Do you have any of them Rumors?

  • Call me crazy but I still think anything beyond PS360-level graphics is just mindless dickmeasuring and the only thing that really matters these days is if a game can keep a stable 60FPS. I'm perfectly content for my games to be in 720p for the sake of that compromise.

  • @naltmank I guess to each their own.
    Playing BFV on my Pro doesn't even look like the same game as when I see it on my buddies monster rig. I am pretty sensitive to graphical differences I guess.

  • @naltmank
    I remember Cod on Wii being a pretty decent port.

  • @dmcmaster It was, but even I could see the difference between SD and HD. At this point my eyes aren't good enough and my screen(s) aren't detailed enough or big enough to catch just how much better something is on PC vs. console, or anything like that. I'm sort of at a "pretty graphics are pretty" point for a lot of this stuff right now.

  • There's a big difference from KILL one to shadow fall.

  • Hearing from a grapevine, a salty, salty grapevine that WB will be next to get the 007 License, alongside getting the game rights. Other two big contenders are Universal and Disney.

  • @dmcmaster

    What studios does Universal and Disney even own? Didn't they both abandon gaming?

  • @dipset
    I believe they are only looking to acquire film rights, although of I had to guess Disney would just treat Bond like Star Wars games.

    WB is the only one currently seeking both film and games.

  • @dmcmaster

    That's smart to go for both film and video game rights. Based on what I've read about the Star Wars approval process where EA is removed from Disney/LucasFilm, there might be a simpler unity between film makers and game developers which can help smooth out the process of making a game based on a film or at least approving whatever the game comes up with.

    007 is a franchise that could spawn all sorts of interesting games but have yet to really cross into that realm yet. Just a couple good FPS games and a few half decent action games and some cheap bad crap. It's all over the map. I feel like this franchise could get the Riddick or Batman treatment where a studio just runs away with an idea and their own universe and the game is better for it.

  • @dipset
    Apparently WB's plan is games staring or featuring past Bonds, to fill gaps between film releases.
    Wont know for sure as Sony's final film comes out next summer, and probably wont hear an announcement on who gets the rights till some time after said film.

    Also apparently the Broccoli's are keen on Disney, but only on the condition that Kevin Feigh steps in to help produce. They've seen the success of the MCU (who hasn't) and want him to work his magic on Bond (which if other rumors are true, he'll have Marvel, Star Wars, and Bond under his control)

    Oddly though I want to say last year Pierce Brosnan said something about wanting to return to the role in some way. Which I wont complain about a Bond game staring Brosnan.

    As for WB they've apparently pitched a more "back to basics " bond as far as potential films are concerned, think less serious Craig era films, and will be another reboot (yes the Craig films are a reboot) and Felix might possibly get his own spinoff film (a first for the franchise)

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  • We might be getting a Nintendo Direct next month, but it won't be announced as one. Will be announced as a "goodbye to Reggie" video.
    Apparently it starts with Reggie saying thanks for all the years and fun, he then tries to leave stopping along the way at various places in NOA, reminisces a bit before someone tries to convince him to stay by saying something like "oh but Reggie you'll miss out on [announcement]" before it fades or transitions to a trailer. However with multiple things having been said per take only the editing team would know what's real.

  • @dmcmaster mother 3

  • @iboshow
    Maybe a trilogy set, and maybe Gannondorf is joining MK11 as a guest.

  • @dmcmaster Literally never going to happen.
    If DC, the company that has explicitly detailed the exact dimensions of Batman's genitalia, still refuses to let their characters get off'd in brutal MK fashion, Nintendo isn't going to kick that trend off.

    If we're just shooting out dream scenarios, personally I would love to see the Bootleg universe (Castlevania animated, DMC animated) make some guest appearances.

  • Dont think were going to see anything of the bootleg universe, let alone DMC till the third season of Castlevania is out.

  • @iboshow
    At this point I think we can count it as confirmed
    Apparently Bestbuy also Leaked Metroid Prime Trilogy, and A Link to the Past coming to Switch too.
    Also this

  • @dmcmaster Are those 2 games confirmed?