Pokemon Sword/Shield (Switch)

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    Quite insightful discussion.

  • Apparently some people are reporting a bug where the game can crash and wipe not just your save but everything on your SD card.

    Granted, I'm mostly going on hearsay and every instance of this I've actually read on twitter is from Japan and ran through machine translations so I don't know how accurate it is, or if this even affects English copies of the game at all, but still. Consider it a PSA to turn off autosave since as far as I can gather that's what causes it.

    Edit: here's an instance of it happening to someone playing an English copy, so that's not safe either.

  • Just as a heads up since it is technically missable, the NPC that unlocks the extra sound option volume sliders is in the city after your first trip through the Wild Area. Walk back down the path next to the Pokemon Center like the game wants you to for the objective, then past the Onix and the bridge talk to the guy on the right side with a record shop. Not as obscure as people were making it out to be, but the game doesn't force the encounter, and the NPC himself doesn't look particularly important either.

  • Don't look at the bottom line of icons in Y-Comm Profile section unless you want to be spoiled on the types for the Gyms in the game. Really stupid that they did that. All they had to do was include an icon for each type so you wouldn't be able to tell.

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    @hanabi The issue is apparently with certain formats of SD cards.

  • I am by no means a big Pokemon fan, but I feel like people are placing emphasis on the wrong things. I think this game does a lot of the core stuff pretty well, and many fans are completely ignoring that in favor of poor visuals and animations. Idk, to me those are the least important parts of a Pokemon game. It bums me out that many people can't look past them.

  • @capnbobamous said:

    poor visuals and animations

    Lots of those complaints are cherrypicking as well, because the game looks pretty decent most of the time. It is no Fire Emblem Three Houses situation, except the Wild Area, which you could directly compare to that.

  • @kristen-rogers serves them right for using homebrew on their system in the first place.

  • @capnbobamous

    I hear you. In the end, Pokémon is getting great reviews so it’s a fun game. But it just feels like such a wasted opportunity. A console Pokémon could be so much more.

  • @dipset I totally get that! Even I'm feeling some gentle exasperation with some things, but the fans who treat this game like it's garbage because of relatively trivial things are ridiculous.

  • Waiting for your review, @Mbun ;)

  • @axel Heading towards my 6th Gym. Still going to be awhile. Taking my time.

  • @capnbobamous My first session of the game had Scorbunny learn Double Kick! Awesome! I bet that will look really cool considering how good Quick Attack looks, and because Scorbunny is a rabbit!

    Scorbunny does this weird shaky thing, as if battle animations are turned off


    The game is great so far, but the level of polish is dogshit in places. How does Scorbunny, a fucking STARTER POKEMON, not have an animation for a learned move. Pure laziness.

  • @hazz3r I have the perfect clip of my own gameplay to show you, but yeah basically it is like that because for "special moves" it is usually a beam or ball of energy they're firing and looks natural not coming immediately out of them, but for "physical moves" they can't as easily tie an animation to every Pokemon at once that looks natural since the move should be coming closer from a part of the Pokemon. So the way they're currently handling this problem is to have moves that use a "physical attack animation", instead of having their own custom animations for the move itself, they default to a "physical attack animation" based around the Pokemon itself that can be reused between completely different "physical attack moves". The result of this is that the Pokemon themselves get more personal character between all these moves when they use them, but the drawback becomes that some moves look really good and make alot of sense when you see them using them while others are ridiculously out of place.

    We were talking about this in Twitch chat the other day, and basically the only way they could somewhat fix this is to have more of those "physical attack animations" per Pokemon. You would need one for their leg region, one for their arm region, and one for their head region at the very least. Some stuff would still look weird, but it wouldn't look as weird. The problem is that this has to be done for every single Pokemon, tripling the animation work in this department. Say there's around 400 Pokemon in Sword and Shield. Instead of 400 "physical attack animations" they need to now design 1,200 "physical attack animations". It is one of those things that just gets lost to the limits of deadlines when developing the games. I'm not saying you shouldn't complain about it, just that there's honestly no great way to fix the problem within the allowed development cycle. They could can the animations for "physical attack moves" on a per move basis instead of trying to attempt to make the Pokemon look like they're physically contacting one another, but I feel like that'd be a step back from where they are now.

    Just be glad that at the end of the day, it honestly isn't a huge issue. Pretty rarely does stuff look super off like this, and for the most part they find animations that can work between pretty different kinds of "physical moves". I started this by saying this is only a problem for "physical moves", but there's also people out there upset that when Blastoise uses water "special moves" that the animations don't originate from Blastoise's water cannons. It is simply one of those things that you have to move past when you're dealing with hundreds of creatures, but it would be nice if we still had spinoffs where a much fewer selection of individuals could have this kind of time and attention payed to the way every single move they use animates specifically to them. Too bad spinoffs are stuck in mobile hell territory right now.

    We've seen games like this in the past from console spinoffs like Snap and Stadium, to Japan only Arcade Pokemon game releases, to Chinese knockoff mobile games and fan projects. Again, it is only possible in these games, because instead of 400ish Pokemon they're dealing with much less, and you can see the quality of the animations raise as that scales down. Stadium animations look better than the ones from the core series, stuff like Pokemon Tretta animations look even better than Stadium ones, and at the end of it Pokken animations gets to be the most specialized of them all because they're dealing with the fewest number of Pokemon overall.

    So I know it comes off as "pure laziness" when one of these animation and Pokemon combos stands out like a sore thumb, but it is honestly just a sad truth of having to plan around development challenges, and you have to actively make yourself aware of all the times it isn't standing out, that these things are honestly in the minority. I believe this is forgivable, especially when it is happening on an early game move like Double Kick that your Socrbunny is most definitely going to replace before it reaches the final moveset for it. Those final, top of the line moves that you'll be seeing much more of are the ones that really need the utmost care taken with them looking nice and proper.

  • About halfway to Motostoke right now and really enjoying my time with this game. Surprising amount of love for the later gens, especially gen 5. In general, I think the new designs are really good - some of the best and most varied since gen 3, IMO. That said, my Sobble just reached its final evolution... idk if I can keep this thing in my party. Trying to figure out where their head was out in the progression of this evo-line. My god. I never look at starter evos before I play because I like the surprise, but holy christ, why.

  • @axel LOL the excuse of "it doesn't sell like GTA so it shouldn't have GTAs budget" is some ol' bullshit and you know it.
    Each mainline entry in the Pokemon franchise has sold at least 15-20 million, so why does this game that sells more in one entry than some games do across their entire franchise, look like it belongs on the Gamecube?

    A "reason" becomes an "excuse" when the reason is not good enough.

  • @el-shmiablo said:

    why does this game that sells more in one entry than some games do across their entire franchise, look like it belongs on the Gamecube?

    Because it doesn't. Because you've just been looking at cherrypicked screencaps, probably most of the Wild Area, which looks worse for performance reasons. The game doesn't look as bad as people like you are pretending through the majority of the game across the routes and towns / cities.

  • @mbun Whatever helps you sleep my dude.

    But you're right. I'm being harsh.
    It looks more like a lower end Vita game.

  • @hazz3r Yeah that was frustrating for sure. While I don't necessarily agree that it is the product of laziness, I am with you that the animation (or lack thereof) for Double Kick is terrible. Again, I think it's totally fine to have these complaints, it just bothers me when people base their whole argument as to why the game sucks around them.

  • @el-shmiablo Doesn't surprise me you posted a screenshot of the Wild Area. Just proves my point.