it as well as they usually received Dragon Quest games when it launched over there. Also, I'll forever be salty the really cool 3DS version was canceled for the west. But all that said, just from what I've seen of Huber and Damiani play it, I'm sure I would've voted on this if I had played it personally. I didn't get around to it though so thanks to those who did for recognizing excellence in quality.

    Might not be as flashy or fresh as some recent RPGs that have made waves, but by sticking to one thing consistently the devs have gotten very good at what they do. Everything is tight and balanced with options for different play styles and difficulty levels. World is well fleshed out and feels lived in and real. Main cast is interesting and has good chemistry together. Lots of smaller stories to work through as you become stronger and gear up for the main quest. Remains as classic as they come, but still manages to build on what the franchise was before and find ways to make it even better while retaining the same classic feel. I can't think of an overall better RPG that came out in 2018, and sounds like they adding even more for the Switch version, so maybe I'll pick that up when it comes out.

  • I love the vibes of this game. The environments, character designs, even the MIDI soundtrack, it makes me smile like no other RPG, it's like watching the cartoon show like i used to do, it fills my heart with a desire to explore. That's a great thing because exploring the worlds here is a blast! There's always something cool to find, whether it's an actual reward of items, a neat piece of dialog from a character, or just a beautiful sight. Not to mention that the combat is pretty neat and engaging. I'm playing on Normal and it's very enjoyable, it's quite easy and it hits my preferred turn-based combat difficulty level.

    As someone who's not too familiar with JRPGs (only played Persona 3-5, and some random games here and there), i'm glad that i believed in this game because now I'm excited to delve deeper into the genre. I haven't finished it yet so only a honorable mention from me.

  • The DQ series has been around for me as long as FF and I love it almost as much, and in a very different way. Erdrick will never fade from my mind.

  • DQXI simply came out bad time. Had already other games that I was more interested in and after seeing some streams, music seemed really out of place at times. Also a bummer that JP audio is coming to Switch with S but not on others?

  • @tearju-engi said:

    Also a bummer that JP audio is coming to Switch with S but not on others?

    I bet the others will get it like weeks or months tops later. They just want to use it as a bullet point for S, but it is the easiest thing ever to throw up for the other versions after they've got the sales from S.

  • @mbun I hope so. Shame it's not now since February is pretty quiet time to perfectly sink a big RPG in it. Almost done with Vesperia and only thing I'm interested in is The Liar Princess and The Blind Prince.

  • When I first saw Dragon Quest XI, I thought it looked fantastic, but I've never really been interested in the series, mostly because of the art style (for those who were around for our Top 100 games of all time, it's the same issue with Chrono Trigger), but also in part between DQ and Final Fantasy, FF is the Square Enix series for me for a variety of reasons. That said, DQ XI seems like its a decent time if you want to be heavily invested in the systems, but I haven't heard much positives about its story or balance between main quest and side quests. And for me, the knock on the story is the biggest because I value that in any RPG pretty much over anything else.

  • Dragon Quest XI is an incredible feat. The fact that it keeps throwing well deserved curveballs at you as much as 70 hours in is incredible. In most cases a game that long feels like it's dragging. Dragon Quest XI might be the most well crafted experience in keeping things interesting for it's lengthy main story.

    P.S. Dragon quest always gets big points from me for it's turn based combat. I can't stand most JRPG's these days because your party members are controlled by the game and not you. I rather strategize and control all my characters and turn based combat allows that freedom.

  • DQXI is a game I would have adored as a kid, when I had more time and patience for JRPGs, which I just have come to realize I don't anymore. I know I'd love it for like 20 or so hours, and then I'd be distracted and never finish it.

  • Hot take: VC4 didn't make the cut.

  • Detroit: Become Human

    #11. Detroit: Become Human - 18 points


    #1: 1 (ffff0)
    #2: 1 (Exist 2 Inspire)
    #3: 2 (Brannox, Axel)
    #4: 0
    HM: 3 (A7X458, Sheria, El Shmiablo)


    Release date: May 25 [US/EU]
    Developer: Quantic Dream
    Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Genre: Adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4


    EZA Review

  • Of the games I played in 2018, this was the one I initially wasn't looking forward to. It took the game's FOURTH trailer for me to decide to give it a shot (That trailer was the one with Kara at Paris Games Week).

