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  • So I bought a PS5 at launch and sold it a week or two ago but not before trying a few of the PS Plus Collection games. I went to my ps4 library yesterday and the games were there and I was able to download them. Pretty rare situation but cool nonetheless.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Why did you sell it? And for how much?

  • @scotty why? No games that interest me that I can’t play on PS4, I don’t have a 4k tv, it felt like it wasn’t finished and like a liability that could break down any time. Maybe if it were cheaper I wouldn’t care but my Switch is already a paperweight so I didn’t want to regret something nearly twice the price. I sold it for like $20 more than I paid. I just wanted it gone. It worked out well. It was basically a free rental and I got God of War and the Last of Us Remastered for free.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    But if you knew there isn't any games that you can't play on PS4 beforehand why did you buy it in the first place? I'm not interrogating, I'm curious.

  • @scotty well l, to be honest, I just kind of got wrapped up in the hype the day the Seried X came out. I ended up ordering 1 of each assuming I could sell them to a friend for what I paid or throw them on craigslist if not. I found a friend for each but the PS5 one backed out after it arrived. Then I was gonna throw it on Craigslist but it just kept calling out to me to open it. And to be honest, I could have kept it and just waited for games to come out but my biggest concern was actually that it honestly felt that unfinished so I was too afraid of a ylod-type situation. I will 100% jump back in in a year or two though,

  • Someone found this easter egg in TLOU that I never heard about, it's pretty cool

    Youtube Video

  • @bam541

    That is really cool. My theory is that it's just placeholder and this specific process of reloading the game to see the ant on the TV is just a bug (pun intended).

    I bet they knew they would talk about something on TV like zombies, cordyceps, blah blah, and a game designer just threw it in knowing it'll get replaced with animation when the script is done.

    I kinda feel like it's so weirdly specific and so outside of the world of TLOU that it is an oversight as opposed to an easter egg, right? Never seen an ND easter egg that's just a PNG.

  • Mario's Fury

  • Finally got the time to watch Action Button's review of The Last of Us. It's real good. I've been thinking about how Naughty Dog's games make me feel like I'm roleplaying like in RPGs, and Tim's review is probably the first one I seen that delved a bit into that feeling. There's also a bunch of things he mentioned that I really agree with, and this review overall made me appreciate ND's games even more. I'll be watching his other stuff soon... if I get the time to watch another feature length production.

    Youtube Video

  • I love Tim Rogers, but I wasn't aware of Action Button. Has he stopped writing for Kotaku for another group?

  • @happygaming I think Action Button is his own project, I don't know if he's also working with another group.

  • @happygaming He left Kotaku early-mid last year to focus on his personal projects. Action Button is his kind of catch-all business name, from what I can tell (I believe his game dev studio also goes by Action Button). His channel is primarily funded through patreon and he puts out an epic-length video review once a month on the channel. They're all golden.

  • Here's a wholesome and inspirational video about a Spyro speedrunner

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  • God Bless America!!!

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  • This never gets old.
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  • Interview with Hideo Kojima during his New York Game Awards' Legend Award acceptance speech.

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  • Youtube Video

    The final episode of Noclip's Hades documentary released today.

  • In case some of you haven't known about this, there's a EZA bits channel on YouTube.

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  • Apparently dataminers remade songs from Super Mario World using samples found from the big Nintendo leak a while back. There's even lossless downloads provided, which makes this even better for me.

  • @bam541 Oh man, this is incredible. I'm so happy this channel exists! This really makes me miss the garage; there was just a completely different vibe back then. Not that I think the studio is what changed everything, but as things change and we all get older, it's hard not to feel nostalgic for the way things were.

    Huber's Diaper is the best video on that channel, by the way:
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