Sonic The Hedgehog 25th anniversary party

  • Phew. That got pretty hard to watch at certain points.

  • @parasitepaladin I could not breath through some of that ... I feel nauseous and happy at the same time.

  • Mania is gonna be awesome

    Not quite as excited for Sonic 2017 though

  • Sweet were getting Generations 2, or something close to it. I do hope they snag Jaleel White for classic Sonic this time. Also find a way to work a 3rd Eggman in played by Jim Cummings

  • Sonic Mania looks so good!!!

  • They did it. I'm excited to play a new Sonic game! Sonic Mania HYPE!!

  • Banned

    I wasn't expecting something like Sonic Mania to show up. It looks like Sonic 4 more than the actual Sonic 4. It's the sequel that fans of the classic series deserve.

    Youtube Video

    As far as the 2017 game goes, as soon as they showed "From the team that brought you Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations" I was completely sold. A world where Eggman already rules and you're part of a resistance? I don't think that's been in any of the games.

    Youtube Video

  • This will be good i think Sega are back on track. I believe. Though Im a Sega fanboy so my hearts leading my mind.

  • Wow. That stream was... something. I don't know why they had Hyper Potions up on stage at the beginning. They clearly weren't doing anything other than letting their music play from a spotify playlist while they pretended to occasionally press some buttons.

    The game announcements were cool. Sonic Mania is essentially the real Sonic 4. I'm disappointed the trailer for Project 2017 was just CG. The game has been in development for three years at this point, I would hope they have something showable by now. I also wonder if Classic Sonic will cut it now that we have Mania with PROPER classic physics.

  • Sonic Mania looks fantastic although something about Sonic's sprite work seems a little off, I'm sure I'd get used to it as it looks like a really well crafted nostalgic return to form.

  • Here is the real question, did anyone count the rings for the bets this week?

  • But seriously, that was an amazing trailer for Mania. I love how they are making it look old intentionally. The tagline about learning from the past was such a great admission from Sega that they are realizing their mistakes.

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    @Lexad said in Sonic The Hedgehog 25th anniversary party:

    The tagline about learning from the past was such a great admission from Sega that they are realizing their mistakes.

    Sega aren't admitting anything. It's a marketing strategy to appeal to people that have mass nostalgia for the Genesis games.

  • That stream was aimed towards the fans, and it worked. It was jolly, fun and I think they validated the party showing Sonic Mania and that cinematic trailer for the next game has me cautiously optimistic.. I was waiting the whole concert for Live & Learn :p It was an enjoyable stream.. that audio though :(