Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

  • 20 years have passed since the original, and this summer CTR will be back! Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled will be released for PS4, Switch and Xbox One on June 21st.

    The countless hours I put into this game back then in the turn of the millennium, just wow. Such a blast, either playing by myself or with my brother, it didn't matter. Gonna be sweet to challenge him again. :)

    Here's the reveal trailer from the Game Awards back in December.
    Youtube Video

    And here's a brand new preview from Bloodworth, who really enjoyed the game. Both in its OG attire and with its new paint job done.
    Youtube Video

  • I can tell just by looking that they've done the Spyro-Scope thing and made the handling and physics feel exactly the same, and Bloodworth confirming is music to my ears!

    Thing I'm most looking forward to is being able to player multi-player with more than 1 other person and the game not run like garbage!

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    @hazz3r I wish Nintendo could do that with Mario Kart.
    Was hoping MK8 on Switch would fix the performance with more than two players. Was disappointed when it dropped to half the framerate just like the WiiU.

  • @el-shmiablo 4 Player Classic CTR on PAL. A whole 12 Frames per second!

  • Tawna, the trophy girls and Spyro incoming, cool. The dino from Crash 3 as well. Tracks and items etc. after launch.

  • @sentinel-beach meh. where's my god damn N Brio?!?

  • Wait is it DLC or stuff we have to unlock?

  • @dmcmaster said in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled:

    Wait is it DLC or stuff we have to unlock?

    it's 2019.
    so DLC.

  • @dmcmaster This is uncertain for me as well, yeah. I read IGN's news piece that there'd be free stuff but then something like Tawna you'd have to achieve or work for in that Grand Prix thing. So could be a weird mix, but why not.

    Edit. Yeah, free. And like I said.

  • There was also a trailer to explain things (in an annoying fashion, though).

    Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled - Grand Prix Introduction | PS4
    Youtube Video

  • Instead of picking the Classic mode for the Adventure (that's an option), I decided to give the new Nitro-Fueled mode a go. That one has three difficulty options, I picked Medium, but damn, things started getting pretty tough already during the first four easy races. Finally I said why the heck not, I'm supposed to have fun, and started over on Easy this time. And now I'm winning. (Though almost too easily, now, but I'll take it.)

    The driving and racing still feels really good, this is a fast game. Visually things are very pretty and the environments now house lots of classic enemies and figures from the original trilogy, they've been added all over the place and I think it works. The turbo slide took a little while to get a hang on again after a long while, but it's there, muscle memory is slowly reactivating itself. Lots of customization options which is cool, although at first some of the new vehicle types can make you go a bit O_o in the heat of the race.

  • This has been really a joy to play. Granted, on Easy at the moment, but I'm smiling. Currently at 78 %, still need the fourth world's CTR tokens and relics and then the Gem Cups. Gonna try and 100 % the Adventure Mode. I unlocked from Pit Stop this one guy Nash, a cool shark from apparently that PS2 game that has its elements added to the game as well. Looks funny whenever I jump as he is completely detached from the vehicle during the air time. :)

    The game has 84 on Metacritic and 85 on OpenCritic, good reviews across the board, pretty much. Eurogamer's old CTR fan gave the remaster an Essential:

  • currently playing my Switch version. gonna play my PS4 version when it arrives next week as it's being sent in the mail. got the PS4 version as well because i want to play it online with my friends.

    are the load times really bad on PS4 like they are on Switch for this game?

  • btw why are there Crash Nitro Kart characters in this game, but there isn't the Crash Nitro Kart adventure mode? well there isn't from what i've seen anyway. i wanted to play that again too. not just the CTR adventure

  • @yoshi said:

    are the load times really bad on PS4 like they are on Switch for this game?

    Heard Switch ones are like twice as long.

  • @mbun the graphics don't bother me on the Switch version but the load times are fucking atrocious.

    i think they're even longer the original PS1 load times

  • @yoshi Yeah, but least they aren't the race start times for online races in Team Sonic Racing where everyone is forced to watch the course intros for minutes at a time. Least these are still under a minute and not upwards of five.

  • Beat Classic Mode this morning. The last few tracks are incredibly difficult. I have no idea what the difficulty is compared to Nitro Fueled’s Hard mode but I fathom it’s not far off.

    Oxide is a pushover. Pinstripe is the true boss of this game.

  • As a FYI for people in the US Target has a in store pickup discount for online orders, you can snag it for $27 I think.

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    This is so much fun! I see people complaining about it being "based around the boost ability". To me finding the boost to work with the racing line adds so much skill and fun times. Also Im glad to hear that Im not the only one that struggles a bit on Medium difficulty.