Various general discussion threads?

  • Could there be a forum or subforum for general discussion threads? Like, a hub thread to talk about a series or company. Like pokemon. There have been a few pokemon threads about various topics, but no general discussion threads. And instead of perhaps pinning threads in the gaming forum, make another forum FULL of thread like this. Just an idea! Sorry if I explained it horribly.

  • Sounds like Something Awful's game section:

  • @Oscillator That is just what I mean. Thank you! I'm suggesting we have a separate forum for threads like that.

  • Global Moderator

    I think for now just make those threads in the gaming discussion forum and if there are enough of them and enough activity we'll consider adding another sub forum.

  • This site is already on the slower side. Adding more sections will decrease site traffic. Best start official threads and see how the community responds over time before thinking we need more sections.

    GT had a big problem with having too many sections. And it hurt activity and discussion on anything that had a subsection even when the site was very active.

  • I see, I see. Thank you!

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