Pokemon Sword/Shield (Switch)

  • Man, all Japanese soft pop sounds exactly the same, so it's a good thing I really like Japanese soft pop. Was not expecting to love a pokemon anime music video so much.

  • Crown Tundra has been out for some hours now. I'm not very far at all yet, just the first town, but figured I'd pop in for a PSA that you should definitely not leave the first town until you're sure you've spoken to an Eevee Girl in one of the houses there.

  • A few hours in to Crown Tundra. Definitely like this one more than the last (which I was a bit softer on at first than everyone else). There's a much stronger emphasis on exploration and interacting with the world in unique ways with real, tangible rewards. Granted, all of this is still fairly basic, but I definitely appreciate how some of the legendaries are being incorporated into the world here. I say "some" because many are found exclusively through the max raid dens (or whatever they're called), which I actively dislike. I may be in the minority here, but I hate max raid battles. They're easily my least favorite generational gimmick that the series has introduced thus far (although megas and z moves are also pretty dumb, imo), so being forced to encounter legendaries through this system really bums me out. That said, this DLC does make me more optimistic for the future of the series; the devs look like they're learning how to make the environmental "puzzles" that were present in gen 1-5 in a 3D environment, and I think the korok seed elements promote more thoughtful player interaction with the world. I think everything could be improved, and their world design in general needs a pretty major overhaul, but so far I'm liking what I'm seeing.

  • Honestly, the Dynamax Adventures in the new DLC are way better than Max Raid Battles for a couple reasons, but most importantly because they got rid of SHIELDS on opponents, so they're no longer immune to basically everything except direct damage. You can actually strategize against them! Furthermore, since the new system uses Rental Pokemon, and you're basically fighting through a 5-battle gauntlet while retaining damage you take and number of team faints, with you having the option to swap your Pokemon between rounds to the one you just beat if yours is about to faint or the new one is just better for what's ahead, well turns out it gets very strategic and stays interesting with decent stakes throughout each run. Mercifully, even if you fail a run, the game recognizes this and offers to jot down the location of the Pokemon Den you failed so you can reattempt for the same Legendary until you have a good run. Also, since you're matching up for like 5 battles in a row, and everyone is being thrown into the same Dynamax Adventure matchmaking for the most part, you're way more likely to actually get matched with a full team of other real players, and in my experience so far, once you're matched together, everything has been nice and stable. Haven't seen people disconnecting midway through, and I haven't had it error out during yet either.

    Dynamax still isn't my favorite gimmick either, but I do think Dynamax Adventures fixed the concept of it, which makes me sad they didn't update the Max Raid Battles outside this new feature. There's still tons of old beacons and even new ones everywhere in the Crown Tundra that use the old inferior Max Raid Battle system.

    As for the rest of the DLC, still working my way through it, but I get now why they didn't show much ahead of time, and I think it was the right decision for the players, although maybe not the right marketing decision, but who cares when everyone has already bought the Expansion Pass? I don't really know what you mean by environmental puzzles yet, unless you just mean the Regi doors, which are kind of nothing new, but maybe there's more I haven't gotten to yet? Agree the world design still isn't quite there, but the verticality of some of the locations in this new DLC lead to some satisfying exploration, and in general the whole new area feels more like a real place that could exist than the Isle of Armor did.

    My biggest problem with it all though, is the complete lack of Trainer Fights breaking up progression as hurdles leads to a feeling of everything being exceedingly empty, and even though it is fun climbing up a mountain, you feel much less accomplished than you would have if you had battled your way up the mountain instead. Beyond that, the major story of the new DLC not actually changing the world between where it starts and where it ends except for one line of NPC dialogue is a major disappointment, especially when some areas seem easy enough to change up afterwards. Lastly, ever since they introduced TRs, they act like finding a TR in the wild is as exciting as finding a new TM, and it simply is not, especially because they're TRs you likely already have tons of from raiding through previous content. If they were new TRs that were harder to get, that'd at least be something, but I'd honestly rather find anything else as an overworld reward. Found some Mints around, and considering how much of a pain it is to grind 50 BP for those, then I'd be very happy to be receiving more of those instead, that or Ability Capsules or the new Ability Patch for a really well hidden one. At least those last two things you can now earn through a shop you can spend Dynamax Adventure rewards on.

