The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2018!

  • And here are my 2018 GotYs:

    1. Detroit: Become Human
    2. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
    3. The Banner Saga 3
    4. Forza Horizon 4
    5. Shadow of the Tomb Raider
    6. Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales
    7. Astro Bot Rescue Mission
    8. Marvel’s Spider-Man

  • @Axel Can you publish the rest of the list (just titles with points)?

  • @ffff0 Yup I'm preparing this, I'll post it later on. Giving some room to breathe to God of War and Red Dead for people to give their impressions.

  • Played God of War. I definitely don't see what everyone else does in it.

    As far as the whole list goes, it's just that and Obra Dinn that I've played.

  • @faaip Oh ya, no Dead Cells is crazy! I had to give my vote to Into the Breach but I loved Dead Cells too. 2018 was stacked!

  • @tokeeffe9 I should mention that my list is pretty much everything from 2018 that I played haha. I'm sure it'll be subject to change as I get to more! Dead Cells is real good though

  • Dude. That point range. You weren't kidding, @axel

    Anyway, God of War definitely deserved it. It's an unthinkable achievement overall. Need to replay it again, I didn't play it at the best of times so I felt the need to rush it a bit. Major props to Santa Monica Studios, I'm still blown away by the fact that they did all of that game in one-shot. I do have a complaint regarding the repetitive throw-the-axe-to-hit-every-glowing-vine sections (and anything similiar), i know that TLoU and Uncharted 4 have those kinds of sections too and I enjoyed them there, but for some reason it really grinds my gears here. I also felt that some parts of the world can feel too much like a game level sometimes, especially in the main hub lake. Other than that, there's no complains.

    As for RDR2, well, as a big fan of the western setting (and especially weapons of that era), I adore this game. It's the kind of game I've been wanting in my dreams, a super realistic, highly detailed open-world game with AAA budget, and lots of "realism mechanics". I loved the slow start, and i loved almost everything leading up to the start of chapter 4 (which is where I am right now, haven't finished it). The controls are a bit... different, but once i understood the controls (which didn't take long for me) and how the game wanted me to play, everything felt natural for me. It's already in my top personal favorite games list, handily beating it's predecessor. Easily Rockstar's best. I can't put it too high since I haven't finished it, but I'm confident in saying all of that.

    Here's my list:

    1. God of War
    2. Spider-Man
    3. RDR 2
    4. Battlefield V

    Honorable mentions:

    Shadow of the Colossus
    Kingdom Come Deliverance
    Dragon Quest XI
    Tetris Effect

    I am a bit disappointed that SotC and BFV didn't get in (KCD not getting in, I understand), but It's still a fantastic list overall, there's just too many great games this year.

    Once again, thanks to @Axel for setting this up, and for everyone who participated.

  • @bam541 KCD was 21!

  • @hazz3r really? Damn, i forgot. Oh, happy days!

  • Well, RDR2. I already gushed over it in the recent Cup of Jones, but I love the cinematography in this game. It's basically a 60 hour film and it's wonderful for it. Easily my favourite thing:

    Colm O'Driscolls final couple of missions were incredible.

    The only problem I found is that gameplay clearly came second in a lot of places. While the hunting is 'realistic', it's also a gigantic timesink that doesn't care for the players time. Systems were implemented for the sake of implementing systems. Getting supplies for the camp is a huge focus of the first few missions but from what I can tell has absolutely no impact at all. The economy is really broken and completely breaks your immersion. You get a huge payout early in the game and never need for money ever again.

    And of course God of War. I think this is going to be the best game on PS4. It's just incredible. The world design, the gameplay, the wonderful story. It's all bundled up brilliantly together in a tight package.

  • And my obligatory list:

    1. God of War
    2. Red Dead Redemption 2
    3. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
    4. The Walking Dead: The Final Season
      HM: Kingdom Come: Deliverence
      HM: Dragonball FighterZ
      HM: Forza Horizon 4
      HM: Spyro Reignited Trilogy

  • A superb Top3 in 2018. Red Dead was unbeatable in my book, an unprecedented journey with Arthur Morgan. The immersion! And how the game became so much more with the way it formed the bigger picture together with the first game. Simply astonishing.

    God of War is a worthy winner as well, though. The game's a ten, and I've been thinking to replay it soon this spring. To see everything in a new light now.

  • Global Moderator

    I didnt play Red Dead or Spiderman yet. Still I "feel" like GoW would of still have been my number 1 pick. It was one of those games that really stuck with me and I still think about now and then so much later. I really cant wait for the sequel to come out. I know a lot of people think the game just feels like a build up to the next game, but I still enjoyed the world, music and characters so much. Maybe its my Scandinavian upbringing or just enjoying reading about the norse mythology that made me jump with joy when a new character got introduced.

  • I just had a look at last years GOTY, Persona 5 won with 122 vs Horizon 72 points. So far I have never voted for the GOTY winner.

  • Full Disclosure: I never played Red Dead Redemption 2.

