Pokemon Sword/Shield (Switch)

  • As always, can't promise I'll always post all of these, but here's some new codes for free Mystery Gift stuff in SwSh:

    G1GAGRANF1NALE : 10 Heal Balls

  • The embodiment of FLCL is finally releasing on the 7th it seems as part of a new Wild Area event:

  • @Mbun any ideas if G-Max forms only available in events like these (Snorlax, Tox) will able some of the normal Pokémon that are able to become G-Max with the Isle of Armour DLC?

    For me, this would be an important step in keeping the content available indefinitely.

  • @keir I'd guess limited time. The only ones I'd expect to be upgraded to G-Max versions MAYBE is the starters, so people wouldn't have to replace the Pokemon they started with. Everything else, you need to play the events for.

  • Pokemon Twilight's Wings Episode 2 will be released on February 18.

    And now for the real reason I'm updating this topic, here's some more codes you can redeem on Mystery Gift:

    PUNKR0CK : x3 TR 94 (High Horsepower)
    C0MPET1T10N : 1 Bottle Cap

    As always, can't promise I'll always post all of these.

  • Silhouettes takes me back to Gen 5. That's going to be fun to see the artist guesses over it again.

  • Apparently GTS is only available for Pokemon Home through the mobile app, so there goes the one thing it'd be useful for, although I'm seeing that just by filling my free box with any dumb Pokemon, Home will generate points each day that can be converted to BP for games like SwSh, so I'll probably load my free box with junk and just farm BP passively with Home.

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