The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2018!

  • Is this the first multiple GOTY votes

  • @iboshow Yakuza 6 also had 2 at #1

  • @tearju-engi lol, the game before.

  • I really liked Kassandra and appreciated the fact that they'd added way more RPG elements to the game, especially the dialogue choises. Other than that, though, I liked Origins and Egypt more (and I've actually placed it retroactively as my GOTY 2017). But still, I really enjoy AC games in general every time and Odyssey is a fantastic representative of the series, so it was an easy HM for 2018.

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    I really desperately want to play ACO as my love for the ancient Greece setting knows no boubds, but my backlog is absolutely massive and there are so many other games I also want to play, so I'm holding off for a bit.
    When we get to #1 I'll elaborate on why I love Ancient Greece so much.

  • @tearju-engi said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2018!:

    Yakuza 6 is so good. Was worried that everyone would skip it since many haven't played previous ones like me but I just could not wait. Currently my 2nd favorite out of the four I have played. 0 is still the king for me.

    Honestly its probably my least favorite of the main games, something about it just didnt feel right, I think it kind of dragged and the whole secret was kind of lame, hence only an OM, it's still a good game, but I didnt love it like I loved some of the others, and probably doesnt help we've had so many come out lately

  • @dipset

    To each their own, 6 is my least favorite of the series, still good game, gave it an OM, but I felt the story dragged at times and that the big secret was a huge let down. I enjoyed 2 a lot more and it is my second favorite after 0

  • I really want to try Odyssey. There is a nice big Ubisoft sale on the PS Store right now as we speak.

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    Odyssey are one of those games I would love to give a go, but not sure I'm willing to invest the amount of hours it would take to get through it. Also I feel like I should play Origin first. havent really touched the AC series since AC3.

  • When I started playing Odyssey I thought I'd only play a couple hours to see what it's like and move on (got it for free). But I got hooked and played through the entire thing.

    80 hours later, I finished the game, satisfied but slightly burned out.

    It was very close to getting a HM from me but eventually I had to cut it off in favor of more original games, indies that deserved a shout-out. It's easily my favourite Assassin's Creed game and a great RPG overall, but its length hurt it in my eyes. I would have a much better memory of my journey if it lasted 40 hours instead of 80, as I feel much of it was repetitive, though always fun.

    I don't know if I'll ever touch the DLCs for that reason, it's just too much of the same thing.

    Beautiful world, cool story, some epic and tragic moments, although some felt robbed from me as they were inevitable consequences from choices I made 40 hours earlier (unlike Detroit where I had no problem rolling with the path I picked).

    It feels like the game Origins was meant to be but ended up being a rought draft of. Now we've got a great template for the future of the series. Looking forward to the next one!

  • I haven't picked up odyssey yet as I'm still only a little way into origins. Nothing about origins pulls me in though, the series really has burned itself out.

  • @axel Haven't played it, but pretty sure I'd get obsessed if I did. All the design decisions and improvements for this one compared to others feel more meaningful and catered to the directions I wanted to see the series go when none of these games have excited me since Brotherhood until this one. Didn't expect to see it this high honestly, but I do think it is earned.

  • Bought Assassins Creed for the first time in years this year, played for about 6-7 hours, was really enjoying it, and then a bug kept me from leaving the first island. Tried replaying it, same thing happened. Tried uninstalling it, same thing happened again. It would probably have been an honorable mention, had I been able to play the game

  • I have mixed feelings regarding Assassin's Creed as a whole:

    I played the first one and didn't really like it, but I gave III a shot because playing as a Native American during the American Revolution was too much of a fascinating concept. And I would up disappointed. Black Flag I only got because of the pirate aspect, and in that the game succeeded, as I have fond memories of sailing the seas, but could NOT care less for ANYTHING outside of the animus (this goes for all the ACs).

    So all-in-all AC hasn't been for me. When Odyssey was announced, the ancient Greek setting was appealing, but then I found out about the map size. I like the Greek setting, but not enough to commit to a map that big.

    While I did pass on Odyssey, I WAS surprised by just how praised it was. Seeing it at 7 feels a little low, but I've heard multiple claims this is the best entry of the series to date so I believe it worthy of being recognized higher. Alas, it is where it is, and that makes me curious what's ahead of it (Though I'm comfortable in guessing in no order what the top three games are).

  • ACO got my number 4 without me even finishing it, and mostly that comes down to how great Kassandra is and how much fun it is to just clean out an entire fort. I definitely think it's too long, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the story.
    Also, the cultist system was a great addition to the series.

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    All this talk about AC just has me wanting to say one thing...
    Jesper Kyd is mai husbando.

  • I am admittedly not that far in AC Odyssey.. but I am really enjoying it. This is the first AC game I've played since 3 and I love the changes they've made. The combat is fun and dynamic, the writing and quests are good so far and the world is gorgeous.. I think the added rpg mechanics work really well and keep me way more engaged than the previous style did. I really like Kassandra as a character as well.. I'm glad I went with her. Its also nice seeing less assassin lore and future stuff as well.. maybe its just me but I found it harder to buy the assassin stuff and outfit outside of the original setting.. the future stuff was always lame

  • Unpopular opinion, I cared about the present day Abstergo story. I liked Desmond Miles and I was hoping it was leading to him being a present day Assassin. I stopped caring about this franchise when they stopped caring about the story.

  • @iboshow glad to see I'm not the only one, when I cared about AC it was because I was hoping for a great story encompassing multiple games with interesting connections between them, then they decided to axe any plan they had for that (if there was ever one) and just started churning out games, I'll never play another AC, and looking at them it is hard to think I'm missing out.

  • @bard91 The end of Assassin's Creed Revelations is one of my absolute favourite pieces of dialogue in video games ever. It really encompasses what made AC such a cool story. I do like the games post 3, they highlight really interesting lore bits about the game, but that's all it is, lore, and thats a shame.