    But here's why. Like many others, I grew up with the Rockstar craze that exploded with GTA III and played tons of that game in my youth when it was a cultural phenomenon, as well as Vice City and San Andreas, developing a fondness for Rockstar many of us seem to share. However I completely missed the boat on the first Red Dead Redemption, (as well as Red Dead Revolver, which few seem to care about) and only finally experienced that game through Brandon Jones' amazing, relaxing late night streams of it.

    When Red Dead Redemption 2 was announced, I thought for sure I'm going to buy and play that game. Looked right up my alley exploring that beautiful wilderness, and I couldn't wait to get immersed among all the fleshed out characters. The only thing I was waiting for was to see Jones, who got me into the first, to do a stream of the beginning of the game just to make sure I still liked how it looked before slapping my dollars down. Hype at this point in time around release was at a fever pitch. But then, this never happened.

    Word started to trickle out of people's complaints about the controls of the game, how most missions just devolve into shootouts, how some systems seemed kind of pointless and so obscure you can't tell if you're making a difference as a player, and even the story seemed to not hit lots of people as much as Jones had hyped it. In particular, one mission about getting drunk in a bar seemed to be getting lots of praise, and eventually that cowboy Brandon Jones did indeed finally have a stream. He skipped the whole beginning of the game, which I heard was very slow and tutorial heavy, straight to this hyped up mission, so of course I watched along to see what all the fuss was. And... it was alright. Just alright. No big drama. I don't see what all the fuss is about.

    Maybe I needed the context of the characters and the beginning of the game, but this is how it was presented to me, and it completely sapped my wealth of interest in this game. At the same time, I was watching the newest season of South Park with a friend, and for whatever reason among multiple episodes of that they kept spoiling plot points of Red Dead Redemption 2, so by then I was sure I was never going to play this game. 2018 was stacked anyways, so I wasn't very broken up about it. Just a mild shrug of disappointment, wondering if things would've been different if Jones had dedicated the time to streaming this game he talks so passionately about in full week by week, but when the biggest fan of this game didn't choose to make the time to do that, then it reassures me that maybe this game was simply overhyped around launch. Either way, with how quickly talk surrounding this flash in the pan dropped off, I'll be fine never knowing.

  • Top 2 was pretty much what I expected in that order. Knew gameplay and other things would be against RDR2. As to why I don't play their games is simply they never made me care about their characters and I'm not really into open world games unless there a good hook to pull me in. I like watching westerns but playing them is another matter and even if they improved many things, it would still not make me play them.
    I played GoW and liked it but not as much as others that I played.
    Shoutout to Megaman 11. Didn't make the cut but still a good return of the franchise that has been dormant.

  • Good for GOW, though it like Spiderman, I have absolutely no interest in playing, though Im sure its a good game

  • @axel
    I'm gonna reccomend the odd one out for most Westerns
    Youtube Video

  • @dmcmaster hahaha. Haven't seen that movie. Putting on my list.

  • I am so happy that God of War won. What an achievement in entertainment that game is.
    I fell in love with the series many moons ago with the very first entry on PS2. At the time I was a hardcore Nintendo fanboy who thought the GameCube was the absolute tits, but my older brother was more of a PlayStation guy, and he wouldn't stop gushing about God of War whenever we talked about videogames. He was working a lot, so he actually just straight up let me have his PS2 for a while, of course including God of War... and also 24: The Game (he was a really big Jack Bauer fan).

    To preface the part where I actually talk about the game, I should probably talk a little bit about my dad. He was a teacher, and growing up he would always tell me myths and legends from around the world. My favorites were always the ones about Greek God's and warriors, since they were always these epic, fantastical tales about chariots dragging the sun across the sky or Lords of the underworld falling in love with beautiful maiden or Hercules just being a colossal fucking asshole to literally everyone like holy shit dude chill.

    Anyway, I fell in love with the game right away. Fighting skeleton warriors amongst the ruined ships as I madey way towards to Hydra, docking in Athens and killing my way to the Oracle, slaying mythical beasts along the way... it was amazing.

    Fast forward to E3 2016. I've played every single God of War game to date (even the shitty phone game) and loved them all (okay maybe not the shitty phone game, and Ascension was kinda meh too I guess) and the trailer for God of War (2018) is revealed. I actually teared up a little the first time Kratos stepped out from the shadows and told Atreus to show him what he had learned. That entire E3 presentation was on a whole 'nutha level, but that first trailer really stood out to me.

    Fast forward a few more years to the games release, which just sl happened to be around the same time that my son was born. I didn't have a tremendous amount of game time because of this, but any I did I gave to GoW.
    Much like how The Last Guardian had felt extra special because we had just got a dog (GOT-DAYM do they accurately capture the mannerisms of a loyal pet in that game) God of War hit me extra hard because of this wonderful new thing in my life. I felt genuine concern for Atreus, which is something I have felt for very few characters in videogames over my long career as a gamer.

    I straight up bawled at the end of that game. I was emotionally exhausted from the journey to the highest peak in the realms, and felt that I had actually learned something about being a father from a fucking videogame.

    Ten out of ten. A true masterpiece of entertainment in any form, especially videogames. I honestly can't even begin to fathom how they will one up this game with the sequel.