Do you have any of them Rumors?

  • Ugh. I'm getting too hyped for Battlefield 2021....

    Youtube Video

    TL;DR - EA Earnings Call (so not entirely rumours but also not official info):

    • PS4/XBO is confirmed but clearly compromised versions of the game.

    • A bunch of intentionally vague info regarding next gen capability: AI allusions, "unbelievable" player count, epic-scale battles.

    • "Relaunch" of franchise (whatever that means), and will be an incredible live service.

    • BF Mobile (2022) will be handled by Industrial Toys who apparently are comprised of many former Halo 1-3 devs. No interest in mobile tbh.

    Vague ambiguity from EA

    M E B E I N G M O R E H Y P E D ! ! !

  • I will continue to post here until it's EA Official.

    Eurogamer: Battlefield 6 video meant for internal use at EA leaks online

    The video [epilepsy warning]:

    alt text

    alt text

  • @dipset That screenshot with the UI makes me so happy. I love seeing those kind of digital floaty holographic-looking UI, can't get enough of them.

    I'll be skipping on that trailer cuz I just want EA to blow me away when they show it.

  • @bam541

    I wasn't sold on "near future" at first because I feel like DICE is a solid 6-8 years behind the "near future" trend and Battlefield is at it's worst while trend chasing.

    However, these AI upres screenshots look better than the old ones. It doesn't look like it's so far in the future that everything is some chrome city or anything. The leaked video shows the park with the blue holographic UI and it seems like we're more in like 2040-2050 than, say, 2150.

    I'm in for it again.

    Allegedly June 8th trailer. Maybe they'll just drop it beforehand now.

  • @dipset I'm personally excited for the theme because after playing BF1 and BFV, I feel like Battlefield really shines when there's more ways to create chaos, and I think future tech really helps that since there could be more variety in the weaponry. I think the outdated weaponry of those games kinda held them back a bit (although I do love seeing crazy, lesser known weapons of that era). With the near future theme, they can use some crazy prototype-level stuff, which I'm hoping to see more of. I do understand your perspective, and I guess we have to wait to see whether DICE is just following trends like you said.

  • @bam541

    Oh I was just concerned about DICE trend following while behind the curve (i.e. 2014-2015 era jet packs and wall runs). But if they bring the chaos then I'm all for some modern combat / future destruction and mayhem.

    Splash damage in BFV is brutal. You can shoot a rocket at infantry and if it isn't a direct hit, then they'll live. Imagine some crazy gun just wrecking walls and sending infantry to oblivion.

    No longer rumours. June 9th @7am PT / 10am ET. I'm ready!

  • @dipset can't wait for it, playing BFV again made my hype go way up for this. There's just something special about a good Battlefield game.

  • New WarioWare game might be in the works

  • A rumor of an ArcSys My Hero Academia fighting game is floating around. If this is true I will IMMEDIATELY catch up on MHA. I haven't started the 4th season, the previous three seasons (especially season 2) and the first movie are pretty sick.

  • @bam541
    I saw that the other day too, and Idk what it is about it but it just feels fake, I mean i've seen overly detailed fake leaks on Reddit before that sound convincing, but this just sounds like BS. Maybe it's because this is supposed to get announced during One's Justice's second season of DLC. Which granted the same kind of happened with Fighter Z, but if I recall correctly Fighter Z was announced after Xenoverse 2 released what was originally it's last DLC (or just before it)

  • @dmcmaster I didn't notice that about FighterZ, they might be pulling the same thing here if it's true. I think the leak's not that convincing, but honestly I just want this to be true, lol.

  • @bam541
    Honestly after Figther Z id be more surprised if Namco didn't put Arc on "Project Were sorry for Jump Force" granted Jump Force still sold well but maybe the critical scathing it go (Even Japanese press were pretty hard on it if I recall) will be enough to put Arc on a sequel to that. I mean hell even Arc's own Arena fighter (Kill La Kill IF) played so much better then Jump Force.

    Edit: Thinking back Kill La Kill IF also played similar to Fighter Z, just in a 3D space with Light, Medium, Heavy attacks with a combination of either L1/R1+Button acting as your Supers

  • Windows Central reporter claims on Discord chat that he is aware of another Microsoft studio acquisition that will be announced at E3. There were also rumours that MS was making another Bethesa-esque purchase and I have yet to hear any news about that so I'd take this all with a grain of salt. Also, a Bethesda sized purchase would be international news and impossible to keep in secret for E3 so I really don't think these two rumours are connected.

  • Allegedly Mario + Rabbids 2 will be at the Ubisoft event

  • @dmcmaster more rabbid peach is always a good thing.

  • Leak/rumour

  • @phbz In plain, stupid-level English, please

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Ah, it's just an informed speculation regarding a future Switch model. Might be slightly below a Series S but with Nvidia upscaling magic.

  • More Epic Games database leaks. Hoping this one is on all platforms if it's true.

  • Jason Schreier confirmed a couple GTA VI rumors from a known leaker. It seems a ways off from now, but the details are pretty exciting. Vice City in modern graphics sounds wonderful.