Do you have any of them Rumors?

  • A rumor of an ArcSys My Hero Academia fighting game is floating around. If this is true I will IMMEDIATELY catch up on MHA. I haven't started the 4th season, the previous three seasons (especially season 2) and the first movie are pretty sick.

  • @bam541
    I saw that the other day too, and Idk what it is about it but it just feels fake, I mean i've seen overly detailed fake leaks on Reddit before that sound convincing, but this just sounds like BS. Maybe it's because this is supposed to get announced during One's Justice's second season of DLC. Which granted the same kind of happened with Fighter Z, but if I recall correctly Fighter Z was announced after Xenoverse 2 released what was originally it's last DLC (or just before it)

  • @dmcmaster I didn't notice that about FighterZ, they might be pulling the same thing here if it's true. I think the leak's not that convincing, but honestly I just want this to be true, lol.

  • @bam541
    Honestly after Figther Z id be more surprised if Namco didn't put Arc on "Project Were sorry for Jump Force" granted Jump Force still sold well but maybe the critical scathing it go (Even Japanese press were pretty hard on it if I recall) will be enough to put Arc on a sequel to that. I mean hell even Arc's own Arena fighter (Kill La Kill IF) played so much better then Jump Force.

    Edit: Thinking back Kill La Kill IF also played similar to Fighter Z, just in a 3D space with Light, Medium, Heavy attacks with a combination of either L1/R1+Button acting as your Supers

  • Windows Central reporter claims on Discord chat that he is aware of another Microsoft studio acquisition that will be announced at E3. There were also rumours that MS was making another Bethesa-esque purchase and I have yet to hear any news about that so I'd take this all with a grain of salt. Also, a Bethesda sized purchase would be international news and impossible to keep in secret for E3 so I really don't think these two rumours are connected.

  • Allegedly Mario + Rabbids 2 will be at the Ubisoft event

  • @dmcmaster more rabbid peach is always a good thing.

  • Leak/rumour

  • @phbz In plain, stupid-level English, please

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Ah, it's just an informed speculation regarding a future Switch model. Might be slightly below a Series S but with Nvidia upscaling magic.

  • More Epic Games database leaks. Hoping this one is on all platforms if it's true.

  • Jason Schreier confirmed a couple GTA VI rumors from a known leaker. It seems a ways off from now, but the details are pretty exciting. Vice City in modern graphics sounds wonderful.

  • Ugh. I know Vice City completes the modern console remakes of the PS2-era cities, but I'm really really tired of throwback 80s shit these days. I suppose the game will take place in Vice City in, say, the year 2024. That'll make it more interesting to me. But at this point, the 80s throwback stuff that has been around everywhere for over a decade now is tiring.

  • @dipset I don't think you should be worried. Knowing GTA, I feel like the game's world will be be inspired by recent events, so it's gonna be a very modern parody of the source material, which is Miami/Florida in this case. I think the GTA team are pretty aware of trends like this so I don't think they'll take the throwback route, at least for the most part. I'm sure they can add that kind of content later if they feel like it anyway.

  • I'm against Vice City simply because every time I've gone to Miami I just want to nuke the city off the map.

  • -Coming too late
    -I hate games that ''evolving'' with updates unless they are multiplayer. Give me a complete game at launch and then start working on the big expansion/sequel etc. Don't need you to spend your time on bite-sized 2-3 missions updates.

  • Just a rumor for now but it sounds like Lost Judgment could be the end of the franchise, why? The talent agency that Takuya Kimura belongs to is being extremely difficult to work with, to put it lightly.

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  • @dmcmaster Doesn't look much like the RE engine.

  • Banned

    @paulmci27 It's just concept art.