Allies, you're all I got.

  • Howdy Allies, I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania and I never really had any video game friends, BUT now later in life, I have 2 whole friends that play games and they are both into shooters and racing games, me, I love story driven, rpgs, strategies, the like, I'll take what I can get though. BUT I drew a thing, I liked the thing I drew but I don't have really anyone to show it to that would appreciate it and I'm not up with social media and stuff, (I'm old and bitter) So I joined this here forum, being a loooong time follower of the boys since AVGN and SA were on GT and I'm hoping for some Love and Respect... also do I have something here with this idea? I was thinking of doing Kefka next but these two are 1:1 with their actual sprites I just rendered them in my style. Anywho, thanks guys for taking the time to read this and a very long overdue LOVE AND RESPECT to you all.

    alt text

  • L&R! That looks awesome.

  • Very nice work! :)

  • I really like the shoes :)

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    Love the drawing, dude! keep it all up and of course loads of Love and respect! <3

  • Incredible drawing and nice work with the shading.

  • The shading is amazing.
    I would love to see Kefka in your style.

  • Thanks everyone! I might look around at a few more sprites but kefka is standing out to me.

  • Keep posting your stuff here! Really dig your style and want to see more of your work.

  • Hey man, that drawing is awesome.

    Did you do the poses/composition yourself or are you referencing something? Either way, it looks really professional. Confident lines, confident shading. I'm sure your racing game friends would appreciate your art to be honest.