Do you have any of them Rumors?

  • A Yakuza spin off may have just leaked via 4chan with screenshots. If they are fake they are damn good fakes as they even have the resource monitors that other Dragon Engine games have.

  • More Konami rumors

  • Give Supermassive Silent Hill before Bloober. Until Dawn has fixed cameras like early RE games and it still felt fresh and new.

    I feel like giving Silent Hill to Bloober will not prop up the IP in any way.

  • Henry Cavill might be working on something Mass Effect related, or he's preparing for an audition of sorts

  • @bam541
    Fucking hell, Superman, Gearlt, Sheppard, and one of the top picks for the next James Bond.

    I think Cavill just took professional Cosplay to a new level.

    Allegedly FF7R:Ever Crisis will be shown tomorrow. Has 4 extra chapters, 3 during the main game (the initial 18 chapters) and a Chapter 19.

  • Ok so had the wrong name, but FF7R is coming to PS5 and has a free upgrade path.

  • I already saw a bit of the leaked Elden Ring trailer, so I can confirm it exists. It's recorded using a camera and it's blurry af.

  • @bam541

    Something wonderful about 3 seconds of leaked footage from From Software games that gets my hype levels through the roof. I remember that 2 seconds of "Project Beast" that was being shared on Twitter in like 2014; that shit got me way more hype than any official release would've.

    Screwed for my Fantasy Critic though...

  • @dipset I was totally out of the loop during the Bloodborne hype train, but I imagine it's as big as the hype for Elden Ring. Like, I already seen so many people freaking out over this leaked clip, the fanbase extremely needed this boost of hype, lol.

  • The hype in my mind is usually tempered by how divergent from Souls games the leaked footage looks. Project Beast was like 2-3 seconds of a guy holding a gun while walking through a boss gate and our collective minds went: SOULS WITH GUNS HOLY SHIT!!!!

  • I still remember the 10-15 second long webm video someone posted on GT. Souls, guns, fog gate, Old Old Yharnam, even a boss that I don't think made it into the finished retail version.

  • I am not a big fan. I'll check it out probably but wouldn't care if it wasn't released for another 10 years.

  • Apparently Bloodborne, God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, and the Uncharted Collection will be the next ones in line for a PC port. If even only one of those things happen it would be hype af.

  • Banned

    I hope with the PC port for Bloodborne that it also gets a patch for Pro/5.

  • Switch Pro rumors

  • Banned

    Microsoft might be gearing up to buy Discord for a billy more than they bought Bethesda.

  • @el-shmiablo and its never turned a profit. They'll probably just fuck it up like they did with Skype & Mixer.

  • @bam541

    Can't wait for this. I was waiting for a new model for the last year and not buying the current ones because of it. If they release this one with the sequel of Zelda: BotW then we are in for a treat.

  • Apparently a survey about Battlefield 6 features have been going around, asks about stuff like battle pass, free to play mode, etc. I don't know how companies actually use pre-release surveys like this, but I'm sure a lot of those features are already in the game in some form.

  • @bam541

    I would love to fill out that survey. Since Covid, a lot of my friends have had more at home time and we've been playing a lot of online games. Lately we're hopping between Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V and both games are a blast but there are so many minor tweaks I'd love to let DICE know about.

    The one thing that completely boggles my mind is how ABSOLUTELY FUCKING TERRIBLE the whole EA Origin / EA Play / EA Desktop App is handled. Origin has been out since 2011, yet, it still barely works in a base level functional way on a day-to-day basis and it's shocking that EA hasn't fixed it. Issues we face trying to play BFV (every.single.time.) include:

    • Friends are online, but they appear offline
    • Friends appear online but cannot be invited to squad
    • Origin won't load friends list
    • Origin won't let me accept a new friend invite (the only way to make your friends appear online is to delete them and re-add them)
    • Origin won't let me join a squad invite
    • Squad invites don't appear
    • If one friend is using EA Play through Xbox Game Pass, they have to load it through the Desktop app which won't launch the game because it claims Origin is open (when it isn't)
    • The 'Play' button to launch the game is greyed out
    • If launching through Steam, it sometimes won't open Origin to sign you in

    The list goes on and on and on...

    I'm suuuuuuper excited for Battlefield 6 because we've been having so much fun playing BF lately, but holy fucking shit is all of this EA launcher nonsense a massive pain in the ass. They have forum posts dating back a decade and still to this day there aren't any official resolutions. It's only gotten messier with two official EA launcher apps existing at the same time, then on top of it, there is the Xbox and Steam apps which are at play as well. It's quite honestly the most intrusive piece of shit in gaming right now.