Vlog: Talky Tuesdays with Claire: Weirdest Games We've Played

  • Claire and I kick back and discuss some of the weirdest, craziest, and most WTF games we've ever played. I hope you enjoy.

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  • In terms of games I've played. I always thought the Warioware series had a peculiar sense of humour to it. It stood out as an odd game but It was innocent and different. It certainly stood out as a game as a result.Picking your nose as a mini-game. Who would of Thunk .

    Interesting list though, Mazer.

  • Definitely Cubivore on GameCube (which they discuss at 38:03). It's minimalist in nearly all aspects, from graphics to controls to sound to story, and the concept is bonkers. It stars creepy cube-shaped creatures (whose anatomy is detailed in the manual and is relevant to the gameplay), and the goal is to navigate the environment and eat the other creatures in a most horrific manner until you grow big enough to reproduce...by a most hilarious method. XD

  • @oscillator Cubivore was just so outrageous that I had to buy it upon launch (glad I did too considering the damn price it fetches these days). I finally completed the game last year only to discover that in order to get the good ending, you need to mutate into 100 different varieties! So not I gotta do a New Game + to try and turn into the remaining 30 or so while redoing the storyline in order to try and get the true ending.

    Such a bizarre game.