Apex Legends (PC/PS4/XBO)

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    @dipset When a Blackout and an Overwatch love each other very, very much they fuck like gorillas on DMT and have a widdle babby Apex Legends.

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    @bam541 Ya they absolutely nailed the communication in game. The whole thing just feels like taking everything they've learned from other games and evolve on that. While in the others, everyone is constantly calling out compass numbers, here you can ping and know instantly.

    I can see people who may prefer the other form of communication but I love how it's implemented here for calling positions, enemies and equipment.

    @Sheria I'm assuming you're joking but still, new game from Respawn. Nothing to do with Fortnite.

    Not joking, first I had heard if it. I thought it was related because that's all he seems to ever play. I've looked It up now.

  • I've been really enjoying Apex. As always it's best with friends who are all talking to each other. A squad will always outperform randoms in an otherwise fair fight. So, while I don't expect them to split the playerbase any time soon, I would like to see them implement a mercenaries playlist sooner rather than later.

  • An Update on Apex Legends from Vince Zampella

    We’re also thrilled to announce that since last Monday, more than 25 million players have jumped into the game, and over the weekend we had well over 2 million concurrent players at our peak. Like I said earlier, what a week!

    Decided to post this here. Just wow, that's some crazy numbers already. This game is in really good shape right now so I'm really interested to see where it goes.

  • Question- what other games have shadow dropped and had this kind of impact in the past?

    P.T. Comes to mind. I’m not sure if anything has reached this height so quickly though.

  • @dipset Full game... I'm not really sure if there has been many more. This has been a huge success early on.

  • @dipset The only game I can think of is Fallout Shelter, but that was not so much a critical darling as it was a commercial one.

  • Played (and streamed some) more Apex tonight and I genuinely really like this game. I can see it taking a lot of time away from Overwatch for me

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    I've been having fun with it too, even just playing with randoms. Convinced Brad to play with me tonight for a few matches even though he doesn't really like BR. We had one teammate ask us why we didn't break off the jump sooner to go loot and then immediately after the next guy complained about us breaking off from him and immediately landed and ran towards enemies that already landed and got himself killed lol. Seems like when I play solo I get paired with a duo that usually does well at least and I just go with what they wanna do.

  • Played a couple of matches yesterday and as always with randoms, it's a mixed bag. First match one DC'd and his mate just said "ok, i go die now". Second match one random did nothing for 4 minutes and jumped off a waterfall. The other one was dead after 6 minutes, dealing 60 damage and then left. The funny thing is, i actually turned it into my first solo win with 11 Kills and ~2,000 damage, which was nice.

    The worst thing about apex for me is the BR stuff, everything else just feels so good. Sprinting, sliding, shooting, flying, pinging. Alle the other BRs feel so slow and dated right now, it's crazy.

    Playing on PC btw.

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    This game are something else. I couldnt get into Fortnite, I played like 5 or 6 rounds of blackout before I felt completely bored with it. With Apex legends I just want to play it again and again. It has evolved and improved on so many aspects, plus it feels so good just to move around and play it. I have managed to win a bunch of games, both playing with randoms and with some fellow allies.

    Im playing on PS4, so maybe my 200+ hours of Titanfall 2 helps my gunplay. I hope that we get more updates with maybe even more maps in the future.

  • It's the same for me Lotias, i tried PUBG, Fortnite, Paladins BR and Blackout and i don't like any of them. Not only don't i like the BR in them, the rest like gunplay, movement and quality of life stuff is just not up to snuff especially compared to apex.

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    This game is a fucking bop.
    Played a few rounds last night and had the most enjoyable multiplayer experience I've had in a long time, and playing with complete randos too.
    The gameplay just feels so tight, the map so intentionally constructed, the abilities designed specifically to play off one another... oh man, I'm in love.

  • 50 million players now

    I've sunk a crazy number of hours into this game. That time would have been on Overwatch before but now I've so little interest in Overwatch.

    Very curious about the battle pass they'll be starting this month.

  • I honestly can't emphasis how much fun I have with this game. Even if the games last a minute, it's still always chaotic madness with a group. Surprised they haven't given us the season 1 information yet but I guess it'll probably drop very soon after they announce it.