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  • After suddenly disappearing years ago, SeaNanners returns! This man's Gmod multiplayer videos are some of my favorite videos to watch back then.

  • @bam541 This was strangely cathartic to watch. I haven't thought about him for quite some time, and while I wouldn't say he was a huge part of my childhood or anything, I guess I'm surprised by how adjacent he was to the things I was really into back then. It's bringing back memories to some of my favorite videos and some of my favorite Youtubers who I almost forgot about, like a part of my brain that was gone for a while has come back suddenly. Nostalgic for sure.

  • This may almost be news, but I find it so interesting to hear the legal perspective of this, sad to see what Game Theories ended up like this, waaaaayyyy back it was something that seemed to have some actual potential.

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  • Stumbled upon this creepy thing.

  • Trolling CSGO cheaters in the best way possible.

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  • This gave me chills, it's amazing and scary at the same time.

  • 800 songs from Dynasty Warriors are added to Spotify and other streaming services

  • Feast your eyes on this Japanese Crash 4 trailer

  • @hazz3r

    What's funny is that two of my friends and I were talking about Fallout 4 yesterday, probably right around when you shared this, and our general consensus was that it is disappointingly bland but not necessarily bad or anything.

    We all kinda agreed it has some of the best first person combat in an RPG game. Other than that it's hard to remember much other than maybe base building which we didn't care for.

    I'm neither offended nor in disagreement with the opinion people love this game or hate it. It has both pros and cons and for me it just lands exactly in the "its fine" column.

  • @dipset Completely agree. I spent a long time playing the game when it was out with my old room mates but I couldn't tell you a thing about it. I don't remember the story because I didn't care. I don't remember the characters because I didn't care. But I didn't hate it. I shot lots of things. Went to dirty post apocalypse places. It was fine. If someone else loves it, more power to them.

  • Cats messing around with Mario Kart AR

  • MinnMax's Leo Vader making me feel seen

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  • @bam541 I watched the IGN review twice just because of the cat. šŸ˜

    And in a related note Nintendo is killing it

  • I just found out that there's a fan made RE4 HD textures project that really, really cared about preserving the original look and feel, to the point of travelling worldwide to take pictures of the original textures' source. It's definitely worthy of the "restoration" title that Jacob gives it in this video.

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  • 7 minutes of relaxation with Xenoblade <3

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  • This looks awesome but Iā€™m more excited for Skyblivion.

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  • @dipset This stuff is always cool, but unnecessary to me. I think games like Oblivion and New Vegas hold up very well on their own, and would lose some of their charm by bringing it to updated engines.

  • @capnbobamous

    I agree these games hold up well, especially on PC, but some of the improvements they are making to Skyblivion for example are actually more like fan service and quality of life improvements. For example, vanilla Oblivion conveyed the idea of these biomes where certain regions have a different ecosystem, but in reality, they all look similar. Skyblivion is making distinct biomes with natural transitional border zones. All textures are being recreated in the updated engine. Basically, it's going above and beyond to expand on Oblivion where they were limited by technology back in 2005. So to me it's a cool idea.

    It's a pretty cool mod if you ask me. It gives incentive to want to play a mod remake.

    Here is the most recent development update where they lay down the goals of what they're doing.
    Youtube Video

    I don't know much about Fallout 4: New Vegas, but I assume it's a lot more barebones than Skyblivion. I just like the Fallout 4 engine improvements and the gunplay / animation was pretty solid in that game compared to Fallout 3 / New Vegas. But I hear ya, it does feel a bit unnecessary.

  • @dipset All of that looks cool, and I have a passive interest in it, but it's one of those things where I don't think I'll ever really want to play it. Fun to watch from a distance.

    Skywind, on the other hand, I am very invested in. I don't think Morrowind holds up very well, and have quit playing it a number of times because it was too obtuse. The remake is an actual necessity in order for me to enjoy the game.