  • @mbun said in Pokemon Sword/Shield (Switch):

    environmental puzzles yet, unless you just mean the Regi doors,

    I have a low barrier for "oh hey, you're back on the right track!" I guess because that is literally exactly what I was talking about, lol. I guess less environmental puzzles (which would be more akin to the old Strength boulder puzzles) and more just interacting with the game world in ways that they've largely abandoned for the past ~8 years.

    And I agree that the Dynamax adventures are an improvement! I just don't like them. Personal taste thing, but they don't capture what I like about this series, and feel more like an annoyance than anything else.

  • I'm in a bit of pickle, I'm really hyped to play a Pokémon game these days, but now that the dust has settled on Sword & Shield, and with Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl coming out, I'm not sure which one's worth playing the most.

    I played Diamond back in the day and loved that gen so it'd be great to revisit it, but I'm not a big fan of the remake's art style, and it doesn't seem to be doing anything new. Whereas Sword & Shield would at least be brand new games to me, but I remember they were pretty uninteresting when it comes to exploration and challenge.

    Is the post-game of Sword & Shield interesting? Or is that reserved to the DLCs?
    BDSP don't seem to have much of a post-game either.

    Any recommendations?

  • @axel Wait for Legends Arceus. Sword / Shield's DLC is alright, but it isn't worth the cost of it all and getting to it probably. I guess if you haven't seen all the new Pokemon from Sword / Shield yet then that could be worth it for you alone, but I can't honestly recommend either game.

    Maybe check out New Pokemon Snap if you haven't. It obviously isn't the same thing, but it is a quality game. Another alternative is checking out Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, which again is a whole different thing, but if you've never checked out the spinoff before you might find yourself enjoying it, and that's a Remake of the first games in that series with completely overhauled gameplay and new storybook-like visuals with an expansive postgame. They're the best spinoffs in my opinion.

    Besides there, there's always fan games floating around if you look into that scene. Some of them are definitely more quality than the recent official games, so it could be worth skimming around that scene for something that looks interesting. Someone recently made one that's still ongoing development, but it is like open world, abandoned island exploration with crafting Pokemon, and I've been enjoying that. Not going to drop a name, because the moment these things "take off", an irresponsible outlet like Kotaku writes an article on them for clicks, dooming it to being C&D'd not long after. If you're looking for more oldschool, people have also made some fun romhacks out of the scrapped ideas from the Gen 2 Beta.

    Hopefully one of those suggestions gives you a starting point. Also, if you just want a taste of Pokemon in general, the anime has been in a pretty good place the last couple series. I think Netflix has the rights to the dub these days, but seek out subs if you really want a good time. You can hop straight into the beginning of any of the series like XY, Sun and Moon, or "Journeys".

  • @mbun I played New Pokémon Snap and that's actually what re-ignited my love for the series earlier this year, and now I feel like sinking my teeth into a traditional Pokémon game, it's been a while since Sun & Moon.

    I hadn't considered fan games but I want something I can play on my Switch because I'll be traveling for a month soon, so I guess those wouldn't work?

    So I'm mostly just looking at SwSh and BDSP, but based on my limited research I can't tell if one is more challenging / meatier than the other.

  • @axel Neither are particularly challenging or meaty. I guess Sword / Shield is probably meatier if you include the DLC content. In my opinion, the best part of said DLC content wouldn't be enjoyable really while traveling though. I still suggest waiting, but between the two I guess I'd slightly give favor to Sword / Shield. At least with that one you're seeing the more modern direction of the series, versus BDSP being aimed as faithful remakes for people who never played the Sinnoh games originally, with a couple menial extras baked in. I still suggest just waiting until Legends Arceus and playing something else in the meantime. That SMTV just came out and has creature "capturing" and "battling" with, so maybe that?