Do you have any of them Rumors?

  • This whole situation makes me really sad. I hate leaks; about announcements, trailers, surprises or direct spoilers. The bad thing is, we don't even have a date for game's release and that's why we don't know how much time we are at risk to get spoiled before even have the ability to play it.

  • Sucks that this spoilers are circulating. Gonna be difficult to navigate the webs for more than one month. On the other hand maybe about time ND stops being a bad employer.

  • I think this may force Sony's hand in terms of releasing the game.
    From what I understand, the game is pretty much completely done and it was really a launch logistics thing preventing people from getting the game.
    Now that one of the biggest draws for the series, the story, is out there, Sony may have to release the game sooner than later to prevent this from diminishing the game's effect overall.

  • @el-shmiablo

    Good point but maybe if they believe they clean the internet enough; they will still stick to original plan they have. Not the same thing but some blockbusters scenarios are on the internet for months and they don't release the movie earlier. For example some dubbing artists leaked the Endgame's most important scene 1-1.5 month prior and Disney didn't release the movie earlier.

    Edit: Well, that was my opinion. :DDD See you all on 19th of June. But I wonder if this is about the leaks or it will always come out on that day even with delay news.

  • Tony Hawks Alcatraz popped up on a German site

  • Sony might have accidentally leaked May's PS Plus games.


  • @el-shmiablo
    I really wish they would implement something for people that already own whatever games get featured on PS+ maybe something like emailing people a 25%-30% off coupon for a single purchase or something.

    That said if thoese two games are next months picks, not bad.

  • @dmcmaster

    That would be beautiful. I'll gladly even take a tax-free 13% off voucher deal if I already own one of the games. Or even a Nintendo eShop style rewards system so you can redeem games that you own for a few bucks. Unfortunately, I doubt either of those will happen. It always stings a bit because I'm so happy new people can start on Dark Souls, but it was also a Day 1 purchase for me.

    To be fair, my casual gamer co-worker who only ever got really into PS1 and dabbled in PS3 a little bit, exclusively plays PS+ games and doesn't buy anything new release. It's a pretty valuable service for the non-hardcore game who happens to own a PS4. As a result of him staying at home for Covid-19, he got into NBA2K19, Uncharted 4, Tomb Raider, and a few others that were offered on PS+ that he's redeemed but never played.

  • @dipset That actually sounds amazing. If my PS4 library wasn't already 430 games deep I'd love to just focus on just the free stuff.

  • Lol so I was wrong and the free games are Cities Skylines and Farming Simulator 2019.
    WAYYYY better than what the rumor was!

  • PS5 reveal coming Tuesday May 5th

    -5 exclusives games to be shown
    -PS5 "boost mode" reveal
    -"Several" new PS5 Features
    -New "Partnerships" and "collaborations"
    -PSnow on PS5 will "Revolutionize" the service
    -A PS5 complete teardown stream on May 6th

  • @scotty
    Revolutionize PSNow? The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is adding PS1,2,PSP and PSV games to the service, and the ability to download everything.

  • @dmcmaster Perhaps client side processing combined with streaming so that you can offload processing if certain game elements to the cloud while still retaining zero latency?

  • @el-shmiablo
    That's the kind of techno babble I want to hear

  • @dmcmaster

    Those things would be beyond awesome.

  • It really doesn't make any sense we don't have new Tony Hawk (or skating for that matter) games, I just hope that if this is true it doesn't completely suck.

    Or can't we just get Underground 1 & 2 remastered I would gladly pay for that if they give me a chance.

  • @bard91
    Hell I'll gladly take a THPS1-Project Underground collection.

  • Fuck I wish Activision took my favourite franchise seriously. Skating is in a beautiful place right now too - just get some new rippers in there, consult recent skate video releases for the soundtrack (i.e. Baker 4), keep the controls airtight, have a decent campaign mode, no online fuckery, split-screen w/ Score Attack & H.O.R.S.E - BAM! We're good!

  • @dipset what i mostly hope is that it stops with that whole realistic take that it started to take at some point and that Skate brought, like that is fine but I just want a dumb arcade skater where I can pull off utterly impossible combos like it is nothing, like in the PS1-2 era.