New and Upcoming Indie Game Releases

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    He's back! May 16.

  • Has anybody played "Shakedown: Hawaii" yet? I am curious to hear some thoughts on it.

    My initial thoughts so far on "Darkwood" (for PS4): avoid until this gets a patch. I've been playing this for a few hours today and the frame rate gets worse as the game goes on, bordering on unplayable. The game also freezes for about a second or so during certain intervals (such as entering new areas). I also tried to exit my game and the game froze on me. I'm playing on base PS4.

    UPDATE (5/23): Darkwood's issues have been patched. It runs pretty good now.

  • I liked everything about this trailer, and just the name Necrobarista has some weird appeal to it for me.

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  • I'm making a free full length epic JRPG with the 3DS verison of RPG Maker. It's called \\GIFT OF HEAVEN///, and I started "pre-production" planning on it back in 2017, before RPG Maker Fes came out in the USA. Yall already know about \\GIFT OF HEAVEN/// if you watch Frame Trap cause I'm a sponsor, but hopefully with this post I can reach some of the folks who don't watch Frame Trap. I made a 43 minute promotional video... a short film... thing called Symphonia Anathema, featuring my own original artwork with 26 amazing oldschool videogame songs ranging from Megaman X 2 to Final Fantasy IX to Soul Reaver 2. You won't see gameplay, but you'll get a decent amount of storytelling and world-building in there, with a couple of jolly EZA references. Gameplay-wise, you're not going to be impressed until you play the \\GIFT OF HEAVEN/// Prologue, which will be available via the RPG Maker Fes 3DS App on August 7th. But since this is a story-based game, Symphonia Anathema is really an advertisement for my writing skills and my ability to imagine an interesting premise and vibe. So yeah, please watch my free short film and play my humongous free RPG. If you have a 3DS, thats all you need to play it.

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  • Doggo photography!

  • I saw this in the EZA E3 coverage and it was too beautiful not to bring up.

    Cris Tales, which being a Colombian made game I'm very pleased with the spanish pun in the name and will continue to pronounce it with appropriate spanish pronunciation :P, seems to have a gourgeous style and from what was discussed by the allies some pretty intriguing mechanics.

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    There's a demo in steam I haven't tried yet.

    It's not common that we see Latin American games, so I'm happy seeing something that looks so interesting coming from this parts.

  • This is Contra game we all wanted.

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  • Twitter account for Dead Static Drive, a "Grand Theft Cthulhu" game. Just found out about this, it looks pretty cool.

  • A good amount of new trailers from the China Joy event, this one in particular looks really interesting to me.

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  • This game looks pretty dope:

  • From the creators of Furi. This new thing's the opposite of that though.

    "We wanted to give players a moment of peace and relaxation between Furi and Persona 5 or some other game that is very long and demanding."

  • Voxel-based destruction game with a cool twist.

  • Didn't know this already came out a few days ago... Been waiting for it since Blood's impressions during E3 2016.

  • @bam541 said:

    Didn't know this already came out a few days ago...

    That's because Epic Games Store stole it as an exclusive, even though it has been listed on the Steam store for half a decade. My wishlist date for it was actually 5 years ago, but now I get to wait another year because of Epic nonsense. Fuck the Epic Game Store.

  • @mbun It's not stealing if you pay for it ;)

  • @axel Doesn't make me feel any better that they're strongarming indie devs with guaranteed money checks to strongarm users to be forced to buy games on their store, even when they were previously advertised on other platforms that are now shifted a year after launch because money.

    That is to say, they didn't actually pay for the development of this game. They just spotted a promising indie game nearing completion and swooped in to buy an exclusivity deal with a dev that is of course going to take a check to make sure their new game has at least some returns for them.

  • Stongarming people with money is called capitalism