EZA FFXIV Free Company

  • Looking to get back into XIV, what server is everyone on? Is there any room in the EZA guild? Who to contact etc?

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    I'm kinda on a break from XIV at the moment (lots of work and other games to focus on). I believe there is room in the EZA guild as its not super active, but its on the Ultros server. To join you can send an application via their house (which I unfortunately cant remember the location of).

  • You might also want to check out some of the Frame Traps in January, one of the sponsors was trying to organize the Allies into a Free Company, or at the very least, a linkshell.

  • Hey, if you're starting fresh, we have a small FC on Mateus. It's mainly friends and family right now, but we're a friendly bunch always looking to help out. Plus, we have a medium house, so that's always fun.

    I'm the one sponsoring Frame Trap with the XIV shoutout. I'm thinking about starting a Discord specifically for the Crystal Data Center that's spinning off in the next couple months. It's easier to organize people toward a Discord than it is with in game, since cross world /tells still seem a bit glitched. I'm just not in the know re: EZA Discords, and don't want to start a redundant server. But I'm totally down to starting a new one for that data center and running it if there's enough interest. Let me know!

  • I can make a new character on Mateus though I have no idea who to look for to join your FC.

  • Ah, of course. We're at Plot 27 in Ward 15 at the Lavender Beds. If you go there and apply via the board, I'll be able to see your application. My character name is X'ofia Braxish.