Steins;Gate Elite (Switch/PS4)

  • @axel said:

    Since we have a highly respectable panel of anime connoisseurs on this forum, I'd like to ask those of you familiar with the game and/or the anime if you'd recommend it.

    I've never touched anything Steins;Gate solely on the grounds that it shares a universe with this piece of absolute garbage:
    Youtube Video

    And for that reason I cannot recommend this, but maybe listen to the people who have actually played the VNs instead.

  • I played the original version of this years and years ago (like, before it had an official english translation even) and thought it was excellent. Can't speak to Elite though. Hear it's basically the same but they replaced all the art with stills from the anime I think? Doesn't sound like a great idea to me but I'm not sure if that's even accurate, never looked into it. Either way it's a solid story and if you're the kinda person that can do visual novels then I'd say go for it.

  • Steins;Gate is Visual Novel. The anime version was very good! Steins;Gate Elite uses footage of the anime IN the visual novel and using the script of the visual novel (I believe). I read that if you can see the entire anime if you play through Steins;Gate Elite.

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    @mbun That's like saying you won't play A Link to the Past because it shares the same universe as Spirit Tracks.
    Completely different timelines bro.

  • @el-shmiablo Same creators though, whom I do not trust. Even gave them a second chance with Robotics;Notes and wasn't much into that either. Although, it admittedly wasn't nearly as bad.

  • Steins;Gate is phenomenal and the anime adaptation is really good too. The visual novel is the way to go though as it fleshes things out better and offers a number of what if endings based on your decisions through the game. I ordered the LE edition of elite, it seems like it will now be the definitive edition.

    On another note, everything in the Science Adventure series has been outstanding. In addition to Steins;Gate you should also seriously think about trying Chaos;Child, it's amazing

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    @mbun Your math is a lil flawed bro.
    Is Breath of the Wild a bad game because Daiki Iwamoto made Spirit Tracks too?

  • @el-shmiablo I don't dislike Spirit Tracks.

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    @mbun It is actually law in some states that you must dislike Spirit Tracks.

    BRB calling the FBI

    Youtube Video

  • Cool, sounds fun and original, I'll probably pick it up in the future! Would be an enjoyable commute and bedtime game.

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    For your FYI, anybody who downloads anything and everything PS Plus gives you each month (like the ultimate sex beast that is me), this game, at least in it's less elitist form, was a free game for the Vita a few months back that also had crossbuy for PS4.