Do you have any of them Rumors?

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    They made ‘Tony Hawk’s Project 8’ which was cross-gen and pre-Skate. Then they released ‘Tony Hawk’s Proving Grounds’ in direct competition of Skate with a similar release window. These games were ‘traditional’ Tony Hawk gams and were the last of them up to that point. The only realism would be that they forwent the cartoony PS2 models for more realistic ‘next gen’ graphics.


    They went into next gen with the innovation being better graphics but the gameplay was unchanged and the franchise was pure milk by THP8.

    I can at least say I love every game from THPS1-American Wasteland and I’m kinda glad they never went for realism. However, they probably could have treated the series with some respect and grace once Skate came out. It’s like they got competition then gave up and died.

    Project 8 was the last real Hawk game. It had a positive innovation by having a true open world compared to American Wasteland's loading hallways. However, it suffers a bit from gimmick bloat, the framerate gets nasty at times, the facial animations are horrendous, and many of the goals are insanely difficult.

    Proving Ground tried to make the game grittier by giving it a washed-out look, changing the camera angle, and reducing the arcadey freedom. It's only Neversoft Hawk I saw get mediocre reviews.

  • @oscillator

    Hmmm... THPG was the only Tony Hawk game I never played or purchased. I also never played the next-gen version of THP8 until I borrowed it from a friend years later. I only owned the PSP version of THP8 which was like the PS2 version. I actually really liked it gameplay wise and the models were like PS2 so I didn't have any of those weird animations because they were all familiar. Looking back at when I played the next-gen version, I loved the flow of comboing between the open world but really disliked how sterile and empty the environment was. I always prefered Tony Hawk levels like: Zoo, Canada, Vancouver, Hawaii, etc, so THP8 seemed really bland to me.

    I remember checking in on daily for more info on Proving Grounds because I was about to buy a PS3 and was soooooo excited. Then Skate was announced and the narrative in marketing even acknowledged the competition. Back then, there was so much content for games instead of the current 'planned' marketing. I always loved seeing the off-cam gameplay or candid developer interviews that would appear on GT. They really sold THPG as a cool game leading up to it. I always liked Mike V so I thought it was cool that he was a major part of the game, but it came off so corny in the actual game. I ended up buying a PS3, playing the demo for THPG and outright disliking the game. Such a sad way to see my favourite franchise go out.

    So I have absolutely ZERO expectation for a new Tony Hawk 2020 entry meaning I can't even be disappointed. They even managed to fuck up the PS3 remake of THPS1&2 so nothing can disappoint me at this point.

  • According to a new RE8 rumor the big bad is a returning character from RE4. I'm calling it now, Merchant is back......and pissed off.

  • Mafia 2 remaster being announced tomorrow

  • @dmcmaster

    Whyyyyy? We can easily just play it on PC / 360 as-is. We need a remaster of Mafia 1, a classic I have yet to play because its a pain in the ass to get working.


  • So Pikmin 3 might also come to Switch, another no brainer but good to see it happen.

  • If we get a new Silent Hill from the OG members of Team Silent......I'll buy it, probably, maybe, most likely.

  • The Silent Hill rumors mention that the some of the people working on it are from the Project Siren/Team Gravity, and if this is true them I really hope it goes well for all of them. Those guys aren't having the best of times recently, the Gravity Rush 2 flop still hurts.

  • @bam541
    Allegedly there are two games, one being funded by Sony with original Team Silent members overseeing it, and another in a sort of TellTale episodic reboot of SH1, and allegedly one of them is getting revealed next month.

    Anyway, seems like a Kingdom Hearts tv series might be happening, although some other rumors I've heard suggest it might not be the only game getting a Disney+ TV series.

  • PS5 event allegedly happening next Wednesday

  • @dmcmaster

    They should announce it before the week's end. Hope it's true, we've been waiting for so long.

  • New Harry Potter game will be released on 2021.

    Sony's event will have:

    FFXVI and Crimson Arbitrium - Agni's Anthology(the new IP of Luminous Production)

    On 2nd of June we will learn the new SW game which called

    Star Wars: Maverick

    Sony's event will be huge with a lot of games, and they want this to be ''Mega Event'' and they will wait until August after this one for finally showing the console and revealing the price.

    It's going to be a hell of a week I hope. Buckle up! If I see Spider-Man 2 teaser, I'll be more than happy. Throw next gen HZD2 gameplay and possible other returning franchises/new IPs/revealing of big 3rd party games there and it can be awesome. Now that I wrote this; how about new Rocksteady IP and new Batman too!?

  • Rumours that the XSX will be Sega branded in Japan. Which of course means I have to get an import.

  • Apparently the a PS5 page popped up on Sony's Turkey site, confirming a few titles, and that PS2 and 3 would be included in the backwards compatible line up

  • @dmcmaster And it's dreadful.

  • @dmcmaster

    Part of me want to look at that list but I'll wait for 4th. PS3 backwards will be AMAZING. Hope it's true.

    Edit: Either it's made up or they removed it when it got traction. Former is the truth most probably.

  • @scotty
    PS3 backwards compatibility would be amazing, especially if it's hardware or software based instead of just streaming.
    Then I might be able to do my MGS stream I've been wanting to do for ages without having to have like 2/3 different things plugged in order to bypass the PS3's copy protection.

  • @dmcmaster

    I am really frustrated about it. I don't count streaming as compatibility, just give us the damn classic thing. They should had put this in the console, my biggest dissapointment about it.