Pokemon Sword/Shield (Switch)

  • Just started the game. Scorbunny hype!

  • There really is some great QoL stuff for meta endgame. Just dumb they thought that meant we didn't want the game before it.

    But yea, I'm going through weeks of tweets I avoided until I was sure I'd seen all there was to see without getting spoiled, and there's some real interesting stuff:

    Oddly, the official Pokemon site released the specifics themselves on shiny hunting and Brilliant Pokemon (yellow aura) hunting for Sword and Shield. Very much worth the read, and it isn't like any previous game. For shinies, you don't have to maintain a chain anymore, simply chip away at an all time record of catching or fainting a species that forever boosts rates involving that species and can be progress checked in your Pokedex. Fishing does work like chaining sort of, except it no longer boosts shiny encounter, only Brilliant encounter, and it doesn't matter what species you get, just that you keep fishing and fainting what you fish up without messing up.

    Despite having your Shiny Charms, Masuda Method, and extras for boosting shiny encounters such as this info, I kind of like that there's no super easy path to shinies in Sword and Shield like some previous games, besides hacking of course. That'll be ruined once trading comes in though, but still nice to see them better balanced than Let's Go where fucking everyone gets a dozen shinies just for playing to credits. Not showing that a Pokemon is shiny on the overworld was a good decision, even if it makes very little sense, and I love that they went out of their way to code that Pokemon you can't catch yet can't be shiny, so people without enough badges don't get trolled. The new super rare shiny square animation thing is low effort and dumb though, but even despite that, overall they did a good job handling shinies in Sword and Shield. They're still rare and very much not "free", but there's multiple paths you can work down towards increasing your chance of getting one.

  • I bought to for my little brother for Christmas. I'll borrow it when he's done. I gotta say, after hearing the Easy Allies talk about it, I seem less interested.

  • The clown show continues.

  • I don't know why, but I'm really into the character customization in this game. Spent all my goddamn money on expensive shit, barely got money to buy pokeballs. At least I look cute... I think.

    Also, Scorbunny's 2nd form is hype as heck.

  • @bam541 Picking up sparklies in the wild area is a good source of income. They even respawn daily. Once you get the bike, you can zip around it pretty quickly and make a fortune.

  • Ball Guy has invaded Twitter, with his own icon even, giving away promo codes valid until January 15th for extra sets of the rarer types of balls in Sword and Shield. Here are the two currently available codes at time of writing this, although more should be dropping shortly but can't promise I'll keep this updated:


    Go to Mystery Gift in your menu and enter those codes at the "Get with Code / Password" section to redeem the sets.

  • New code: KAMPFTEAM for 20 BP until February 28th 2020. This can be traded for all kinds of useful items, even before reaching postgame.

    Edit: Also, reminder that you can get 20 more BP with the code G1GANTAMAX until January 30th

  • Did you hear? Pokemon Sword and Shield is coming to Nintendo Switch you guys!

    0_1578657132380_galarian slowpoke.jpg

  • Thought this was interesting. GameFreak didn't mention this in the Direct, but the Press Release says not only can players without the Expansion Pass trade for the new Pokemon added when the updates release, but they can even join the new Max Raid Battles to catch the new Pokemon themselves. A little unclear if this requires a friend to specifically invite you to a locked raid or whether the new expansion raids will just show up as stamps as normal, even for players without the Expansion Pass. Pretty cool either way. I imagine due to the nature of the second DLC Pack's legendary raids, that they'll be exempt from this.

    Oh, and here's GameXplain's analysis of the new stuff shown from the Direct. Only things I'll point out differently from what they say in it is they suggest the name Regivolt for the Electric one, but then go on to themselves say how they usually keep the naming conventions super basic, hence Regidragon for the Dragon one, but under that same logic, the Electric one should simply be Regielectric just as Regirock, Regice, and Registeel before it simply are "Regi" plus type name. We also still don't know for sure that the legendary birds shown are Galarian Forms of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, as they could still be completely new Pokemon that are simply closely related to those, just like the new Regis shown. Sure it is likely they are, but they could also be something more like Articuatro, Zapcinco, and Molseis instead. We also don't really know that the new raids in DLC Pack 2 will be more complicated than the current battles, besides being against Legendary Pokemon. It feels like they're suggesting they will be, but they say it in a way that doesn't actually confirm anything, and GameFreak is known for poorly communicating stuff sometimes, such as the whole 16 Gym debacle before the launch of Sword and Shield.
    Youtube Video

  • This was actually really cute and sweet. Kind of wish they had released this before the game to add some (much needed) context to the Galar region.
    Youtube Video

  • @naltmank You can watch it in English too. They're going to be coming out monthly. Belongs more in the anime thread than here. Despite Ash and Pikachu cameo, it is a short series unrelated to the normal anime and movies. But yeah, so far I'm really digging it. Easily prefer this kind of thing to Origins and Generations dwelling in the past and banking on nostalgia.

  • @mbun Didn't realize it was dual language already - I just posted the one that popped up in my feed and didn't bother looking much further than that. Prefer the Japanese VO, I think.

  • Jesus Christ

    This is embarrassing

  • @el-shmiablo Pricy, but the key there is "for premium users" since Pokemon Home is offering a free option that will be fine for most and even includes the missing GTS from Let's Go / Sword and Shield. That means lots won't have to pay for it at all, only if you want to store lots of past Pokemon in it, instead of just transferring them up. Although, that does kind of suck when they're trying to market it as a place to keep your Pokemon long term. You can still just keep them in their past game until the new one they can jump to comes out though.
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  • @mbun Oh sorry I forgot putting *For Premium Users in there totally negates the fact that Nintendo/GameFreak are going to fleece the consumer for all they're worth yet again.

    It seems there is an increasingly thin line between being a "premium user" and a "gullible schmuck".

  • @el-shmiablo If that was the case there wouldn't be a free option period. Also, they wouldn't let you get everything out of lapsed Bank subscriptions for the first month as courtesy for moving services.

    PS: I'm not buying this Premium Subscription option. I'm just going to use the free option. At most I'd pay the $2.99 option at the beginning of Gen 9 for a month to fly my past compatible Pokemon up through it to the new game, then let it lapse back to free plan.

  • @mbun Nobody said anything about firing current employees, GF is in charge of the most lucrative intellectual property in the world, and yet works with a what is effectively a skeleton crew. It wouldn't be unreasonable for them to go through a hiring spree. There's plenty of talent in the wild from them to draw from, I don't think it's ridiculous to expect them to step up their game, upscale, and start churning out more for what they charge.

    Implying that it'd be hard to find talented people passionate about Pokemon is also ludicrous, this shit is the most popular media franchise in the world and gaming is a booming market. GF is honestly being stubborn at this point.