Pokemon Sword/Shield (Switch)

  • Compared to basically every other regularly occurring Nintendo franchise, Pokemon has evolved the SLOWEST, by far. The only series I can think of that hasn't managed to push itself forward in any meaningful direction is Kirby -- and what you said also applies there, they cut loose with spinoffs. At the very least, they could make the human characters look more alive and less stiff, but that's not even accounting how the N64 had more detailed animations it provided to the Pokemon. It's a whole issue that's been beaten to death, but the gist of my take is that we're getting another Pokemon game with minimal updates to presentation or mechanics, only this time we're paying more for higher resolution but only barely. I'd rather wait an extra year or two for a truly different Pokemon game, but since the series clearly shoves the games in the backseat, the games are stuck adhering to schedule and adhering to the same repetitious formula these days. The fact that the rest of the media supposedly builds itself around the games' content is just weird because the reality feels backward.

    I will give Sword/Shield an honest try but unless it really has some special stuff hiding in there I feel like it is rightfully going to get reviewed less favorably than past games. I guess we'll see soon enough!

  • Two weeks before launch, we now appear to have some credible visual leaks floating around in the wild. I'm not looking into it, because I don't want to see them, but I hear they're for some of the starter evolutions, and if people have that then it won't be long before people have everything. I doubt I'm going to be able to dodge spoilers for two whole weeks, but think I'll try and see how long I can. Would be nice to go into a new game and have lots of new Pokemon surprises like the old days.

    Topic updates will probably slow down from here, as I can't follow stuff as closely as I would before, but if anything still gets officially posted over Twitter or such, I'll update the topic with that. Just be wary actually clicking any posts from Pokemon from here on, because people will likely post the leaks in the replies to tweets they make, because people are terrible.

    @d3stiny_sm4sher said:

    At the very least, they could make the human characters look more alive and less stiff

    We've seen from trailers that they are. They actually have facial expressions now, versus the psycho smile of past games in every situation. They appear to speak when dialogue is being given too, convincingly enough that we thought GameFreak was hiding voiceacting in the games from us for awhile, but since the Previews came out we know that's not in the game. GameFreak's reasoning for this was twofold. It would be very difficult to do in all the languages the game comes out as Pokemon is simultaneous worldwide launch now, and GameFreak wants players to be able to imprint their own voices on characters. That second excuse is a little silly though, given most will end up appearing in the anime with a "canon" voice later.

    that's not even accounting how the N64 had more detailed animations it provided to the Pokemon

    It is easier to make more unique animations when you're dealing with a much smaller number of Pokemon and moves. If anything, knock Let's Go for not doing this when it only had 153 Pokemon, a number more similar to those Stadium games.

    this time we're paying more for higher resolution but only barely

    3DS to Switch is a pretty big leap in resolution. Don't be fooled by people posting pics of Sun and Moon running in an emulator with filters.

    I'd rather wait an extra year or two for a truly different Pokemon game

    Pokemon can't afford the break. Franchise has to keep trucking. We can't do two more years of filler in the Sun and Moon anime just for one single set of new games to have more polish than what will come after it unless we constantly delay the franchise long enough to where people forget and move on. Pokemon is still around largely due to the persistence and regular schedule.

    since the series clearly shoves the games in the backseat, the games are stuck adhering to schedule and adhering to the same repetitious formula these days

    It is more that they're stuck in the driver's seat with all the passengers screaming demands at them. They have to balance everything and keep doing it in a timely manner. For all the shit people have given Pokemon lately for "rushing them out before Christmas" and such, you have to admit Pokemon games are usually at least pretty damn polished with very few bugs since Gen 3. I hadn't really seen any jank in the mainline games until Sun and Moon, and hopefully that was just an exception due to those games pushing the 3DS past breaking point along with the weird situation of the New 3DS.

    I feel like it is rightfully going to get reviewed less favorably than past games

    Not looking forward to the reviews that knock the score for not having all the Pokemon anymore. That had to end someday.

  • Heard a ton more Pokemon just leaked. Be very wary if you're trying to stay spoiler free.

  • Youtube Video

    I dunno it made me laugh so I wanted to share.

  • @hanabi I'd be more upset if the entire first 151 made the game to pander to people who only care about Gen 1, while many more from later Generations were cut instead. The mostly even selection between Generations was the right thing to do, and GameFreak has been pandering Gen 1 so hard since Gen 6 that I'm surprised they actually did this. But of course the mascot Pikachu will probably be in every game forever as well as the new secondary mascot Eevee. I can't be too upset at that decision, because there'd be a bigger backlash if those didn't make a selection. There are legit people who only care about the Eevee line and play every game with a team full of all the Eeveelutions. Weird stuff and missing out imo, but to each their own.

