Astral Chain (Switch)

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    @el-shmiablo Never was a fan of Yakuza. I've never wanted to play more than a couple of minutes of the demos. I never said all Japanese games are better. But there is still far less of this poison I was talking about in Japanese games. They still, for the most part, prioritize gameplay. Also, their budgets usually also aren't obscenely high, which is a good thing for devs not wanting to be compromised by worried higher ups who barely know anything about games. Also, it can be argued that all of the new God of War is going for the cinematic style. They used the over the shoulder camera partly because of the single camera shot, which made for clunkier combat. I stopped playing that game in early January, at another tedious axe puzzle, some time after acquiring the Blades of Chaos.

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    As a huge God of War fan since the first game, you are objectively wrong about this game having poorer combat compared to previous entries.

    I mean, look how far you've strayed just to prove whatever asinine point it is you are trying to prove. We were talking about controllers and now you are saying my opinion doesn't matter because I like God of War 2018. You're fuckin' clownshoes bud.

    But then again, I don't expect much in the way of concise, well thought out arguments when it comes to your posts. You're a less entertaining Black Cell.

  • Zeke, what are you talking about? Where did this tangent come from?

  • Pro controller is a godsend, not to mention its battery life is pretty damn epic on a single charge at 40-50 hours

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    @dipset El Shmiablo told me my opinions are shit. His are just as shitty to me.

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    @el-shmiablo I've beaten and enjoyed all of the original trilogy. The new one is the only one I've quit. It sucks. Actually, God of War sold far more in the first weeks than God of War II and III. Obviously, selling out works. But the reason I mention it is because most of these people who love God of War didn't even play or care about the old games. There are a lot of fans of the old games who dislike it. I agree with most of what TheGamingBritShow had to say about this piece of crap.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    One thing he didn't mention is how fucking dull it is with second rate dialogue and silence replacing most of the epic soundtrack.

  • Heyyy my beautiful Astral Chain thread! :(

  • @axel I've got you fam

    Astral Chain Hype!!!!

    alt text

    I'm keeping my expectations in check for the potential size of the world, but seeing stuff like this makes me hopeful we get a decent playground with a good chunk of content, even if it is not exactly on Platinum's domain, based on their previous experience.

    Aside from that I just really want to see more.

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    @Ezekiel @El-Shmiablo This isn't the God of War thread, if you'd wish to have a friendly debate about it head over to it's thread otherwise, please get back on topic and less antagonizing towards each other.

  • How about we all agree that everyone, and I mean everyone, has some sort of objectively shitty game opinion. I certainly have many.

    Anyway, Astral Chain looks dope. I'm not a huge plan of Platinum's games, so this will be a fun one to watch from afar.

  • I wouldn't say i'm hyped for Astral Chain, but it does look cool and it's something i'm definitely going to keep an eye on.

  • I am hyped as all hell! We need more Platinum titles on the Switch! If they port MadWorld that would be great too. Lucky me, I still have my original copy.

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    @brawlman The only three Wii games I saved when I sold mine were Mad World, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Metroid Prime Trilogy.

    An HD remake/remaster or MW would be the tits. Killing mooks in that game is just so cathartic.

  • @el-shmiablo I have about 20ish Wii games. I would have a couple more, but I sold DKC : Returns (later bought the 3DS version for $5), Murmasa: the Demon Blade was sold to a friend who got it as gift for his girlfriend (with the pre-order bonus that came with it), Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, and RE: Umbrella Chronicles.

  • @brawlman they should port madworld and anarchy reigns in a combo pack

  • @bigdude1
    Agree, and include the OSTs for both, be one ruthless combo pack

  • This is some good art.

  • Astral Chain is one of the eligible games for this new limited time Nintendo Switch Game Voucher system announced today.

  • Got my collectors edition pre-ordered :3