Pokemon Sword/Shield (Switch)

  • Heard somewhere they're removing pokemon from this game for balancing reasons or something.

    Kinda hope that isn't true because it's honestly the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life

  • @hanabi Thank you for reminding me I need to post about this.

    Okay, so on Treehouse Masuda revealed that starting with Pokemon Sword and Shield there will no longer be such a thing as the National Dex. What this effectively means is that from now on, every new Pokemon game will only allow you to trade Pokemon to it that appear in the game's Regional Dex. That means from all 800+ Pokemon which exist, every new game will have a selection of those chosen to appear in each game and be tradeable to and from the game from services like Pokemon Bank or Pokemon Home.

    The Pokemon that do not appear in the new entry will still be able to live on through other entries as well as in Pokemon Home, which I imagine now will be updated to have battle functionality, given the implications for the meta of no longer having every Pokemon available in every entry. This does not however mean that they are deleting or erasing existing Pokemon. They are simply spreading them out between games as they approach over a thousand Pokemon, as it becomes hard to continue to support that insane number of models, animations, movesets, Pokedex entries, etc. in every single new game when Pokemon is expected to release yearly or at worst every other year.

    This has honestly been an encroaching inevitability everyone in the community has been waiting to happen for a couple generations now, and I'm surprised it has taken this long to reach this point. While it sucks that you won't be able to bring every one of your bros to every new region Pokemon visits, they'll rotate these Regional Dexes so you shouldn't go too many years without a game your bros can appear in. In the meantime, like I said before, I expect Pokemon Home's mentioned extra functionality over Pokemon Go to include ways to enjoy those bros without bringing them over to the new mainline games if they don't make the list.

  • I'm not throwing a fit about the exclusion of certain Pokemon like the vocal parts of internet are, it's an understandable decision. Of course, when I find out my boy Dwebble can't be imported I'll be a bit sad, but whatever. I kinda like the focus on a brand new Gen.

    Have they announced how many brand new ones will be in this game?

  • My thought process on the whole thing is basically, it's not like they're just missing a year. It could legitimately be half a decade (or longer depending on how this is done) until some guys return to the rotation under this new setup. Considering every pokemon is someone's favorite, that can be a long time for a lotta people. Am I going to have to wait a whole generation or two just to be able to have, say, Simipour even usable again?

  • @axel said:

    Have they announced how many brand new ones will be in this game?

    Not that I know of, and that's usually not something we find out until launch.

    @Hanabi I get your point of view, but I think of it like Zelda games frequently used to have like up to five years between each major entry, so as long as individual Pokemon manage to appear once within that period, it isn't that different. Plus, Pokemon Home is going to be running through this whole time and probably have options for interacting with those Pokemon.

  • @mbun Pokémon is more like 2 years though

  • @bigdude1 2 years is pretty much this weird transition to Switch. It was pretty much yearly before.

  • @mbun well its port, new, port , new. Yearly

  • @mbun Nintendo Should at least release a game like Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Wii. Have one game that features every Pokemon.

  • @bigdude1 Remakes aren't ports, and yes being able to use your bros in remakes will lessen the blow of not always being able to use them in the newest games.

    @Shoulderguy Pokemon Home sounds like it is going to be the new one stop destination. It won't just be a box like Bank.

    Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori revealed several details in the latest Famitsu interview:

    • Stated that Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves will not appear in Sword & Shield.
    • Masuda also said that including alternate forms, Pokémon hits 1,000 with these games.
    • Masuda on the Decision to Limit Pokémon Sword and Shield to the Galar Pokedex: He didn’t like the decision, but it was needed. He wanted to bring every single Pokémon to Sword and Shield but they wanted to focus on higher quality animations. Ohmori mentions this idea was proposed for Pokémon Sun and Moon.
    • According to Masuda, there is still no decision taken on bringing non-Galar Pokémon to Pokémon Sword & Shield via updates. All Pokémon will still have an active role in Pokémon Home.
    • According to Masuda, Pokémon Home would have some playable features. Will also have connections to future games.
    • Pokémon Home is the “Home” for all your Pokémon. If a Pokémon is compatible with a game, it will leave for an adventure. If the Pokémon is not native to a certain region because is too cold for them, then they will stay in “Home” waiting for their next adventure.

  • Now that I think about it, weren't all the pokemon models in XY/SM future-proofed by being way larger than the 3DS needed (or could handle, considering those games' performance framerate-wise in battle)? I'm not sure I buy the animations reasoning, or at the very least I don't think it was a good trade-off.

  • @hanabi Yeah, I think they just want to add more unique animations, not just walk cycles and battle idle animations.

  • While I'm very bummed about the whole no National Dex situation, I'm honestly pretty frustrated by the response to it. We don't fully know what they have planned for the models, and with all the news on crunch culture in the games industry I'm more than happy to give devs the benefit of the doubt when they say that adding in all the Pokemon from previous gens would be infeasible. This is my favorite franchise of all time, and despite the turns it's taken over the past 10ish years, I still trust them to make a game I'll enjoy.

