New and Upcoming Indie Game Releases

  • @scotty

    Full Motion Video.

    It's a fancy way of saying they render out a movie file (imagine a .MOV or .MP4) and place it into the video game. So think of "Myst" for a classic example of FMV, and think of "Her Story" for a modern example.


    Here is a timely example of an old school game that used FMV cutscenes and how they remastered them

    Command & Conquer Remastered - One Of The Greatest Remasters Ever Made
    Youtube Video – [01:39..]

    I put the timestamp right to an example.

  • Youtube Video

    Demon Turf - New 3D platformer revealed during the IGN Expo. Reminds of A Hat in Time. I definitely want to try this game, there's not enough quality 3D platformers these days. Release date expected to be late 2020 to early 2021.

  • @shoulderguy Slime-san was a pretty legit good game, so expecting this to be okay, although this is 3D versus Slime-san 2D, so who knows? Also, the gameplay looks pretty weird if you pause and look at the interface during this trailer.

  • Just tried the Gloomwood demo and it's pretty great. It's a hardcore first person action game with spooky vibes.

    Youtube Video

  • I filled up my to-play list with 29 games from the Guerrilla Collective - PC Gaming Show - Future Games Show trifecta, there's so many good stuff there. Some of my favorites:

    Haven - From the developers of Furi, comes... a romantic exploration game? I'm so in.
    Youtube Video

    Lake - "...a fusion of traditional story-driven point & click adventure, free-roaming driving sim and modern narrative adventure." This looks so cozy.
    Youtube Video

    Skate Story - A surreal looking skateboarding game. There's like 4 cool skateboarding games coming up, it feels so good.
    Youtube Video

    Calico - Play around with cats! Hug a bear! It's too wholesome.
    Youtube Video

    Lord Winklebottom Investigates - It's a Sherlock Holmes-esque detective game where you play as a giraffe. Take my money, please.
    Youtube Video

  • New trailer for Rogue Legacy 2, coming early access to Steam and Epic in July 23rd.

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    just saw this trailer for something called Petal Crash and thought it looked pretty neat. retro throwback to versus puzzle games? yeah I'm down for that.

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    Carrion - Release date July 23.

    I played and enjoyed the demo a few months ago, so I'm looking forward to the full release.

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    Creaks launches on July 22 for PS4 / Xbox One / Switch / PC.

    It's reviewing well with an 86 currently on OpenCritic. I know the developer from their games Chuchel and Pilgrims, 2 weird comedy adventure PC game from 2018 and 2019. Both are legit good games so Creaks was already on my radar, but seeing it review so well has got me even more excited to play it.

  • @shoulderguy You might also know the devs from Machinarium or Samorost. My girlfriend actually started playing Creaks on Apple Arcade a couple days ago and she loves it, I checked it out and it has great puzzles.

    If you liked their previous games you'll definitely like this one.

  • Just played the Genesis Noir demo... My body is ready!

    (Not my video)
    Youtube Video

  • So here's a bit of an odd one...

    My Filipino coworker sent me this long blog post by a Filipino indie developer named Nico Tuason about his journey as a Flash game developer over the past decade culminating in his quasi-successful game launch for a title called Lithium City.


    I highly recommend spending the 30 minutes to read this (and I'm a slow reader). I found it insightful as a history piece about the end of the Flash game era and into the mobile era. I was initially blown away that he made Lithium City in Flash. It must've been tough to have such a snappy game work in an archaic engine. Hell, even animating in Flash has become a pain in the ass relative to Harmony Toon Boom.

    It's also interesting to see how much personal hardship can go into a 2-3 hours game. My girlfriend is from the Philippines and the way she explains it to me is that so many people sign up for agencies that give you work in other countries for little pay, but enough to get by. Somebody being able to make money in USD from home is pretty big and it's interesting and inspiring to see how he struggles to adapt as the market changed over the decade.

    Reading stuff like this make me want to put my best self into the world and try harder. I'm going to actually buy his game because I like the music and I'm curious what ideas he kept or scrapped based on his breakdown of Lithium City near the end.

    Steam Page:

    Lithium City - Release Trailer
    Youtube Video

    Lithium City - Review
    Youtube Video

  • Here's a trailer for Black Myth: Wu Kong, an action RPG by Chinese developer Game Science Studio. It's based on the Journey of the West mythology. The gameplay looks pretty slick. Heavy Sekiro vibes in terms of how the world looks.

    Youtube Video

  • If there's one niche thing that I'm really into but haven't actually played much of, it's gotta be non-action story focused games that heavily features some sort of transportation method (I can think of three games of this ilk that I still haven't played). Speaking of that sort of games, here's a trailer for Road to Guangdong.

    Youtube Video

    Road to Guangdong launches on PS4 on 28 August. A family emergency reunites a young graduate and her elderly aunt for a memorable road trip across 1990s China. Settle into the driving seat for a moving tale of faded memories and generational angst. With tough choices at every turn, how will your journey end?

  • I've been hearing great things about this game and it comes out on Steam in 2 weeks. It's a point and click adventure game, and it looks lovely.

  • I watched this indie showcase for a bit earlier, there's some cool games here. Gonna watch the VOD later.

  • This post is deleted!

  • art of rally is now available on PC.

    I've mostly been playing this game while listening to podcasts. It's a simple, chill, fun game. It only has a few reviews so far but they are all extremely positive.

    Youtube Video

  • @shoulderguy

    I was just going to reply about the same game. It's been getting some good reviews so far. There is a non-race mode where you collect the letters R-A-L-L-Y and find a secret tape, an obvious nod to THPS.

    One thing I want to point out - if you download Rocket League on EGS (free), you get a $14 coupon on games priced @ 21.99 or higher. So you could get Art of Rally for $12.09.

    It's also launching @ 10% off on both EGS and Steam.

    Youtube Video

  • This looks interesting
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