Astral Chain (Switch)

  • Got my collectors edition pre-ordered :3

  • Yeah on payday, I might get the voucher and pre-order because I am 100% going to buy this game anyways, may as well save the money.

    As per the other game with the voucher... hmmmm

  • @dipset

  • I had no interest at first but, the more i see i more i like

  • I was already sold on a new Platinum game, and then I was sold again learning that Masakazu Katsura is behind the art, and then Treehouse showed it off...and now I'm hard ou....all in, baby! Hype train, choo choo!

  • @minamik said in Astral Chain (Switch):

    I was already sold on a new Platinum game, and then I was sold again learning that Masakazu Katsura is behind the art, and then Treehouse showed it off...and now I'm hard ou....all in, baby! Hype train, choo choo!

    Same, I'm crazy hype for it most exciting game on E3 and biggest I'm looking forward this year.

    But is it me, or most big sites are completely forgetting about this game and even EZA barely covered this game. I would love to hear EZA's impression and their thought after looking at Treehouse gameplay footage, but found out they didn't even bother watching that. Whats going on? are we the only ones finding this game exciting?

  • @danjin44 Wasn't playable at E3 strangely. Maybe they thought the combat would be too difficult to absorb in a short time for most? Still, they could've had other playable sequences that would've left strong impressions for people. This one is definitely a marketing mistake, considering anyone who watched Treehouse is 100% in on this.

    Also, Link's Awakening Remake and BotW 2 doing what Zelda always does and giving people tunnel vision. I'm so fucking sick of people who treat Nintendo as nothing but Mario and Zelda, giving no shits about anything else. Before anyone goes there, this is not shots at Damiani. He's a hardcore Zelda fan. There's a big difference there. Of course he's most excited for those over everything. The man respectfully lives for the franchise, but there are loads of more casual Mario and Zelda fans who won't give anything else a shot and complain if Nintendo isn't releasing a constant stream of Marios and Zeldas.

    Prime example right now is Cadence of Hyrule. Look at the flock of people buying that who never bothered with Crypt of the Necrodancer and probably still won't, but you slap a Zelda skin onto the game and suddenly they're rushing to try it.

  • @mbun I agree with everything you said here, also another mistake Platinum Games did is announce Bayonetta 3 when they had nothing to show in their Feb direct. Now conversations that’s remotely about Astral Chain turns in to “where is Bayonetta 3”. They should have announced that game after Astral Chain got released.

  • @mbun I'm sure Cadence of Hyrule is good for what it is but I am physically incapable of caring about a version of Necrodancer that doesn't let me use my own music

  • @danjin44 They couldn't watch it at the time because they had to get to E3 themselves. If you see impressions, even with 3 days everyone still wasn't able to play everything they wanted. Give them some time and I'm sure they'll watch the Treehouse stuff. Especially since Jones hasn't seen the deep dive on Animal Crossing yet, lol.

  • Japanese overview trailer:
    Youtube Video

  • @danjin44 i hope they do a English one

  • @danjin44 i don't speak Japanese. this is useless to me.

  • @yoshi You don't need to speak or understand Japanese to see what they talking about, Video pretty much shows what they are talking about.

    But I'm pretty sure english version of that video come out soon enough, this game is getting released same time as in Japan.

  • @yoshi im working on it but Japanese is hard :(

  • Finally managed to watch the Treehouse gameplay for this and like most of you I really like what I'm seeing. Feels like a proper, brand new, full of ideas and style Platinum game.

    Maybe it would be good if the next Friend Code focused on all the Treehouse sequences since nobody had time to watch it during E3, kind of like an impressions round 2. This game definitely deserves more coverage.

  • @axel I would LOVE to see that, I hate to see such great game gets overlooked for no good reason.

  • @danjin44 i didnt mind except for the fact that they were really brutal on it for no real reason

  • The gist of the video:

    You're part of a division called Neruon, fighting Chimera that came from another world. Mankind is on the brink. This city (Ark) is all that's left. But hey, don't worry, you're not fighting alone, you're "compatible." Explains Olive.

    Captain Max shows up to explain some of the basics of combat. The Regatos is the device that links you to your Legion (captured Chimera). Your normal weapon is made specifically for use against Chimera, and it can also transform into a gun. Fighting alone is fine, but kind of a waste of time. Sword Legion is summoned. Unleash them in the direction of your enemy and they'll attack on their own. You have to decide on what you're going to do, for instance letting your Legion attack while you stay back to heal.

    Chain Action: If you skillfully maneuver yourself and your Legion around the enemy, you can perform a Chain Bind, which temporarily seals their movement. There's also a thing you can do called Chain Trap, when the enemy is getting ready to charge at you, you can pull your Legion back and set your chain up like you did for Chain Bind, and when he hits the chain you can send him flying back (think of those things in a wrestling arena.

    Sync Attack: Sometimes during combat, you'll notice your Regatos sparkle blue for a bit. This is a sign that you and your Legion are well synchronized. If you time an order to your Legion properly during one of these moments, you'll be able to perform a combo attack that you wouldn't normally be able to pull off. There are many different situations where a Sync Attack may become possible. For instance, during a combo, while dodging, or while summoning your Legion.

    Captain Max then goes on to explain that if left on the field for too long there's a chance your Legion could go berserk. If the gauge on your Regatos reaches 0 it will automatically switch off and your Legion will disappear until a cooldown is completed.

    Battle Styles: In total there are five different types of Legion, all having their own combat style. The Sword Legion, strong in close quarters combat. The Arrow Legion, which uses a weapon similar to a bow. Can be used to attack from a distance or attack enemies that are high up. The Arm Legion has huge arms and specializes in mid-range combat. The Beast Legion is very quick. The Axe Legion specializes in defense, and can deliver a large amount of damage through counter attacks. Pay attention to the situation of battles and decide on the right Legion to give yourself the edge.

    Special Action: By becoming one with your Legion you can perform special actions. Sword: Stop an enemy's attack. Arrow Legion: Precise aiming. Arm Legion: Can be equipped like armor. Beast Legion: You can ride around on its back. Axe Legion: Can generate a force field to protect from attacks. These actions can also prove to be useful outside of combat. When you're stuck, try experimenting.

    Combat Ability: Legions have skill trees. New skills, increased offense and defense. It's up to you to decide how to strengthen your Legions.

    We go back to Olive to receive an explanation on stuff outside of combat. Investigation: You have a device similar to a contact lens, called Iris, that is connected to the police database and allows you access to various kinds of information in real time.

    Since normal people cannot see your Legion you can use them to assist in your investigations, such as listening in on conversations of suspicious people, open doors that are too heavy to open yourself, follow scents. What can be done varies by Legion so try out different types of things.

    Otherworldy Gates can be destroyed by performing a chain bind on them.

  • @minamik Thanks for this!!!