  • @naltmank said in Pokemon Sword/Shield (Switch):

    This is my favorite franchise of all time,

    Digimon's Better. :3

  • Kind of nothing, but here's an official response to all the National Dex controversy.

  • I mean, you could at least be like, "We could potentially add them in as DLC." I guess Pokemon releases too often for DLC, though.

  • @inflorescence Pretty much. Hanging on one game would prevent work on the next two. I wish they could just talk more about Home now, because I have a feeling it'd help with this whole controversy, but it is one of those things where they won't talk about it until the right time to market it. Also, they probably don't want it to come off like they're downgrading the main games to strongarm people into buying Home, which people could easily think if they brought it up now.

  • I'm just an outsider looking in, as I won't play a Pokemon game again until they actually put some real effort into it, but I have to say hearing that they can't add all Pokemon because of essentially resources, for games that are projected to sell what at least 15 million copies, it just comes off to me as disinterest or straight up mediocrity.

  • @bard91 It is more of a time problem than a resources problem. In the two years development, they want to focus their time elsewhere versus balancing soon to be over 1,000 creatures, as well as making animations for them all, when they could spend the time making better custom animations for a smaller group. The effort is there. They just are placing it elsewhere versus maintaining all the creatures but having very little time to flesh out any other aspect of the game.

    Home will be the place designed to longterm carry all the monsters and hopefully maintain certain aspects like the Gotta Catch 'Em All™ (this catchphrase was actually invented for the west, in Japan it is basically just "Get Pokemon") National Dex, hopefully with accompanying certificates of accomplishing the task. Since Home isn't an every other year release and works more like games as a service, they can just keep updating and supporting it as new content is released instead of having to redo everything every two years, which makes the workload actually feasible.

    I just hope Home is fleshed out enough to make up for problems that occur when all the Pokemon aren't available through each mainline game anymore, like the ability to battle and breed Pokemon through Home where all of them are available to you. I don't even mind if the battling aspect has extremely basic animations. It can be like Showdown. Just needs to be there for people who want to battle with the full National Dex at their disposal in an official manner, kind of like an Unlimited format in a TCG game. That way Home can continue the "Unlimited" Meta as previous games did in the past, while new mainline games act as "Sets" with their own specific Meta developing around their limited Pokemon choices, which actually could be a huge boon for competitive variety if handled properly instead of always seeing the same Pokemon dominate the Meta.

    Breeding is the much harder thing to save through Home. Not every Pokemon available in the mainline games means certain breeding pairs that'd result in Egg Moves won't be possible to do through those games, which is where Home could come in and allow you to instead breed those pairs through that, with the ability to transfer a resulting Pokemon with an Egg Move from one of those pairs back into the mainline games, given they appear in the Galar or whatever region we're on's Dex. Previously, eggs took steps to hatch, but I feel like this might need to be adapted to a timer for mobile. Maybe they could offer connection with the Pokeball Plus (sold separately!) to act as a pedometer for those who'd prefer step hatching as an alternative to waiting though. This would be the ideal feasible solution, but hacking has become so out of control in the Pokemon community that hardly anyone legit breeds stuff anymore, so GameFreak might just think it isn't worth bothering with, and sadly I can't even really blame them if they come to that decision given the situation.

    If they wanted to get really nuts they could add an Amie / Refresh / Camping (according to rumors) type feature to Home too, however this immediately runs into the same animation problems preventing all the Pokemon from appearing in every new mainline game. The only workaround I could think of to this is just having it act as a copy database for animations that appeared in previous titles, but there's still some conversation work for mobile to be done there probably, so it is probably more hassle than it is worth and would also probably be seen as a primary feature for why you'd be getting the games themselves.

    Now the point this all comes down to however is a price point. This is a service, potentially greatly expanded from the capabilities of the Bank service before it. Bank was only $5 a year, but it was also simply storage, acting as PC boxes. I can't see them implementing some of this stuff without at least bumping that subscription up to $10 a year, but I feel like anymore than that and people will become upset at having to pay this amount on top of their $60 for every new game as well. Another thing that I feel needs to be outlined when it comes to Pokemon Home is the EXACT length of the grace period when you stop subscribing to the service before they wipe your Pokemon off their server. It has been kept ambiguous throughout all of Bank's lifetime, although most forum posts you'll read about lapsed users later resubscribing will suggest they maintained years long lengths of lapsed subscription Pokemon for users. That's great, but I feel like we need a hard deadline to put the cases of users who did have their Pokemon deleted from lapsed subscriptions entirely at blame for that. You could make many arguments for what period of time would be fair. I'd personally say two years from lapsed subscription date. That gives people about two to three games to remind them to resubscribe before losing them all, which seems fair to me and allows skipping a game or two that doesn't seem interesting to you while maintaining your collection.

    We just need to wait for when they're ready to market Home and announce its full feature set. Isn't really worth getting upset about the National Dex situation until we know the true extent of what this entails for the future.