Pokemon Sword/Shield (Switch)

  • The embodiment of FLCL is finally releasing on the 7th it seems as part of a new Wild Area event:

  • @Mbun any ideas if G-Max forms only available in events like these (Snorlax, Tox) will able some of the normal Pokémon that are able to become G-Max with the Isle of Armour DLC?

    For me, this would be an important step in keeping the content available indefinitely.

  • @keir I'd guess limited time. The only ones I'd expect to be upgraded to G-Max versions MAYBE is the starters, so people wouldn't have to replace the Pokemon they started with. Everything else, you need to play the events for.

  • Pokemon Twilight's Wings Episode 2 will be released on February 18.

    And now for the real reason I'm updating this topic, here's some more codes you can redeem on Mystery Gift:

    PUNKR0CK : x3 TR 94 (High Horsepower)
    C0MPET1T10N : 1 Bottle Cap

    As always, can't promise I'll always post all of these.

  • Silhouettes takes me back to Gen 5. That's going to be fun to see the artist guesses over it again.

  • Apparently GTS is only available for Pokemon Home through the mobile app, so there goes the one thing it'd be useful for, although I'm seeing that just by filling my free box with any dumb Pokemon, Home will generate points each day that can be converted to BP for games like SwSh, so I'll probably load my free box with junk and just farm BP passively with Home.

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  • Quite the unexpected list. My boy Kabu hanging in there! All the responses to Hop's placement are priceless.

  • Happy Pokemon Day. Beat up Mewtwo. Get Mushrooms. You can't catch them.

  • Here's the new Mythical revealed for Pokemon Day. Can't imagine Kyle will be happy considering it is just an ugly monkey that doesn't even have a special ability or anything.
    Youtube Video

  • First impression of Isle of Armor expansion: this region somehow feels more ambitious than the entire main game. Obviously much smaller in scope than the wild area and it's still constrained by the (fairly simplistic) mechanics of the main game, but I've already felt a much greater sense of discovery in my first three hours here than I felt in the entire Wild Area. World design is still not on the level of something like Breath of the Wild, obviously, or even Dragon Quest XI, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. It feels much more like an actual sandbox, as opposed to one long corridor. We'll see how I feel when all is said and done, though, since I was similarly optimistic when I first started Sword.

  • I regret buying this. They didn't fix anything, and there's a ton of new problems. The very design of the new area also makes certain old problems worse than they used to be. Remember the always on EXP Share the devs actually lied about having a toggle before release and it didn't? The new DLC hands you a new EXP Charm that gives you even more EXP which likewise cannot be disabled, stored, or discarded even. There's a machine that you can put items into that spits out new items, but it is very recipe based, and not something you can figure out on your own. There's a boy who tells you random recipes for Watts, but the way he tells you them makes it frustrating because it isn't all on screen at once to screencap easily for storing for later. It pretty much actively encourages you to just cheat and look them up online. The actual story part is really short. There's no new Pokemon, besides what was shown in promotions already. The tower part is actually nothing, no strategy one versus one fights that basically amount to RNG unless you're overleveled, which the game encourages you to be. Level Scaling works poorly since it is either everything is around level 20 or everything is around level 60 depending on if you've seen the credits for the main game yet. If you have a team of level 100 Pokemon, have fun preparing a whole new team to be the proper level for the new fights. If you're anywhere between the first gym and credits, same thing except ditching your team of whatever level stuff for level 15 stuff. If you're in postgame, when you receive the new Pokemon, there's nowhere feasible on the island to actually train it, because it is level 10 and everything else is level 60, so you just have to resort to pumping it full of exp candy, which isn't satisfying at all. There's an NPC that can dig up ore for you, that's used for alot of stuff on the island, but the last three times I encountered her she immediately broke her shovel, said that's life, and disappeared. Oh, and she can randomly spawn out on islands in the middle of nowhere. So, that's kind of a time waste. The way these mushrooms you need three of to make soup to give stuff a g-max gene spawn is incredibly random and frustrating and time wasting. Diglett are pretty damn hard to see on lots of terrain, especially at some times of the day. They introduced a Watt-sink, but earning enough Watts for it basically comes down to praying to RNG that another NPC does well at digging for them, and it costs alot of that ore the other lady sucks at digging up to even try.

