Pokemon Sword/Shield (Switch)

  • @capnbobamous I would love this, in fact the contest were some of my favorite things in Sapphire, I just loved the idea of building a team not only for battles, it was something I dearly missed in Y which is the only game after Sapphire that I've played, if that were something that were expanded on it would certainly help get back my attention.

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    I guess I just want the games to not be such lazy, low effort crap. I'm fine if they keep the same type of gameplay, but it is honestly kind of sad when late PS2 games look about as good as current gen entries.

  • @el-shmiablo agree with the sentiment, but where is that image from? it looks like just a CG render not actually running on anything (again I have no idea where it is from).

  • @mbun Whoa I never played Gen V, but that sounds awesome! I might have to pick that one up.

    @bard91 I'm just a natural fan of minigames, and typically the Pokemon games are severely lacking any good ones. Not to mention that I am sick of the formula every game follows. A change of pace would be nice.

  • @bard91 Unreal Engine 4 demo. Real time and playable.

  • @el-shmiablo Did they just buy environment assets and stick Pokemon they modeled into them and add effects or did they make the whole thing? I've seen lots of similar Unreal Mario demos and they usually look a little off. Also, I can't imagine this actually running on a Switch at any decent framerate. Would have to be scaled back majorly like what Sword and Shield actually are. Breath of the Wild certainly doesn't look like that either, so not going to say Nintendo could do a better job unless Monolith Soft hid it with outlandish style environments like they've been known to do.

    It is easier to make a small vertical slice of something look really nice. Look at GameFreak's Town. Much harder when it is a giant adventure.

    @Capnbobamous Honestly, I'm not sure if those alone are worth you playing Gen 5, but Gen 5 is imo the best Pokemon has ever been, mostly due to a really well made sequel that actually builds on the game before it, so I'd definitely recommend checking those games out for everything else they offer.

  • @el-shmiablo That looks like trash, The Pokemon look weird as fuck and the environment looks crap.

  • Youtube Video

    Another analysis video. This time for the region map. I was wrong about the first gym being Grass Type. GameFreak is sneaky.

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  • @yoshi This is beautiful, but it is also in the wrong topic.

  • Fan attempt at assembling one of the themes used in the presentation and what it might sound like but obviously not official.
    Youtube Video

  • @sentinel-beach This one is weird, I'm glad they are going to focus more on this Pokemon game, just the timing seems weird. Why not have this at E3? Do they have so much they had to get this direct out before?

    All I'm saying is their E3 direct better be good now, cuz if its lacking all I'm gonna be thinking is that it would have been so much better if they just also included the Pokemon info here as well.

  • @themarcv TPC and GameFreak always try to separate themselves like this. We could still see gameplay during Treehouse or something. Don't worry, Nintendo should have plenty this year for their E3 Presentation.

  • @mbun It's just weird, this can either be a very good thing. Where Nintendo has so much they needed to get some of this information out before their E3 Direct. Could be like you said TPC/GameFreak not wanting to maybe get overshadowed during E3. My fear is that they should include this information from the coming direct on their E3 direct to really overload that direct.

    If their E3 direct doesn't blow people away cuz they didnt have a lot to show and they spread themselves too thin it'll be a shame.

  • @themarcv Whether Nintendo has alot to show or not, The Pokemon Company would've done it this way regardless. They're just weird like that, like Rockstar.

  • The Direct reassured me, it looked a lot more exciting than in the reveal trailer.

    The semi open-world areas with free camera, that is what I wanted from a next-gen Pokemon.

    The stadium battles look hype, I like the design of the few Pokemon they showed, and those kaiju Pokemon battles should be fun.

    Also, 4-player raids! Hopefully they provide some solid endgame content. No word about local co-op, but it feels like there's still a lot they haven't revealed so let's wait for the next presentation.

    Moving up my Desire Index!

  • @axel I wasn't expecting the open-world areas after what Game Freak showed in the reveal trailer. It's not the full Breath of the Wild style Pokemon game I want but I'll take what I can get.

    And 4-player raids is more interesting than the endless Battle Tower style endgame they normally do.

  • it's... BIGACHU
    0_1559742383515_big pikachu.jpg