Astral Chain (Switch)

  • I kept trying to catch him, lol.

  • I've been very off-and-on with this game due to work being crazy lately but I finally played file 09 and that was some of the coolest, hypest, most insane stuff I've seen in a game since... well, the last time I played a Platinum title honestly, but still.

    I've got gripes with this game (mainly that the first two or so files are a chore, the red matter cleanup makes files drag on longer than they should at times though admittedly this is a me issue, and because the game doesn't punish you for item abuse at all it can feel way too easy at times) but damn if it isn't the most fun I've had in a good year or so.

  • @minamik Riding your Beast Legion helps with that.

  • @mbun Not really, lol. Lappy is just that fast. Still not as annoying as the guy who keeps chucking smoke bombs at you though.

  • @minamik I caught up to Lappy with the Beast Legion. It works. As for the smoke bomb a-hole, you have to ride close, then get off and use just the Legion.

  • How do u beat jin as lappy in file 5?

  • Now that it is October, I figured it was time to finally finish the fight, so I did. I have no idea how I was getting S+ on those final bosses, but hilariously enough my entire playthrough's average was still a C. But hey, not D!

    I feel like I dragged my feet as much as possible, and I still missed cases on each chapter, so damn this game is good at hiding stuff. Pretty sure I never finished a chapter with 100% red matter cleanup (thankfully you only need 80% for the orders) or all the obtainable items either, although I came very close many times. Still tons of those hidden bathrooms and cats to find too. Not sure if I'll go back through, because the scoring feels so nonsensical to me at times, and I think it'd just frustrate me, even with a guide. Maybe I'll get bored enough to someday though.

    This definitely isn't a game to rush through, and I'm glad I took my time with it. Spending over an hour customizing my MC's color scheme and outfit paid off in every cutscene and just made them striking and stand out in the world. The end credits even change color depending on the UI color you pick I think. I checked someone else's playthrough on Youtube and they had the standard blue, but mine was yellow and orange like my character and UI choice. Neat touch. Love how customizable everything is, from your MC, to your Legions, to the UI, to the voice when you use IRIS, to your playstyle, etc.

    Overall was a mostly good time and a fun spectacle. Lots of visually striking moments and sequences to make the player feel cool. Bogged down a little by stuff that feels almost intentionally designed to be frustrating, maybe intended as intricate challenges to overcome, but just annoying in the end instead. But just a little. Still was worth the trip. If we get an Astral Chain 2 down the road, I'm definitely on board, but next time I think I'll not try to see everything my first playthrough, since that seems near impossible with this game. This is a win for anime.

  • Finally finished the game. Glad I don't have to score games for a living because I really wouldn't know how to score it. It makes me go from "this isn't very good" to "this is one of the best things I've played" in a matter of minutes. I like the world, but overall hate the level design. Combat is among the best ever, but at times the camera is terrible. Some charming side missions, most just mundane, a bunch nauseating.

    I like that the game does more than just combat but I feel they should have brought someone in more experienced with this kind of designs. Or at least spent more time with it. I enjoyed it, would probably score it bellow Devil May Cry 5 but at the same time it would take this game over DMC5 every time. Ye, it's complicated.

    I wonder how much of Scalebound is in Astral Chain. As we were supposed to control the dragons in a similar fashion and the game had RPG elements too.