Do you have any of them Rumors?

  • @dipset WD2 is a really solid game, I had a good time playing it. Even platinumed it. San Francisco is a colourful place and the hacker group grows into a very likable bunch of people. And the mission variety is actually very good, you do all kinds of things in that game. Stealth, hacking, drones, chases, graffiti, tracking, breaking in places. And a lot of cool hipster clothers for Marcus! :)

    I'm eagerly waiting for WD3 myself.

  • @el-shmiablo I wouldn't get my hopes up on that tbh, I love Atlus but that is not how they roll.

  • I rather Persona 6 at this point

  • Skip to about the 3 minute mark but Sony has a second patent from Markey Mark Cerny about backwards compatible

    Youtube Video

  • Hasbro has new TPS Transformers game in development by Certain Affinity (mostly helped MP in COD, Halo and Destiny). Will be online F2P Shooter (so probably BR) Hasbro has also been taking pitches for other projects from other studios for Transformers games.

    Also apparently the reason we haven't heard much from Crystal Dynamics regarding the Avengers game (and why they didn't handle Shadow of the Tomb Raider directly) is because they moved into a larger Studio

  • Playstation 5 gonna be the best console ever hot damn

  • @dipset
    Hell if it also throws in PSP and Vita games, it could have everything under one roof.

  • @dmcmaster

    Not to sound like a greedy entitled gamer but its about time Playstation sort of felt like a legacy platform as opposed to always looking forward. I was worried all was lost when my fat 80GB 2007 PS3 got the YLOD since my 160GB fat PS3 doesn't play PS2 games. Was worried I'd never look back at my old games at the time. If they find a way to unify everything... Playstation 5 = GOAT out the box.

  • I will be impressed when they say every bc game has trophies

  • Rumor: Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC might be announced next week
    PC Gamer

    I'm champing at the bit here. I was appalled that Halo MCC never released on PC back in 2014 or whenever it was. I couldn't believe they'd go and remaster the series, rebirth the servers, hone in the playlists and all of that, then omit the PC audience that has been begging for Halo since Halo 2 on Vista barely worked.

    Going along with this - Kotaku reported that Halo MCC's online matchmaking has been fixed after FOUR YEARS so you don't have to endlessly wait in lobbies which basically killed the games population besides the fact there is market competition. I wondered why they'd even bother considering Halo Infinite is next in line and MCC is long past. I suppose they might be gearing up for a re-birth of the game between Xbox One and PC which would make me so happy. I expect it'll be on Gamepass for PC as well.

    Halo 3 was PEAK arena shooter for me. I just went back and tried COD4 MW online on PS4 and it feels old. Halo 2 and 3 don't have that issue at all. The gameplay is so variable that I'm not sure it'll ever feel old. Not to mention that Halo 4 and 5 are borderline bad games and we now long for a series renaissance. PLEASE BE TRUE!!

  • One of the wildest rumors I've heard in a while. Would be insane.

  • I'm buying Take Two stock when I get my tax return. How can Sony even afford that?

  • Yeah if Sony buys Take Two I'll actually play RDO.

    But in all seriousness Sony acquiring Take 2 and by extension Rockstar is insane

  • @dmcmaster

    They'll get death threats if Rockstar goes exclusive though.

    Maybe Agent will come to be... (it won't)

  • That's insane, it won't happen. Buying a publisher loses you one third of income.

  • PS5 rumors. Sony's own special event near E3 sounds reasonable.

    "PS5 dev kits in the wild and i've some good news for you
    System will be revealed close to E3 2019 in Sony's Special event with some mind-blowing tech demos and a few megatons and a release date for Q1-Q2 2020! The Last of Us Part 2's motion matching in 4K 60fps is a joy to watch!


    CPU: 8Core/16Threads at 3.2Ghz (boost) Zen2 (this is the biggest improvement we've ever seen CPU-wise, even bigger than PS2 to PS3)
    GPU: Fully NAVI-Based GPU with some AMD's next generation arch features at 12.6tf to 14.2tf (GPU clock still undecided)
    Memory: 24GB - 20GB GDDR6 at 880Gb/s - 4GB DDR4 reserved for OS
    2tb HDD"

  • Banned

    Yeah. I think people who thought there wasn't going to be a big leap in graphical fidelity from this generation to the next will be quite surprised.
    Just compare the console versions of BFV to the PC version on ultra. May as well be a generational leap.

  • @el-shmiablo said in Do you have any of them Rumors?:

    Yeah. I think people who thought there wasn't going to be a big leap in graphical fidelity from this generation to the next will be quite surprised.
    Just compare the console versions of BFV to the PC version on ultra. May as well be a generational leap.

    Youtube Video

    I just watched this one, but I really don't see a generation gap here.

  • @sentinel-beach
    I can confirm that EA Tiburon (aka EA Sports factory) does have PS5 kits.

    Edit, also cant nail down an exact date but it seems the PS5 reveal will be 2-4 weeks before E3 as of this Time and that Sony will put a slightly bigger push on digital purchases, not in the same way as X1 did at its reveal (24 hour internet check ins) but more like offering discounts for digital purchases although not sure to what degree but it might just be $10 so as not to piss off places like Walmart, target, best buy, ect.

    PS5 might also do like what Microsoft has been rumored to do, selling two SKUS, one capable of playing disc based media, and one purely digital.

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    @sheria I don't think YouTube videos are the best method of comparing high detail graphics.
    With that said, the shadow quality, screen space reflections, and foliage density in that video is pretty night and day.

    Youtube Video

    Here is a video that really details how massive an improvement over the console versions (which run at Medium settings FYI) the PC version actually is. The vast majority of the effects in that video are completely absent from the consoles.