    Overall, I was actually surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it. While I never played a game like this before (and I don't think I will again), I had a good time with it as many of the QTEs weren't that bad (though the game does have its tense moments). Granted, I had a bad taste in my mouth at the conclusion of Kara's arc on my first play-through because it ended not how I was trying to play out her story.

    Regardless, going through a second time to see how different things could be (and I STILL have quite a bit of many of the flowcharts I haven't filled in) was quite interesting. As for the narrative, I enjoyed playing as Conner, then Kara, followed by Marcus.

    A surprisingly good game that I'm happy I gave a shot. Shoutouts to @A7X458, @Sheria, @El-Shmiablo, @Axel, @Exist-2-Inspire, and @ffff0!

  • Yes, here is my GotY.

    First of all, I understand that this is not a perfect game and some aspects of it (like controls) can be better, but they never bothered me. In fact, they even helped with immersion, making this game feel like real life where you also can be clumsy at times.

    I loved all main and many support characters and felt strong emotional connection with them. When they had opposite goals I was rooting for both sides instead of trying to reach "the best ending". Also this game has the best visuals I've ever seen, so forgetting that I'm just playing a video game was extremely easy.

    Speaking of story, Detroit: Become Human doesn't allow you to turn your mind off and just choose "paragon" option to reach the best ending. Events can start happening before you prepare to react, and even small decisions matter. There was a huge choice late in the game where I sat for a minute choosing between doing what you believe is right and facing the reality. For the entirety of my first playthrough I was on the edge of my sit filled with excitement, doubt, sorrow and hope. And even through my ending was far from perfect, it felt earned.

    And then I've decided to unlock every node on every flowchart. Even with the help of the internet this is an enormous task, because some nodes can be only achieved if you made a certain choice 25 chapters earlier or if you have certain relationships at very specific level, while keeping only certain characters alive. This may sound too complicated, but it actually shows how deep the rabbit hole goes. And once I've started reaching these nodes I was blown away by how much variety there's in this game. Things that you thought were mandatory can not happen at all, relationships can go in opposite ways and even grand plot can have completely different ending (way more different than you probably think). And the best thing that none of it feels forced or awkward.

    One final thing: this game has a lot of little details that is hard to notice. My favorite one is that Marcus can't cross roads on red while he is machine, but he has no such restriction once he becomes deviant.

  • @brannox You should check out Heavy Rain, that's usually everyones favourite QD game.

    I thought this game did what QD has been trying to do for years now but one thing I didn't like was the story of Markus. I enjoyed Kara's and Connors story though.

  • I finished Detroit once and i didn't replayed it because to me my decision are the true story of the game, and that's why i love Quantic Dreams games and why i play their games once.

  • Banned

    In retrospect I feel that I should have rated Detroit higher.
    I played through the game with my wife. We had such a great time comparing playthroughs, talking about the choices we had made and wondering how things might have been different had we chosen the other paths. It really is mind blowing how drastically the game's story changes depending on what you do and the decisions you make.

    Also my Connor and Hank erotic fanfiction is coming along quite nicely in case any of you were wondering.

  • I feel a little bad I didn't get to playing Detroit last year as I feel I would really like it. Definitely going to pick it up this year.

  • I played Detroit last week for the first time! Definitely QDs best game to date and I think the wait was well worth it.

  • @iboshow I'm probably not going to give Heavy Rain a go for several reasons:

    1.) I know who the Origami killer is
    2.) The story's premise doesn't speak to me
    3.) As I referenced in my above post, this kind of game doesn't really seem interesting.

    I only decided to take the plunge on Detroit because of not only the variety in terms of perspective (Detective, on-the-run, leading a revolution/protest), but also the sheer scope of how each arc can play differently. Also, the game being received very well and many proclaiming it as the studio's best game to date was a big factor. So while I didn't mind the QTEs and gameplay in Detroit, it was the narrative that kept me engaged, not being told what buttons to press when for the entirety of the game.