Do you have any of them Rumors?

  • @ezekiel

    Maybe, but bring it back with a solid TPS gameplay and updated RE engine will take attention of everyone I think. I am excited because of the remakes' success even though I've never played it in my life before(correct me if I'm wrong on this one, isn't Dino Crisis RE with dinosaurs as main point?)

  • @bam541
    I'm somewhere in the middle of eager and dreading it. RE4 is a game that I spent a Incredible amount of time on in middle school to the point I could probably have played it blindfolded and possibly had a few speed running records unknown to me at the time.

    My fear is that RE4 is a massive game when compared to 1,2,3,0, and CV, and RE4 has this absolutely brilliant sense of pacing that adding or getting rid of anything would stop the game from feeling like itself.

    Except maybe the mine cart portion, never been a fan of it and it feels like it just drags on too long imo.

    That said I'd rather see Dino Crisis, DMC1-3, Haunting Ground, and Megaman Legends get the full remake treatment.

  • @dmcmaster maybe the obvious starting point is getting rid or improving the QTE sections, but even that could be a touchy subject to lots of people. Regardless, it's a behemoth of a remake project.

    I'm also hoping for another Capcom franchise to get the remake treatment (Megaman Legends would be hype), but I think Capcom still playing it safe for now. If I remember correctly, the Onimusha Warlords remaster didn't sell that well right? Maybe that is why they're putting it all on RE, they might think it's not the right time yet for a big project in other franchises.

  • @bam541
    Behemoth is a understatement

  • More news about RE4make, been in conceptual stage since 2018, will have larger team working on it, along with support from RE8 and DMC5 teams.

  • Crysis 1 Remake is definitely coming.

  • Why is it assumed to be a Crysis 1 remake?

  • I still have to play Crysis. Back when I had a shitty Acer laptop for writing essays in 8th grade, I'd Google things like "Can Acer Aspire 5000 play Crysis" then it eventually went down to "Can you play Bioshock on Acer laptop" then it went lower down to "Can you play video games on a laptop?"

    Skip ahead to 2011 and I build a gaming PC and I lost all interest in sandbox games. Skip ahead to today... I'm kinda curious...


    Looks like Official PlayStation Magazine misreported gameplay features in Ghost of Tsushima. I know this is more "news" than "rumour" but all OPM has said is they've been made aware that some claims they published aren't accurate. Yet, they published this based on a 2018 interview so it comes from somewhere, it just isn't newupdated information. Sucker Punch nor Sony have denied what is specifically inaccurate. This leads me to believe some of this is true to an extent or at least was true and is either cut or exists in a different capacity.

    FYI - They make claims that specific characters may turn on you based on your actions so cautiously read the article if you care about minor spoilers that likely aren't anything.


  • I'm really not interested in an RE4 remake. They're better of remaking some of the weaker Resident Evil games. Try to make them good.

  • To be honest I think they should re-re-remake RE1 before they do RE4.
    Also I hope that if the Crysis thing is a remaster that they touch up the game a little bit. It is starting to show it's age from a gameplay standpoint.

  • @el-shmiablo said in Do you have any of them Rumors?:

    To be honest I think they should re-re-remake RE1 before they do RE4.

    Since I don't want to play even the latest versions of that game, that would be wonderful. I hope they will try RE1, 0 and CV down the line in the next gen after RE4's launch.

  • @scotty Don't get me wrong, REmake is still great imo but I just think that it would benefit more from the modern RE treatment than RE4.

  • @el-shmiablo

    Tbh I tried to finish REmake before playing RE2 Remake but I couldn't continue after a short while because it was not fun at all to me and was really difficult, I don't have the patience to finish that kind of game.

  • Days Gone and Persona 5 Royal listed for PC on Amazon France.

    Update: I think it's just some glitch, the "leaks" are getting too crazy. GT Sport, TLOU II were there as well... That's too much, France.

    Update 2: It's just some trolls. It's fun while it lasted, lol.

  • Crysis remastered leaked, coming to PC. PS4, X1X and Switch.

  • WB Montreal's Batman game seems to be a reboot of sorts, coming this fall.

  • @sentinel-beach

    Finally! This june will be good.

  • "playable Batfamily"

    This is not related to this thread's topic, but I think @Capnbobamous gonna be scoring some points on our Fantasy Critic if this is true.

  • @bam541 Fuck yeah baby! I was so worried about grabbing that one.