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  • Apparently dataminers remade songs from Super Mario World using samples found from the big Nintendo leak a while back. There's even lossless downloads provided, which makes this even better for me.

  • @bam541 Oh man, this is incredible. I'm so happy this channel exists! This really makes me miss the garage; there was just a completely different vibe back then. Not that I think the studio is what changed everything, but as things change and we all get older, it's hard not to feel nostalgic for the way things were.

    Huber's Diaper is the best video on that channel, by the way:
    Youtube Video

  • JDINCINERATOR joined me as a guest on my not very frequent podcast to talk about the end of 2020, some of our favorite games, and some hopes for next year and the new consoles. It's available to listen on any podcast service, my SoundCloud page, and Patreon page for those interested!

  • One of my favourite YouTube channels, SuperGT aka Steve Brown, did the longest possible race in GT Sport: 200 Laps of the Nurburgring + GP Circuit. It was a charity stream which took 27+ hours to complete the race then he finished the stream at around 30 hours. The stream brought in over 25k British Pounds for the charity Philippines School Project in which the representative said 15k can build an entire classroom and stock it fully with supplies so that'll go a very long way.

    This video are little highlights and the finale:
    Youtube Video

  • @dipset I saw that, crazy but for an awesome cause.

    2020 was kind of hard for him, huge drop in content creation. Don't know if you follow Jimmy Broadbent too, he's going to be racing irl

  • @phbz

    I didn’t know Jimmy was a good enough driver to take it pro. He’s kinda outta shape haha. Maybe this will get him out of his shed.

  • So I just found out that there's a light gun that works on LCDs, and it's already in production and shipping. I can't really afford to order something like this (especially with international shipping) right now, but damn, I really want to. This is an old video by Linus Tech Tips about it.

    Youtube Video

  • Uncharted is my new favorite anime. The Japanese dub sounds too fun.

    Youtube Video – [01:32..]

  • A few big tweets from Analogue, if you care.

    1. Current owners: firmware updates are live for Super NT, Mega SG and NT Mini (Smokemonster has also posted the jailbreak versions already. Links on his twitter^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author)

    2. Super NT, Mega SG and the DAC will be restocked this year. "Super NT in March/April. Mega SG and DAC shortly thereafter".

    3. Additional Pockets will be available in 2021 (no dates provided).

    All in all, this is really good news for anybody interested in their products. The last tweet in particular does a better job of communicating than they ever have. They ensure that "out of stock" does not mean permanently sold out so that's a good sign. The part about going after scalpers and bots may please some and I think is good for optics if nothing else. Hopefully this is the beginning of much better consumer relations on their part.

  • This game is wholesome

    1.5 Years of Unity Game Development in 10 minutes | Fireworks Mania
    Youtube Video

  • A NFS game with only Skyline cars sounds like a Huber joint to me.

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