    Of course, that joke video also makes it seem like there's not many Pokemon in Sword and Shield, when really it represents AN EIGHTH or less of the selection in the games. As far as Regional Dex goes, Sword and Shield are directly comparable in number to previous games in the series or possible slightly more or very slightly less. Still on blackout, so I can't exactly look at the leak data to know the exact numbers of everything, but I know what was confirmed through official reveals before all that, which are the numbers I'm working with. It is only the Pokemon that would previously be part of the National Dex, the Pokemon not native to the region that one would only obtain through trading in or funky postgame encounters, that will be absent for these games. Before someone points out that the Pokemon in the video above are native to Kanto and not Galar, Pokemon can be native to multiple regions at once, both with their "original" species and special regional species variants. Past games' Regional Dex has always included Pokemon we knew about before among their new additions. It would be the same as a species of rabbit being discovered in a certain region of the world before finding out the same species exists in many other regions as well.

  • @mbun Saw those yesterday, I like all of these new features!

    But I'm confused about the Mints, first I assumed they straight up changed the nature of a Pokémon, which I would loooove since I have so many old Pokémon that I cherish but who sadly have a far-from-ideal nature. Now it turns out they only temporarily change the effects of the nature, no idea what that effectively means.

  • @axel Yeah sorry, I was late on the draw with those updates. Casualty of trying to stay away from the spoilers right now.

    I'm a little confused about the Mints myself. Going off of what the website says on them now, I assume it means it'll be like the Bottlecap mechanic from Gen 7, where for the purposes of Battle your Nature will be counted as the other temporarily, but for Breeding or anything else outside Battle your Nature will always go off of the real one instead. I hope that's all it is, and it isn't some weird thing where you have to train while constantly keeping them Minted to eventually grow them with stats they'd have with the other Nature despite the Nature itself never changing, because that'd be extra confusing and tedious.

    As a Catcher / Breeder myself, I understand them trying to retain value to getting / breeding the perfect Pokemon over being able to just pimp out any Pokemon you catch, but we've gone so far with the customization now they might as well just make all the changes real to make it less confusing. I kind of feel the same about Nicknaming Pokemon from other trainers now too. I wouldn't mind if that old aspect went away. It wouldn't be as offensive and detrimental as stuff like forced EXP Share. Especially when Gigantamaxability adds yet another layer you have to worry about now when planning certain Pokemon. Really hope that can be passed down through breeding, or that is going to be brutal. Thankfully, if it isn't, it'll be gone next game anyways since it is just a Regional Gimmick.

    The passing Egg Moves to same Species thing confused me in the trailer too. I thought they just meant down to Offspring, not to the other Pokemon in the Daycare until the website clarified that part. They're complicated mechanical changes, and that's confusing to accurately get across in a short overview trailer. I don't know how much I believe the website either, because it made it sound like Vitamins now affect IVs instead of EVs, and I'm 100% sure that's not correct. They're for sure referring to how there used to be a limit on how many Vitamins you could use per Pokemon to boost EVs of a stat, whereas now if you have the money you can just spam Vitamins to max their EVs out in stats. There will still be the total EV limit between all the stats to deal with, but it lets you save time EV Training by throwing raw money at a Pokemon instead of the Vitamins solely being a head start before you have to finish training the stat manually.

  • @mbun I checked on Serebii, and the item description they have for Mints (which I assume is the official in-game description?) still doesn't help me understand how it works.

    For example:

    Adamant Mint: When a Pokémon smells this mint, its Attack will grow more easily, but its Sp. Atk will grow more slowly.

    Permanently? Temporarily? For how long? To which extent?

    Oh well, we'll know soon enough! :)

  • @axel Serebii isn't allowed to host datamine info on the site before launch, so I assume that's something gleaned from closely looking at the trailer at one point. Yeah, you definitely can't tell if it is a temporary effect or permanent from that description. If it isn't something that is temporary and snaps back to the normal values when it runs out, that is going to be super confusing with lots of troll potential such as catching a Pokemon with the best Nature for it, then using a Mint for the worst Nature for it, training them up until the stats max out, then letting the Mint run out so they appear to have the best Nature still but secretly have the worst stats despite this. People you traded the Pokemon to likely wouldn't bother checking the stats, just the Nature, and assuming the stats were correct. I sincerely hope that's not how it works. Ideally, your Pokemon smells a Mint and the normal enhanced growth portion of the stats just flip to what they'd be under the new Nature. But I also just wish the Mints permanently changed their Nature like we thought we were originally getting.

