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  • Here's the rumor thread everyone wanted

    Sony is doomed

  • @mbun
    Soooooo Microsoft is going third party but keeping a platform?

  • Xbox Game Pass still isn't fully fleshed out on PC. I'd get it on PC if they had any games worth paying for.

  • @dipset said in That's News!:

    Xbox Game Pass still isn't fully fleshed out on PC. I'd get it on PC if they had any games worth paying for.

    I imagine what you'll see is a pared down list of games for the Nintendo official release, PC may or may not just be the same selection offered on the console. As you mention, current options on PC for Game Pass are merely a product of the games with cross-play. Teams will still want to port games to the Switch, and Nintendo will likely be unwilling to put games they can get an official port for on Game Pass. Additionally with Xbox consoles getting M&K support, games utilizing this will come to Game Pass but likely not to the Switch version.

    Xbox is a platform. They want to spread their games to more users. Speaking as someone who owns an X and a Switch, I'd still get Scarlett next gen even knowing I can play their exclusives via Game Pass on Switch. The Xbox consoles moving forward will likely be premium products focused on the best presentation for any games on the platform. This includes the ability to physically download and play first-party games in the way they're intended to, in addition to being the flagship versions of every 3rd party game. This also gives them broader access to the rest of the world where they have struggled to break through.

    For Nintendo this gives them a chance to bring games to the platform without the need for downgraded ports. With official Xbox support, there will also be wide player bases for these titles and... achievements! What will be interesting, and honestly kind of crazy, is if Nintendo is willing to put a game or two on the Game Pass service. Its honestly not that different than throwing your IP's on the app store via mobile games. It could be something as simple Super Mario Maker 2. It would be absolutely crazy, Mario Maker on Scarlett and Halo on Switch. Maybe it leads to the two companies funding games together...

    Future is bright, exciting times ahead for everyone.

  • I thought Game Pass doesn't stream

  • @iboshow In its current state, it doesn't. Microsoft have been working on xCloud though - its easy to imagine this going hand in hand with the expansion of Game Pass to other platforms. Naturally it would also become an option on Xbox consoles as opposed to downloading every game. I think more of this will make sense once GDC comes around.

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  • Edit: Looks like that tweet was deleted. Basically it was saying Watch_dogs 3 is set in London and the next Assassin's Creed is out fall 2020, cross gen, called Legion and set around the coliseum period of Italy..

    Schreier doesn't think so with Assassin's Creed but Watch_dogs seems likely

  • London makes sense for Watch Dogs as a next possible location, along side maybe China. Although now I have to wonder what's become of Assassins Creed Ragnarok, think it was 2 or 3 years ago someone found a trademark that was registered in Ubisoft's name, hell I think I posted it back in the News thread. Also on that subject what about Far Cry Sigma?

  • I got Watch Dogs 2 free with my GPU and it was still in my emails from of 2 plus years ago cause it just doesn't look fun.

    Made a post on here seeing if somebody wanted to trade games. Nope. Ask my coworkers if they wanted to trade it for a beer. Nope. Nobody wanted it.

    I just recently downloaded it to my brothers new PC to give him a kickstart with his games and he hasn't touched it. I've never met somebody who's played Watch Dogs.

  • I actually think from what I've seen of WD2 that it's actually a good game. I quit playing WD1, but it seems like 2 actually tried to address a lot of the issues that I had with the first game.

    Granted, I too have not actually played it myself. But I do actually know people who did. And I've seen them play it.

  • Ubisoft never going to announce splinter cell. they have been rehashing assassins creed, far cry and watch dogs.

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    @b-cell Yep. They certainly don't make any other games. Definitely not any round based eSports focused games like Rainbow Six Siege.
    Or co-op centric tactical stealth games like Ghost Recon Wildlands.
    Or any loot shooter MMOs like The Division
    Or Mario + Rabids Kingdom Battle
    Or Starlink
    Or The Crew
    Or Steep
    Or Trials
    Or South Park
    Etc etc etc...

    Yep. They only rehash those three games and don't make anything else. Beyond Good & Evil 2 is a figment of my imagination. Skull & Bones? What is that?

  • @el-shmiablo
    He probably doesn't count thoese because he can't shoot out lights in them.

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    @dmcmaster Actually, in Ghost Recon you can shoot out every light source in the game.
    Game of the year all years confirmed.

  • @el-shmiablo
    He;ll still complain that the lights are shootable enough

  • Rumor for Persona 5 R on fall for PS4 and Switch

    Atlus did say they would provide more information on Persona on March, so I wouldn't be too surprised.

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    @bard91 Hoping for a patch for PS4 instead of a new version or DLC.