Guy playing Pokemon Go crashes car into Police cruiser

  • In Baltimore, a young male driving a Toyota Rav4. Was playing Pokemon Go when he crashed into a parked police car. Fortunately no one was in the patrol car, and the occupants of the other vehicle seem ok. The driver also seemed apologetic for the incident.

    Youtube Video

  • Takes a special kind of stupid to hit a parked car.....

    I just hate when videos like this surface though, it's like people have forgotten how many people have died over text messaging and snapchat, like it's some unique phenomenon with Pokemon go or something.

  • @ZyloWolfBane
    Well sure, when it comes to traffic accidents. But I love it when these videos get public attention! People need to be reminded how to behave in public space.

    Pokemon GO seems to have taken things to another lvl of stupidity.
    If you are texting while walking, you are a douchebag, that might bump into other people. If you stop in the middle of a crossing to catch a Pokemon, you shouldn't be allowed to own a phone!

  • People really just need to stop messing with their phones while driving..

    I think the main issue with Pokemon is its different depending on where you go so its even more enticing to play while driving around. I don't understand why it also seems to effect people's common sense though

  • Some people really need their drivers licenses revoked. It's a privilege, not a right. If you can't do it properly, get a bicycle, or take the bus.