    Edit: Rewatched the video, and it says "Pikachu's stats may have changed due to the effects of the Modest Mint!" when they use it, which implies more that the growth portions flip around instantly as though they were always that Nature instead. Also, they then show the stat spread for Pikachu, and you can see in the before and after that the Special Defense used to be boosted by the original Nature, but lowers after the Mint usage, which disproves it is a Growth while in effect thing, which is good. Seems to just be a quickswap between the Natures, either temporary or permanent. I'll go out on a limb and bet permanently only because the Bottle Cap thing for pretend Max IVs was a permanent thing before, just only counting for Battle.

  • @mbun said in Pokemon Sword/Shield (Switch):

    Edit: Rewatched the video, and it says "Pikachu's stats may have changed due to the effects of the Modest Mint!" when they use it, which implies more that the growth portions flip around instantly as though they were always that Nature instead.

    Yeah I noticed that when watching the video and that's why at first I assumed it was a straight-up nature swap, with the stat changes that go with it.

    If it's indeed permanent, then the only difference is that the nature will still "appear" to be the old one, while your Pokemon's stats function with the bonus/penalty of the new one. At least you can see on the graph which stat is in red and which one is in blue, so you'll always know at a glance what the current effects are.

  • So with the release fast approaching, have any of you decided which version you're going to get (if any)?

    Sword or Shield?

    Vote now!

    I'm leaning towards Sword purely because of Sirfetch'd, I haven't looked at any leaks (please don't mention them if you have) so only basing this on the exclusives that have been released so far.

  • Sword, because I committed to it a while ago and for some reason I still enjoy telling my little brother he has to get the less cool sounding version even though we're both functioning adult human beings.

  • Sword. Mostly for Sirfetch'd. fighting types are my favorite. In past Pokemon games I would use all fighting types just to make the game more challenging.

    What about Starters?

    I'm going with team Sobble.

  • @axel said:

    the only difference is that the nature will still "appear" to be the old one

    It'll still function as the old one for breeding purposes, meaning the old one will have chance to pass down instead of the temporary one, along with any other outside Battle Nature checks I'm forgetting right now.

    Sword or Shield?

    Sword, because Farfetch'd was my favorite Pokemon until Gen 3, and I'm still really fond of the line. My brain has been hotswapping between the Sword doggo and the Shield doggo, and right now I'm leaned a little more towards the Shield one, but I still overall like Sword's Exclusives more.

    What about Starters?

    I've picked Water Starters since Gen 3, and I like Sobble enough to not start breaking that quasitradition now. Scorbunny already didn't feel like my cup of tea when it was announced, but seeing it move around in the anime pretty much confirms how I feel about it, least until it evolves into something cool maybe? I'm more legitimately worried that I'll end up liking Grookey more by the end of that line, but I can always try them out in another game if that happens. Back in Sinnoh I ended up trying out all the starters eventually. The anime made me hate Piplup, and I have a feeling that's going to happen again with Scorbunny this time.

    All of that is pretty moot though, because Alola already gave me my perfect starter Popplio, so I'm not really searching for a favorite anymore. I could box my Sobble if it goes a direction I'm not into and still enjoy Sword and Shield. I'm much more excited for Rolycoly and Wooloo than Sobble anyways, especially Rolycoly. Midday Lycanroc ended up being my strongest, most reliable team member during Alola, so it'll be amusing if another Rock Type ends up dominating for me again in Galar. But I'm also fickle enough, that I'd drop it if the final evolution isn't something I like. What I really hope happens is that a Pokemon I haven't seen yet, that GameFreak has held back, that I don't see until I encounter it in the game ends up being my favorite of the Generation.

  • Damn, somebody has to take one for the team and get Shield so we can trade ;)

    I'll be picking Grookey as I'm hoping he'll evolve into a Donkey Kong-like brutish ape. Scorbunny would be my second choice but I often pick fire so I wanna switch things up.

  • https://greatstory.pokemon.co.jp/

    Fun little thing, you get to pick all the games in the series you played, your favourite starter, most memorable moment, opponent, etc. And it assembles a video of your "highlights".

  • The Toby Fox track
    Youtube Video

  • @Axel I'm sure someone will get Shield. I just locked Sword in last night so I could get it preloaded up. No turning back now.

    @dmcmaster Toby did a good job bringing his own style to it while it still wraps into sounding like it belongs in Pokemon too.

  • New Japanese Commercial that apparently officially reveals some new Pokemon, but with the games only a week away I'll personally be skipping it until after launch. They have a bad habit of giving too much away right before launch.