    You might have fun at first exploring the new environments they made. They feel big, more interesting than the main game's Wild Area for sure. Heck, I got lost on the island for a not short amount of time yesterday. But eventually, when you're riding around it twenty times, looking for mole specs, suffering endless queueing for raids nobody shows up for, and praying a mushroom appears, you're going to understand. Least this wasn't a new game that costed $60 I guess, but if this was a Steam game, I would've refunded it.

  • @mbun I feel the exact same way about the dlc. It took me about 3 hours to finish the story. The only thing left for me to do is grind for more mushrooms so I can g-max my starter Pokemon. The process of doing that is tedious and not worth the time. I was hoping for some end game content with new powerful Pokemon.

  • Man, I guess I'm in the minority here. This is exactly what I was hoping for from the DLC. Maybe it's my playstyle, but I'm 5 hours in and just got Kubfu. I actually agree with just about all the flaws @Mbun listed out, too. I think one difference is that I set a rule when I started that I would only allow myself to have one member of my champion team in the party at a time (think Ash taking Pikachu over to a new region). The new exp charm is lame, but it's been pretty helpful at getting my new guys up to mid 40s so that they can start taking over and fighting wild Pokemon on their own. My RP has inadvertently made this DLC much more challenging than I was expecting, and I've actually had a few close calls because I lacked proper type matchups.

    I will say that having a flat level for every encounter is just bad game design, though, and really cripples any sense of progression when catching new guys. Everyone evolves to their final form automatically within 2 levels, and since there's no Pokemon center on island you have to fly back to Galar proper to re-learn all the moves you inevitably missed. It evolution into more of a hassle than an event, which is antithetical to the appeal of Pokemon, IMO. Still, I stand by my previous assessment (so far) in that this is much closer to the environment I was hoping the Wild Area would be from the start. I can't believe I'm playing a Pokemon game where I get lost and then unexpectedly come out in an area I recognize. It really feels like they're finally figuring out how to design 3D worlds, albeit a decade later than they probably should have. I'm hopeful for the future again in a way I wasn't expecting.

  • @naltmank said:

    I think one difference is that I set a rule when I started that I would only allow myself to have one member of my champion team in the party at a time (think Ash taking Pikachu over to a new region).

    That's the thing. Like Huber says you have to let yourself be scared by horror games to enjoy them, I too try to lean into the RP. I found out the level curve for me was going to be level 60s, so I had Rebecca breed me nice HA Grookey egg (used Sobble in main campaign, will use Scorbunny for DLC 2) and candy boosted it to level 50 before walking into the DLC, along with the Galarian Slowpoke we were given when the DLC was first announced boosted to 50. Once I was on the island, I slowly assembled a new team from cherrypicking wild stuff there I was interested in and had never used before. Preserved some of the challenge as you said, and definitely way better than smashing the island up with level 100s that are fully EV trained, but well... I still had the experience I detailed before. What could've helped some is some actual new Pokemon / Galarian Forms besides the ones promo'd already. That's what helped me have a better time with the base game. This lacks that completely though.

    Still, I stand by my previous assessment (so far) in that this is much closer to the environment I was hoping the Wild Area would be from the start. I can't believe I'm playing a Pokemon game where I get lost and then unexpectedly come out in an area I recognize.

    I agree with that, but also Xenoblade has set my standards way too high, and it is nowhere close to that level. What really broke the island for me is you can't even surf all the way around it. You hit invisible walls when you try to. To be fair, you can surf around most of it, like 4/5ths of it, but for some reason they don't let you finish the loop. Everything that seems big and confusing at first eventually does start to make sense, and when it does you realize how not big stuff actually is. That said, if we got a new game with chunks of world like this between towns, that'd be really cool.

  • @mbun Yeah, like I said, I think all your criticisms are completely valid. For some reason they're just not bothering me that much. Part of it is probably that, as much as I love Pokemon, I don't think the games have had good level/world design since gen 4 (which gets a bit of a free pass since they were still working within essentially the same design constraints as Gen 1). I've set the bar so low that even passable world design has left me pleasantly surprised.