Shenmue EZA-DUB Project

  • EDIT: Too Much To Read Here? Link to the Playlist to conveniently watch all of this one after another. Also less commentary by me.

    Hey there Allies of the Forum,
    I'm Dan, the guy behind the Shenmue EZA-DUB Project. You might be like, what? What in the heck is that Dan? I have no idea what you're talking about friend. Which is why I am here to spread awareness. Not just to this project, but to what has slowly become one of the best(Top 10 at least) streams the Allies do. The Monthly Community Showcase.

    I've been planning on joining the forum and doing this post since about October of last year when this whole situation truly began to unfold. It takes like ten videos to explain whats happened so far at this point, and there isn't a place to go and check up on this Project as a whole really. So please bare with me. I had been a $20 Patron for like a year. Not because of what tier it put me at, but because thats just how my financials work out. Didn't utilize the higher their benefits. Sent one Q&A question about Jim Henson, thats about it.

    Until I got a weird idea.

    In August of 2018, Shenmue HD was released and I was hyped so... I sent the opening monologue from Shenmue in to the Community Showcase, without context. Figuring that Jones would recognize it as Shenmue, read it, and I could Dub over the opening of Shenmue. With THE voice as Shenhua. This happened Instead.
    Youtube Video

    The Next Month I Sent them this.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    If I was going to cast the Allies as the entire cast of Shenmue (Which I kinda am doing now) I probably would have chosen Ian to play the mysterious and unexplained girl on the mountain top riffing about an ancient destiny. It was better than I could have planned. SO perfect that I decided to follow it up with this.

    Youtube Video

    Once the actual Idea had been formed and it was in motion. With dialogue from both Jones and Bosman. Lemme tell ya it's hard to wait that month. So I made a little teaser.

    Youtube Video

    Then I wanted to do something weird and special for the Holidays. Partially because I was itching to edit the stuffs, partially because of how well received both the Prologue and the first VO Session were received. In fact i should take a second right now to say thank you to all the Allies on twitch who have been more than positive about this (honestly) weird as all hell longterm project. Top six weirdest things i’ve edited, for sure. But yeah, lots of love from twitch chat. All the Love, all of the Respect to all those people.

    So I had it laid out that it was going to take so long to accomplish this goal, that I could probably get away with just sending in a Trailer of the Dub and maybe have Ben Read a line of dialogue.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Next was the moment I had been waiting for. Michael Huber: A Star Is Born.

    Youtube Video

    Once I had so much of Ryo’s voice over, it was hard not to go wild with it. I thought that i’d make a short little something that was extra. Something that was ridiculous and less true to the story as I intended to be with the actual dub. It snowballed into this. Inspired by how Huber actually plays the Gacha Machines in Shenmue. This will never be on the showcase.

    Youtube Video

    Thinking nothing could top Huber as our main protagonist, Michael Damiani stepped up to the plate…

    Youtube Video

    and absolutely killed it. So magical.

    Thank You for bearing with me.

    Now we play the waiting Game. I'm all out of little extras to make after using up the labels of "Sneak Peek" "Trailer" and "Teaser". Thank You to all who have indulged me in this thing.

    Thank You especially to Jones for being very supportive and positive about this whole unusual situation. Saying it was appropriate in the first place even. Also to every Ally who has recorded lines and clearly not phoned it in. The Shenmue EZA-DUB Episode One debuts on the August 2019 Edition of the Easy Allies Community Showcase. L&R Big Time from the guy who is simply sending in the lines and editing the Fan Dub.

    Hopefully this post can be some sort of Home for this Project. :)

    Which reminds me, did you know there are literally TONS of people doing WAY more impressive things then making Ben Moore eventually Meow like A Kitten? I’m talking about that Community Showcase! People making Games, People Making Music, People Impressively Playing Rhythm Games, People Ruthlessly picking apart Red Dead as Jones reads their vile words. It really is a magical time. There are so many other things too. That’s where the Shenmue Dub is as well. You should check it out if you have’t recently. L&R. :)

  • I know that as a community showcase member and sometime contributor, I would just like to say that your updates on this bonkers project have both delighted and amazed me with the responses and performances this has drawn from the allies. Good job, sir. And thanks for assembling all this so painstakingly and documenting the journey. I look forward to seeing the "final cut" as it were, and of course... Shenmue III.

  • Thanks for the effort

  • I just watched all of it and I regret nothing!

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  • This is the final puzzle piece to my Saturday evening. Thank you!

  • I appreciate the Thanks and kind words. It's a delight for me to be the one making this, I super appreciate all the support. :) Warms my sweet little heart.

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  • Just wow! I added playlist to my youtube account. I'll watch it eventually.