Do you have any of them Rumors?

  • Ugh. I know Vice City completes the modern console remakes of the PS2-era cities, but I'm really really tired of throwback 80s shit these days. I suppose the game will take place in Vice City in, say, the year 2024. That'll make it more interesting to me. But at this point, the 80s throwback stuff that has been around everywhere for over a decade now is tiring.

  • @dipset I don't think you should be worried. Knowing GTA, I feel like the game's world will be be inspired by recent events, so it's gonna be a very modern parody of the source material, which is Miami/Florida in this case. I think the GTA team are pretty aware of trends like this so I don't think they'll take the throwback route, at least for the most part. I'm sure they can add that kind of content later if they feel like it anyway.

  • I'm against Vice City simply because every time I've gone to Miami I just want to nuke the city off the map.

  • -Coming too late
    -I hate games that ''evolving'' with updates unless they are multiplayer. Give me a complete game at launch and then start working on the big expansion/sequel etc. Don't need you to spend your time on bite-sized 2-3 missions updates.

  • Just a rumor for now but it sounds like Lost Judgment could be the end of the franchise, why? The talent agency that Takuya Kimura belongs to is being extremely difficult to work with, to put it lightly.

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  • @dmcmaster Doesn't look much like the RE engine.

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    @paulmci27 It's just concept art.

  • @el-shmiablo Without context I thought it was leaked footage. Makes more sense now.

  • Never mind, fan concepts from last year apparently.

  • Can't wait for this. I also want to play original before remake but at the same time I want to go in completely fresh. So yeah, we'll see.

  • Tbh, I’m not convinced they are even remaking RE4.

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    @dipset I mean, it's literally officially in development. M-Two is developing.

  • @el-shmiablo

    I thought the rumour was something RE4 related which may have ended up being the VR port? It would seem weird to do a VR port of the original then immediately remake the game.

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    @dipset I have no clue about the VR version, but the remake has been in the works since 2018. It's headed by former Platinum Games lead, Tatsuya Minami.

  • This rumour came and went:

    Basically, 4Chan "leak" claimed there will be a CP77 v1.5 which is essentially a re-launch of the game. CDPR was to announce it in February. It was legitimized a bit by publications talking about it despite the unfounded claims. It's already been denied by CDPR.

    The rumour had people talking a bit, but tbh, I'm glad it isn't true. There was too much fan-ish nonsense in the rumour like GTA style garages and customizing V's apartments.

    Personally, I'll unabandon CP77 once they hit a v2.0, whether that is a year or 3 years from now.

  • @dipset said in Do you have any of them Rumors?:

    Personally, I'll unabandon CP77 once they hit a v2.0, whether that is a year or 3 years from now.

    Yeah, I want to experience it as properly as possible.

  • @scotty

    The rumour isn't really something I wanted anyways. CDPR promised A LOT from CP77 and so much of that wasn't realized. So a polished up "re-launch" isn't enough for me. If they do want to make substantial changes to the formula of the game to make it more like they promised (an immensely deep RPG and simulated open world), then I want them to take their sweet time before they make anymore promises.

    If they don't have the time, means, or care to overhaul the whole game, then that's fine too. I just probably won't be interested in going back and playing it again. Polished or not.

  • @dipset

    I would try it just with bug fixing. I was never so hyped about other aspects and I am even more interested in currrent form as a game direction.

  • @scotty

    Yeah, that's why I think the gameplan for CP77 is more about fixing the bugs, then adding DLC and moving on. I think you and the majority of people are cool with it for what it currently is.

    I want a wholly revamped version where your skill tree is useful, the economy isn't as exploitable, there are natural interactions in the open world, combat is diverse and your approach can be unique, the side missions have good stories and aren't base clearing, etc. Basically, I want what was promised, but I don't think it's going to happen.

    I'm long over my disappointment so I'll just be happy for those who like the game for what it is. BUT—I'll definitely hop back in if there is an overhaul that is more in the direction I'm hoping for.