EZA FFXIV Crystal Data Center Discord

  • Hey all, I've been sponsoring Frame Trap for a bit with a callout to new/returning/existing folks in FFXIV. Since inviting people to things in game requires setting up times to meet and sending invites in game, I've found it might just be easier to boot up a Discord server for anyone interested. Plus, cross-world /tells seem to be a bit borked...

    This Discord is mainly for the new Crystal Data Center spinning up in the next few months. Once the move is made and World Visit system is up, we'll be able to interact even more directly. I haven't found any other examples of this, at least in my cursory search through the forums and reddit. If this is redundant, and there is an EZA Discord for FFXIV, let me know, and I'll just move over there and direct people that way.

    By the by, my character is X'ofia Braxish, and I run a small Free Company on Mateus at Plot 27 in Ward 15. So if you're on Mateus and want to join, feel free to put in an application via the board at the house!

    Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/vutm68q

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    Here's the future server layout, for reference.