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  • @bam541 buddy just sent me this and I just so happen to be playing it. Menu is real but I haven’t hit a cutscene yet to see if the sound is fixed. Fingers crossed.

    I am curious of this would fix Tales of Legendia being unplayable or Xenosaga softlocking while playing the PS2 disc in the 80gb back compat PS3. Was never able to play either on mine and it got YLOD a few years back so I can’t even check now.

  • @bam541

    That was really hard to watch. If I had an opportunity to make $30'000 per month, I'd take it but my goodness she didn't seem happy and neither did her fan. I feel like younger people are less and less capable of sniffing out bullshit these days. Everyone is trying to make a buck, play a character.

  • @dipset said in That's Not News!:


    I feel like younger people are less and less capable of sniffing out bullshit these days.

    I don't know about the younger people part. I think it's much harder to "sniff out bullshit" when you're not in the right mental state, and in the world of today, it's much easier to fuck that part of yourself up, one way or another, and everyone's vulnerable. I think the people they showed in the video (the streamer herself and her fans) are just... in pain, and are yearning to ease that pain. The streamer in particular thought that all of this would be okay as long as she gets to sing, so there's probably a sense of desperation when she made the choice to do this. At the end, she and her whale fans are just being taken advantage of, which is probably the saddest part of it.

  • @bam541

    Everyone is vulnerable for sure. I just remember my Dad giving me all these life lessons. Knowing when people are trying to finesse me. Street smarts kinda thing.

    Just so many suckers nowadays and it’s sad to see some lonely kid donate his money to some random actor pretending to be real online.

  • The legend returns, better than ever.

  • The first episode of a Samurai TV show made in Dreams. Caught wind of this thanks to Greg Miller tweeting about it. Apparently it's coming to Kickstarter soon, I will gladly support it when it's up.

    Youtube Video

  • New Noclip documentary featuring developers from Bluepoint Games.

    Youtube Video

  • I don't know if anyone here is a fan of the Twitch streamer Jerma985 (you should be, he's great), but he recently did a series of streams that are honestly the most elaborate things I have ever seen on Twitch, and I figured I would share them here. Essentially they are a spoof on The Sims in which Jerma allows the audience to vote on what he does, but the whole thing takes place on a large set and has characters and storylines, some improv and some clearly rehearsed. It's honestly a great piece of virtual theatre and is super well made, and I've never seen anything this crazy be done solely for a Twitch stream.

    There are three streams that took place over three separate days, and they each get bigger and better. Here's the first stream:

    Youtube Video

    I chose not to show the one with the Twitch overlay, but it's out there if you're curious how it looked to vote on his actions.

  • Today I happened to notice that EZA is one of the publications listed in the 'Reception' section of No More Heroes 3 on Wikipedia.

    I've never seen them get that kind of Wikipedia recognition before, so idk I thought it was neat.