Do you have any of them Rumors?

  • The Need for Speed Facebook and Twitter has been pretty active the last few days, many people think something will be announced on October 5th
    Edit: probably for this
    Apparently features cross platform play and new content of some sort.

  • This game triggers me. I bought an X360 and three games: Hot Pursuit, Halo Reach, and New Vegas. My Xbox broke after like 2 months and Microsoft told me to go fuck myself unless I wanna pay like 50% of the console cost to repair it.

  • It's official
    Youtube Video

  • Apparently a Red Dead Redemption: Outlaws Collection has leaked for PS5/XSX

  • @dmcmaster

    Not believing that one. IF it's just an image and no record of the Amazon listing, then I don't buy it. Remaking RDR1 seems like such a massive an unnecessary task.

  • It's already in 4k on xbox it would seem pretty pointless.

  • If PSVR is so good, then why didn't Sony make a PSVR2?? Well...

  • @bam541

    My wallet after I buy a PS5, PSVR2, GT7 a racing wheel, and a house to fit everything...

    alt text

  • @dipset lol, I'm already broke before they even start selling them consoles here. At least I can freeload of my brother again.

  • @dmcmaster

    I would love to see this. Proper remaster for the first RDR would be awesome!

  • If you have time, check this out:

    Colour me excited. Not that they are surprising but I'm most excited about SM2, new Uncharted and new ND IP.

  • That thread has enough good stuff in there to hold me over an entire generation to be honest. Let’s pretend it’s all real, some thoughts:

    1 - If SOCOM by GG is real, there is a strong chance I go back to being a 1 game gamer again. Yeah I’ll dabble in other stuff here and there, but this will be my go to and I kinda want something like that again.

    I’m always getting wrapped up in finishing one big game to move to the next big boy and I kinda liked the times when most of my gaming was just SOCOM.

    2 - I don’t want an MGS Remake. I didn’t believe the Demon’s Souls rumours either so now this seems more likely. I just don’t see the point because MGS1 holds up great and I don’t know what modern graphics will add to it.

    They’d have to revamp the whole game to become something it isn’t and I just don’t know how I’ll feel about that.

    3 - Bloodborne Remaster won’t go over well. Again, the game is fiiiiiiiine... just unlock the frame rate in a patch. They’re claiming they want to add cut content and other bells and whistles but if you’re gonna go that route, don’t resell it to me. Just patch it and put it on PC.

    4 - Silent Hill games aren’t real. I can’t even pretend it exists. I feel like this is some grade-A bullshit. Especially with the nonsense about Konami taking 8% of revenue.

    I know people in production at studios who don’t even know their damn due dates let alone business contracts so unless your source is the President of Sony himself, give me a break about 8% cut of the revenue nonsense.

  • @dipset

    I never played MGS1. I can olay 2-3-Peace Walker remastered on my Vita and 4 with PS Now, also Ground Zero&Phantom Pain on PC; but unless there is a remake I can't stand the first game. 🤷

  • @scotty

    Huh? If you haven’t played it why can’t you stand it?

    It holds up just as well as the others. The controls are the same essentially. You should be able to download it from PSN onto your PS Vita or maybe only PSP did that.

  • @dipset

    Because of how it looks. I played PS1 versions of both RE1 and FF7 for some time and I am not looking forward to an experience like that again if I will have the chance to look at something beatiful with same story. Game looks simply too old.

  • @scotty

    Oh man, I think it’s aged like a fine wine. Metal Gear Solid 1 probably has the best art direction in any video game ever full stop.

    I get that the faces look blurry but the overall cold blue-hue aesthetic with the HUD and mini-map and menu’s all blending together into one perfectly unified feeling. Games today even struggle with that.

    MGS definitely looks A LOT better than FF7 and RE1-2. I think it even looks better than MGS2 for that matter.

    The vibe of that game is unmatched. I guess Twin Snakes on GameCube is a remake after all and that just misses the feeling of the PS1 version. I just feel like a remake has an uphill battle.

  • Allegedly from a Mexican Xbox magazine meant to be published after the VGA's0_1607193505414_1607174113061m.jpg

    Never mind, apparently it's fake. Magazine apparently does one fake article a month and gives out prizes to people who spot the fake.

  • @dipset

    Well, in the end because I don't have those connections with it unlike you, I really want to see a modern remake.

  • @scotty

    Yeah I get what you’re saying but I really think access to the original outside of owning physical CD or having a PS3 would be a smart move too. I think I played it for the first time in 2007 and it just jumped up into Top 5 all time immediately.

    It truly is one of the greats and is fun to play, even today. I guess my point is that the game isn’t in need of a remake like some older games are.

    I said the same about Resident Evil 2, which looks like shit but still plays very fun, and I was definitely wrong because the RE2 remake brought a lot to the table.

    Whatever an MGS Remake ends up being, it shouldn’t be 1:1 because the game is fine as-is from a gameplay standpoint. It needs to include new design ideas.

  • @dipset

    I guess we look at the remake from different perspectives. Because I would be on board for an Uncharted 3 remake with the technology of Uncharted 4 for example.