Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

  • @mbun the graphics don't bother me on the Switch version but the load times are fucking atrocious.

    i think they're even longer the original PS1 load times

  • @yoshi Yeah, but least they aren't the race start times for online races in Team Sonic Racing where everyone is forced to watch the course intros for minutes at a time. Least these are still under a minute and not upwards of five.

  • Beat Classic Mode this morning. The last few tracks are incredibly difficult. I have no idea what the difficulty is compared to Nitro Fueled’s Hard mode but I fathom it’s not far off.

    Oxide is a pushover. Pinstripe is the true boss of this game.

  • As a FYI for people in the US Target has a in store pickup discount for online orders, you can snag it for $27 I think.

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    This is so much fun! I see people complaining about it being "based around the boost ability". To me finding the boost to work with the racing line adds so much skill and fun times. Also Im glad to hear that Im not the only one that struggles a bit on Medium difficulty.

  • @lotias That’s what makes Hot Air Skyway so hard but so fun. Finding a new way to work in a perfect boost or two is so satisfying. It’s very fun going online after you master all the tracks.

  • I fuckin' love this game. So fun figuring out optimal driving line and boost patterns for each track. Also, as somebody who never played Nitro Kart, Nitro Kart levels are so much better than original CTR levels and have such magnificent flow to their design.
    Wifey hates it. She says she much prefer Mario Kart because it relies more on randomness, where CTR is much more skill reliant.
    I don't find the load times terrible, but I'm playing on a Pro so that probably help.
    Nash is my husbando.

  • Finished the Adventure on Easy last night, 100 % done. This game just feels so good! I think Cortex Castle, N. Gin Labs and Papu's Pyramid have remained my favourites. The first two are long enough with lots of turns to simply feel great to race through, and Papu's level is visually really gorgeous.

    I still have basically all the Nitro Kart levels to experience, great to hear they're solid! I've also grown fond of Nash, what a cool character. :) And it's just really fun to open new costumes/skins to every character in general.

  • I also find the game's item shop to be very fair when it comes to buying stuff. I can almost always buy something new after a few races.
    And GG Activision for not allowing real money microtransactions in a game that would have been hugely monetizable. Hoping they don't go full CoD and add that shit at a later date, or if they do at least keep the economy the same.

  • This game is amazing. Always played this game growing up at a friends place and I think this is going to overtake Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Transformed as my favourite Kart Racer.

  • Apparently they’ve nerfed the coin drops from online? Not good...

  • Incoming micro transactions in 3...2...1

  • do we have to get a platinum relic on every track in order to challenge the ghost of and unlock N Tropy?

    i really can't be fucked...

  • I was playing Mario Cart 8 alot while traveling last week, started CTR yesterday and i think CTR is my favorite just based on the items.

  • Damiani's review is out.

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    I would love to get this game but I honestly can't justify picking up more new games right now. Really pleased to see that people are loving it.

  • I purchased it in the morning it was released, but I dropped it for a while until last night. I'm having fun. it just requires patience to learn the controls, as the powerslide + nitroboost combo is essential to win the races.

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  • baby Crash characters just like Mario Kart

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