hi Allies, a request for a brief moment of your time

  • hi Allies, first and foremost L&R. I deal with extreme anxiety and OCD which leads to a lot of social anxiety and depression. I love EZA and the community but have had to exist in it from afar due to these issues. I have wanted to force myself to speak up and be an active community member for months and months, and it saddens me that this post has to be the one that made that happen.

    I chose to post in the forum, and under the Blogs forum specifically, very carefully and respectfully. I am unsure of the rules when it comes to something like this, and if it is in violation of the rules, I completely understand.

    I do a lot of freelance graphic design work and 9/10 times am paid through PayPal. About a week ago my PayPal account was hacked, and since it's linked to my bank account, that was hacked as well. After many, many, many phone calls to both companies, I was able to at least regain access to both accounts, and at the very least both seemed to be secure again. the not so great thing was that I lost a considerable amount of money. I tried to not panic too much, thinking "ok, rent has been paid, other bills have been paid all before this happened. I have food...electricity...etc. things could always be worse."

    On Wednesday I received a phone call from my landlord that my rent check had bounced. Checking my bank account I saw no sign either way of it bouncing or clearing. information was still missing on my account. I immediately called my landlord explaining what had been happening. I asked about working out any options for resolving this but ultimately the best he could do was give me a week, charging late fees every day from the 1st to when he gets the new check. cue panic attack. the best I could mumble out to him was I would keep him updated (still seeing if money is going to be returned to my accounts, but at this point admittedly seems unlikely) and that I would figure it out by the end of next week.

    I have nowhere to turn. I have very little family and without getting too far into it, my mother passed away 2 years ago and I have never met my father. When I said at the start that it saddens me that this is the way I am finally speaking up in the EZA community, it's because I am in need of help.

    If any ally out there can help in any way I would be so eternally grateful and thankful...I'm not sure how to even put it into words. if anyone can and wants to, feel free to PM me here and I can give my PayPal email and/or give any more information or context. I figure that is the best way to go about this.

    This is starting to get pretty long, but I wanted to explain my situation as best I could. to be as honest as possible, I am really scared. the thought of what could happen if this doesn't get resolved and what could happen to me mental health wise is terrifying. I hate that this is my introduction to the community, but I do want to be more active and become friends with you all as best I can. at the very least if you've managed to read this far, thank you so much for listening. I'll end where I started with L&R.

  • I work in the banking sector and if you were a victim of Fraud your bank should cover you, no? I have a paypal account and it blocks out half the digits of the accounts/cards to prevent your finance from further risk.

  • Well I'm sorry that this has happened to you, and I wish I could help more but I don't know much to help you.
    But I would suggest calling PayPal (if thats possible?) and asking what they can do to help with this situation since they should be able to help since your account was hacked. Also see if your bank has any protections for this.

  • thanks for the replies, I do really appreciate it. I have been on the phone with both every day this week. my bank has been somewhat helpful (giving me my balance back of what things should be if everything had gone through), but are not covering anything that bounced/didn't go through during the hack. PayPal has been abysmal, claiming they can't verify the activity on my account either way. the problem seems to be PayPal not communicating with my bank, treating the hack as deposits made to my bank account which were (to them) authorized by me. I'll keep trying but my mind isn't suited for this. I'm sorry to bother you all with this, I've dealt with mental health issues and suicidal thoughts most of my life, posting on here is something I'm not too comfortable with, but I'm at a point where my anxiety is somehow less than me just getting through the next week.

  • Banks won't cover what's bounced or failed because it never went through to begin with. It's like refunding an item you never bought in the first place.

    If you feel like your anxiety is reaching a point of desperation and I assume you're under a lot of mental anguish. I would recommend speaking with the Crises centre / Suicide prevention lifeline (They will offer emotional support regardless of your situation) https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org / 1-800-273-8255 . They can speak to you and offer the support, we as allies, can only brush upon and what you ask for may not fix the problem, but rather postpone it.

    I understand it's easy for me to type this and post a link but you need to take control of the situation however life isn't easy, life sucks, everyone finds themselves lost every so often but we adapt and learn. We do this ourselves so it's vital that you make the action and take back control so you can start moving in the right direct and not further into a hole.

  • thanks for the support. it means a lot to me to just have people read this and reply. I'm definitely trying to get control of things, trying to reach out to local churches to see if they can offer any help as I've read sometimes they do. I'm far from religious though so it feels kind of disingenuous, but trying anything I can at this point. tried applying to a few places for a personal loan but unfortunately my credit isn't good enough for something like that.

    as of today, mentally I'm just pretty numb. literally sat on my couch for a few hours staring at my tv (which was off). I'm sure things will get worse as more days pass without a resolution, but I'm trying to keep myself from thinking about that too much. just a terrible situation, I wouldn't wish this on anyone. was told yesterday to check about my social security number as well so it seems like this is more widespread than I thought.