The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2018!

  • I finished Detroit once and i didn't replayed it because to me my decision are the true story of the game, and that's why i love Quantic Dreams games and why i play their games once.

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    In retrospect I feel that I should have rated Detroit higher.
    I played through the game with my wife. We had such a great time comparing playthroughs, talking about the choices we had made and wondering how things might have been different had we chosen the other paths. It really is mind blowing how drastically the game's story changes depending on what you do and the decisions you make.

    Also my Connor and Hank erotic fanfiction is coming along quite nicely in case any of you were wondering.

  • I feel a little bad I didn't get to playing Detroit last year as I feel I would really like it. Definitely going to pick it up this year.

  • I played Detroit last week for the first time! Definitely QDs best game to date and I think the wait was well worth it.

  • @iboshow I'm probably not going to give Heavy Rain a go for several reasons:

    1.) I know who the Origami killer is
    2.) The story's premise doesn't speak to me
    3.) As I referenced in my above post, this kind of game doesn't really seem interesting.

    I only decided to take the plunge on Detroit because of not only the variety in terms of perspective (Detective, on-the-run, leading a revolution/protest), but also the sheer scope of how each arc can play differently. Also, the game being received very well and many proclaiming it as the studio's best game to date was a big factor. So while I didn't mind the QTEs and gameplay in Detroit, it was the narrative that kept me engaged, not being told what buttons to press when for the entirety of the game.

  • I recently played Heavy Rain on PS4 because it was the PS+ game and I didn’t like it as much as I recalled.

    One thing that stood out was how awful the scale of everything was. For example, in one scene Shelby is in a hotel room with Winters. He and everybody else absolutely towers over the fridge, the table is tiny, and the environment in general should have never made it past QC it was that screwed up. It really took me out of it.

    Detroit seems like it’s pretty immersive and I do want to try it. I love the idea of being a hot headed robot cop. I just haven’t tried it cause the recent Heavy Rain playthrough was so recent. Can only do so much Quantic Dream.

  • I completely forgot about this game when sending in my list, which is a shame because it probably would have been top 4. It is not even close to perfect, but I do feel like this is the first David Cage game that fully delivers on its promise of "your choices matter." Heavy Rain was real close to that, but didn't reach it to its full potential.

  • I have played about 3 hours of Detroit, but it was just the same demo for like 2 years in a row at PSX and PAX West. lol

  • I ordered a Limited Run copy of Celeste. Seems like something I would really enjoy.

    Here are my predictions for the top 10:
    10 Valkyria Chronicles 4
    9 Dragon Ball FighterZ
    8 Hitman 2
    7 Yakuza 6
    6 Dead Cells
    5 Monster Hunter: World
    4 Marvel's Spider-Man
    3 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    2 Red Dead Redmption II
    1 God of War

  • Return of the Obra Dinn

    #10. Return of the Obra Dinn - 19 points


    #1: 1 (Ringedwithtile)
    #2: 1 (Macka)
    #3: 2 (bard91, tokeeffe9)
    #4: 1 (Exist 2 Inspire)
    HM: 2 (Alex840, Capnbobamous)


    Release date: October 18 [US/EU]
    Developer: 3909 LLC
    Publisher: 3909 LLC
    Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
    Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, macOS



  • This is a VERY cool game that is surprisingly hard. It is flawed in a few important respects, though. It is way too finicky with saying how someone died, with it not accepting "speared" because the person was "spiked," even though it seems like either should be accepted. There are many moments like that, which marred my experience quite a bit. Regardless, I liked it enough to put it in my honorable mentions.

  • Man I wish I had just a full day to put into Return of the Obra Dinn to actually beat it, even at less than a third completion I really liked what the game did and I'll always be a sucker for weird concepts in games, looking forward for more stuff from Lucas Pope.


  • Can someone explain why it's good

  • I was pleasantly surprised to see Detroit place so high, it's not a game that's been talked about much on this forum.

    Played it from beginning to end with my girlfriend and we often agonized over the choices, and then would jokingly blame each other when things went wrong. If I'd played it alone it probably would have ranked a little lower but I have awesome memories thanks to this "co-op" experience. Never tried going back to try out other branches, maybe I will one day.

    I got Heavy Rain for free alongside it so we might dive into this one soon, hopefully it won't feel too dated compared to Detroit.

  • Nice, Obra Dinn in the Top10. I really hope it would have a console release soon as I'm pretty sure I'd be heavily into it. I've heard such high praises of the game.

  • Detroit is on my backlog, for sure. It's always hard for me to play these very story-heavy games. Finally pushed myself to try out LiS recently and that turned out well, so i'll be waiting for the right time to play this one.

    I don't know much about Obra Dinn other than it's a very good puzzle game, excited to try it out when it comes to PS4.

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    I saw @tokeeffe9 playing Obra Dinn on stream for a bit. I didnt even know what game it was before then, looks rather cool though.

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    @axel said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2018!:

    I got Heavy Rain for free alongside it so we might dive into this one soon, hopefully it won't feel too dated compared to Detroit.

    Oh, it does.
    I almost feel bad that you played Detroit before Heavy Rain. The amount of jank and overall odd design choices is acceptable as that sort of first outing type of game, but experiencing their latest and by far best effort then going back to the early stuff will seem almost painful.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Heavy Rain was actually thier second attempt at that style of game, Indigo Prophecy being the first.
    Unless you count David Bowie simulator Omikron

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    @dmcmaster I know. Was their first in the three game contract with Sony though.
    Also, anybody remember the "evil wizard" demo they did years ago? I wish that something would have come of that. The comedy in those shorts were on point. Would love to see QD do something a little more light hearted than the SUPER SERIOUS DRAMA YOU WILL FEEL ALL THE FEELS stuff they've been known for.