Do you have any of them Rumors?

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    The twist: It's Joker from Persona 5 and Ash from Pokémon.

  • Totally real actual legit scene from Detective Pickachu

  • This game is fantastic, would love to play it again.

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    @bam541 This is actually fantastic news. Was thinking about this game the other day. Can't wait.

  • I never thought that would get remastered, then again Ghostbusters 3 is next summer

  • Holy shit, that'd be awesome. I missed the game back then and only later heard that it was actually pretty great. Surely that Remaster would arrive to other platforms than just XO as well?

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    @sentinel-beach Considering Sony currently own the movie rights, I feel pretty confident we'll also see it on PlayStation.

  • Just an fyi it is still available on Steam and backwards compatible on X1, can even purchase and download it (which it is cheaper digitally at $15 vs the $30-$50 I've seen some retro shops sell it at

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  • Watch Dogs 3 for November with a freaking great sounding scenario in London?

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  • Next week is 2 weeks before E3 :shock:

  • There's rumors surfacing again about a From Software/RR Martin collab. Hope it's true.

  • @dmcmaster Not sure what their track record is like, but how matter-of-factly MCC was mentioned makes the whole thing seem a little far fetched.

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    Also, multi cart for MCC? The game requires 90 GBs of patches just to function.

  • I’ll eat my words when I see it but 343 has openly talked about the struggles of bringing MCC to PC let alone PC and Switch. Somehow don’t believe this.

  • @binarymelon
    Vergeben has a pretty good track record, mostly with Nintendo stuff, but about this time last year he did leak some of the big heavy hitting stuff from last years show such as RE2, DMC5, the studios MS acquired, the title for Smash Bros and a few other things.

  • @dipset honestly, a PC port is way harder than a Switch port.

    the reason PC is such an undertaking is the expectations of PC players. they want unlocked framerates, ultra wide screen support, FOV sliders, in depth graphics settings etc.
    also converting the controls to mouse input isn't as easy as it might seem. Halo 5 Forge for example was known at launch for its awful mouse controls.

    meanwhile a Switch port would literally only mean that they need to adjust the graphics so it runs well... that's basically it. all those PC issues are no problem here... maybe Switch users would want Gyro aiming, but that would be the biggest hurdle to overcome if at all.

    and the Switch could easily run these games at either 720p60 or 1080p30, at least docked... in handheld mode maybe 720p30 would be the best they can do, but these Halo games were designed with a 30fps cap in mind so it wouldn't feel bad either way... trow in crossplay with Xbox One and you have a big seller on hand!

  • @kevboard
    The only issue would be release , unless it's like the first Switch game on something bigger then a 16 or 32gb card.
    Also would said cart only have the main numbered games with ODST and Reach coming as DLC.

    Like as cool as Halo on Switch sounds there are some questions about it, I mean hell would MS ship it off to that studio that handled the Switch ports of Doom and Wolfenstein, would it be someone else, in house.

    Not to mention we are talking about one of Microsoft's big marquee titles, I mean Cuphead and Ori are one thing being smaller indie games, Minecraft had already become a juggernaut before Microsoft bought it. Like it's kinda hard to fathom if it actually happens. Then there's the question of "does Microsoft get anything in exchange? " like are we (hypothetically) gonna see Mario in a proper Banjo & Kazooie sequel or something, or a major Nintendo ip getting a Xbox port?