That crazy dream - making a game

  • So I was thinking about writing a long post about this, but then I got to thinking that the people I want to attract won’t need a lot of words - they need to read a couple of lines and think ”That’s just what I’ve been waiting for!”

    Let’s create and release a video game - and let’s start a journey towards something more.

    If that doesn’t sound interesting, just move along, since the rest of this is about that ”crazy dream”.

    If that speaks to you, then let’s get into the details.
    And that long post that I apparently wrote, even when trying to keep it short.

    So during Love & Respect there has been talks about if you should follow your dreams or not.

    You should, and I’ll go with you, standing on the barricade waving our flag next to you!

    I’ve had lot’s of intrests - loves - dreams - since I was a little kid, things my parents probably shook their heads at, thinking ”you can’t make a living working with that”.
    I loved me my heavy metal music - I got signed with my band, I’ve run a recording studio, I’ve run a production company doing music videos
    I loved films - I made a short film for five bucks and a cup of coffee as budget, only to get 50 000 euros from the state to do a follow up (No hollywood-money but what can you expect from a zombie-musical)
    I loved my wrestling - nowadays I’m the play-by-play for the countrys largest wrestling promotion.
    I loved comics - we are just putting the finishing touches on issue one of our own comic book (funded by kickstarter)

    So I have this one love, one dream left.
    Video games.

    I’m not saying let’s make something epic and huge, I’m saying let’s make something real and build on it.
    I could do it myself, but that would probably end up in a one-off and a feeling of ”well now I can check that box”.
    With a group of crazy people it can be more than that.

    Most people will focus on the obstacles, they can move along as well.
    If there are a few brave left, that has some skills, or are willing to aquire them, then let’s get together.


  • I want mechs, and I want them to be able to date each other. That's all.

  • Hello, I currently am trying my hand at learning python 3 and have made small progress (else statement and Boolean logic). I've been experimenting with a program call struckd. What type of game did you have in mind?