Do you have any of them Rumors?

  • @scotty

    Yeah I get what you’re saying but I really think access to the original outside of owning physical CD or having a PS3 would be a smart move too. I think I played it for the first time in 2007 and it just jumped up into Top 5 all time immediately.

    It truly is one of the greats and is fun to play, even today. I guess my point is that the game isn’t in need of a remake like some older games are.

    I said the same about Resident Evil 2, which looks like shit but still plays very fun, and I was definitely wrong because the RE2 remake brought a lot to the table.

    Whatever an MGS Remake ends up being, it shouldn’t be 1:1 because the game is fine as-is from a gameplay standpoint. It needs to include new design ideas.

  • @dipset

    I guess we look at the remake from different perspectives. Because I would be on board for an Uncharted 3 remake with the technology of Uncharted 4 for example.

  • @scotty
    On that subject I've wondered how hard or difficult it would be to remake Uncharted 1-3 and TLOU1 into the current iteration of thier engine (that I'm sure will be used on thier next project) like I can see them reusing assets from Uncharted 4, Lost Legacy and TLOU2 can probably remake a good chunk of the games, although they would have to make brand new models for the character's who don't reappear past thier games, along with new textures and models for the city's and what not .

  • @dmcmaster

    I always think about that for the Uncharteds. You know how they upgraded the first game to make it like third game with new look.

  • @scotty

    Yeah, ya know, I wouldn't mind that actually. Uncharted 1 still looks great, but the unification to the Uncharted 4 engine and Drake and company all look relative to the size, scale, and design of the UC4 character builds.

    Not to derail the Rumors thread, but I wonder what a reimagining of the first game would look like. Keep the plot the same and the moments similar but hypodermically insert more bombastic moments. Essentially plus up the encounters that already exist. Like steer Sully's pontoon plane for a bit while it gets shot down, and parachute into the statue itself. Or maybe spend more time locked up in the makeshift prison before Elena busts you out. Or even go full Tomb Raider and make the island accessible like a Dark Souls with linear levels that are interconnected.

  • @dipset I think the most exciting version of a Uncharted 1 remake for me is if it takes the semi open world concept from U4 (Madagaskar) and LL, and does it multiple times instead of only once or twice. I think U1's self contained island setting is perfect for it. You could have a small open area when you're searching for Elena early on, then another one after you escaped from Eddy Raja, and so on. It doesn't have to (or should) be like super big areas, but big enough to fill with new interesting things and not make it feel too cramped. I would also love to see revamped versions of the turret chase sections, they would probably do it in the style of the vehicle chase scenes in the later games (like U4's magnificent Madagaskar chase). Lastly, I want more fog and atmospheric shit in the creepier areas in the final third of the game.

  • I'm down for this. Maybe it's like the recent AC games where the main character is basically the same but you can be the male or female version of them. Considering this is Rockstar, I think they're going the multiple characters route like GTA V.

  • @bam541 Just happy to have the first piece of news about it. Can't wait!

  • @bam541

    I really want this because I didn't care a lot about series' protagonists almost never. So, maybe this time she can be the protagonist that I will care hopefully. But I don't want the ''same character, different gender'' type of use, I want her to be just herself.

  • I'm actually intrigued by what their take on the "female psychopath" might be. GTA to me is somewhere between completely on the nose satire with some subtlety peppered in certain areas. We've seen the same sort of take for quite a number of years now and I think a female protagonist done well would change up the same ol same ol criticisms and jokes.

    The other thing would be getting out of America. I think globalism is big enough where the same American-ism's can apply almost anywhere, but it would deviate enough to bring some freshness to the writing and backdrop.


    Please don't be an FPS, please don't be an FPS, please...

  • @scotty
    Surprise it's a second person shooter

  • @dmcmaster

    You should watch this, it was really enlightening:

    Youtube Video

  • @scotty was actually the video I was thinking about, but couldn't remember who posted it

  • Super Mario 64 is also second person game. You view the game from Lakitu's perspective.

  • @scotty since it's from existing franchises, I think it's gonna be a new Uncharted... but man, I want a new Sly Cooper game. There's no way they're gonna do a new Gravity Rush, so I'm not even going to think about that.

  • @bam541

    Yeah, I want it to be Uncharted otherwise I'm going to be sad. :/

  • A Yakuza spin off may have just leaked via 4chan with screenshots. If they are fake they are damn good fakes as they even have the resource monitors that other Dragon Engine games have.