That's Not News!

  • A few big tweets from Analogue, if you care.

    1. Current owners: firmware updates are live for Super NT, Mega SG and NT Mini (Smokemonster has also posted the jailbreak versions already. Links on his twitter^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author)

    2. Super NT, Mega SG and the DAC will be restocked this year. "Super NT in March/April. Mega SG and DAC shortly thereafter".

    3. Additional Pockets will be available in 2021 (no dates provided).

    All in all, this is really good news for anybody interested in their products. The last tweet in particular does a better job of communicating than they ever have. They ensure that "out of stock" does not mean permanently sold out so that's a good sign. The part about going after scalpers and bots may please some and I think is good for optics if nothing else. Hopefully this is the beginning of much better consumer relations on their part.

  • This game is wholesome

    1.5 Years of Unity Game Development in 10 minutes | Fireworks Mania
    Youtube Video

  • A NFS game with only Skyline cars sounds like a Huber joint to me.

    Youtube Video

  • I haven't finished reading this yet but it seems like a good read.

    Gamesradar: Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami on the making of a horror classic: "one by one staff would resign from the job".

  • This is not exactly a new video but I just found out about the GTA:SA port for Vita, made by veteran hackers in the Vita homebrew scene. There's also ports of Vice City and III, which is sick. Between these ports and the Mizzurna Falls patch, my Vita's gonna get a lot of action this year.

    Youtube Video

    Update: got Vice City working on mine! Used the files from the Steam version.

  • I knew that Homefront The Revolution had a easter egg where you can play parts of Timesplitter 2, but I didn't kmow that there's cheat codes to unlock all of the game. This makes me want to redownload it...

  • @bam541 Getting this ASAP

  • One of the craziest clutch play I have ever seen, it's the grand finals winning play too!

  • Blessing Jr. from Kinda Funny did an episode about Dreams on his show, and the whole thing is actually made in Dreams. This is the kind of thing that I was hoping Sony would do to promote Dreams, but their marketing disappoints once again.

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  • I laughed at this wayy harder than I should have.

  • Podracing, but way cooler

    Youtube Video

  • There's a Japanese art exhibition called My Famicase, where graphic designers make original designs with the Famicom cartridge in mind. There's a bunch of really cool designs being shared, click on the hashtag if you want to see more.

  • Google the world's largest richest search engine has just added a search function on Stadia.

  • @paulmci27

    We might be getting to the point in industrialization / capitalism, that private business—like developed governments—are now just becoming bureaucratic hellscapes where one department is woefully unaware of the preexisting and glaringly obvious work that exists in an adjacent department.

    Kinda reminds me of how that game developer who was locked out of his company G-Suite and couldn't physically contact one single person at Google unless he furiously Tweeted at them.

  • @dipset it's funny cause its true

  • So I recently discovered r/cringe (I'm not a reddit user but I'm slowly starting to follow some pages) and somebody posted this ridiculous scene from Star Wars Episode VI:

    Youtube Video

    You know... the weird CGI song and dance at Jabba's Palace!

    For one, I haven't seen EP VI in so long that I forgot about this. So imagine how shocked I was when I saw how ridiculously dated and bad that CGI is. I've always known these muffed up versions of the original trilogy because those are the DVDs I had. I had the OG "Star Wars" on VHS but I probably only watched that once and no idea where it is now.

    So somebody posted on that clip about this project called: Project 4K77


    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    I love how 4K77 is just a cleanup and slight colour correction and that's it. I never knew the BD version was so high fidelity in areas it isn't needed and so dark, shitty, sharp, and covered in purple. I honestly don't even wanna watch a film from 1977 that looks like it's from 2035.

    This is so cool to me! My partner somehow has never seen Star Wars so now is the perfect time to download these restorations and watch the originals for the first time in my life. I'll probably go with the 1080p DNR version. However, I don't feel comfortable using Usenet or any news sites, so I'll pour over some torrent sites that I'm sure have these versions by now.

    I highly encourage you all to check out the FAQ. These people are doing God's work.